My Ideal Body? Her Ideal Body?

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. This is not medical advice or an acceptable replacement for medical advice from a licensed physician. Do not use anabolic steroids without a legitimate prescription or oversight from a doctor. Do not begin any weight loss program or change your diet without consulting your physician. Speak to your physician to see if you are healthy enough for physical activity.

As an [former] athlete and recreational bodybuilder, I've picked up girls at weight ranging from 165lbs to 248lbs.

Since I've gotten good with women (and gotten older), the range is more like 195-248lbs.

I'm 6-2 3/8", by the way.

Don't Trust the Scale For Everything

What I've found is weight isn't really a great standard to draw conclusions or to suggest an ideal body. It can be helpful to tell if you are gaining, losing or maintaining your individual body weight- we have to remember that we are all different heights and have different body compositions (muscle:fat ratio).

For instance-

What we are going to do is use body fat percentage as our measuring stick.

An easily understandable definition of body percentage is- the percentage of your total bodyweight that consists of fat.

Although dunking yourself in a small pool with machines hooked to you is the only way to completely accurately measure body fat, there are some online calculators that can be helpful and at least provide a frame of reference. I recommend a calculator like this one from over a body fat 'scale'.

Ideal Body Fat Percentage

Lets not beat around the bush.

In my experience and opinion, the ideal body fat percentage for picking up women is 8% to 10% so long that that does not put you 25+ lbs. under your ideal body weight.

Most guys, so long as the have enough muscle mass not to fall 25+ lbs. below their ideal weight, will appear their 'most attractive' to the majority of opposite sex at 8% to 10% body fat. The majority of sexually available girls will respond so long as your style and social freedom are above average.

If you do not use anabolic steroids, you can accurately calculate your ideal body weight here- "Ideal Body Weight Calculations," any sort of BMI (body mass index) or IBW goes out the window if you have significantly more muscle mass than the average guy. The calculator is for the average person, not for bodybuilders or healthy athletes that play contact sports.

Keep in mind too- that your ideal body weight is not usually your 'doctor-approved' body weight. Most calculators suggest that adult males carry 15-18% body fat, while I suggest between 8% to 10%.

Given my height, diet and current hormonal profile I will weigh 199-209lbs at 8% - 10% body fat.

Why Between 8% and 10%?

 I'd estimate myself at about 8% body fat. I'd estimate myself at about 8% body fat.

Between 8% and 10% body fat-

So 8% to 10% is the body fat range that I suggest for most guys.

I probably look my best in that range.

Below 8% tends to be hard to maintain without significant amounts of stimulants, continuous dieting and performance enhancing drugs.
(not that there's anything wrong with that, but the average guy won't be able to do that easily)

Any percentage below 3% is tapping into your essential body fat. Don't go there. Bodybuilders that drop sub-3% only do it for 24-48 hours. That is not a body fat percentage that you should ever consider maintaining.

What Body Type?

At 8% - 10%, most guys will have a combination of "athletic" to "thin" body types.

This is the body type that most women find attractive.

A fit guy who looks somewhat athletic will subconsciously appear to be more healthy, more attractive and better in bed than if he were above this range.
(you know the evolution/mating/selection theories)

Male Models?

My recommendation of 8% - 10% body fat (without being 20+ lbs under your ideal body weight), is a male model body type with about 10 or 15lbs. more muscle.

I have some friends that model and I did some stuff back in the day.

I can talk directly from experience here.

We are talking about [high] fashion non commercial modeling (also known as 'runway'), not fitness modeling.

The type of model that you find G.Q. and style magazines, not fitness or bodybuilding magazines. High fashion male models are not necessarily shot with their shirts off. Sometimes they are, but the models shot with their shirts off (commercial models) tend to have body types that are more in the recommended 'athletic-thin' range.

High fashion male models tend to be very skinny (they are REQUIRED to fit into both an extra-small and small t-shirt, sometimes a children's [boy's] extra-large shirt) without a lot of muscle mass.

Although they may maintain the suggested 8% to 10% body fat, they tend to be very small in person and in the opinion of the girls I sleep with, they are "puny," "weak," and "don't have much of a presence," when compared to guys that have just a little more muscle or their own pictures.

I'm not hating, I've heard these opinions at least 40+ times in the past 2.5 years.

That's not to say their body type is "bad," it's definitely not.

In fact, it's probably next best (after athletic-lean) and usually better than a full-on "bodybuilder" look. The majority of these [non-commercial] male model guys would have significantly more presence and slightly more sex appeal if they had just 10-15lbs more muscle. There's a saying "the camera adds 10 pounds," this seems to be true, most models are noticeably thinner and smaller in person than in their pictures.

Facial Features and Abdominals

Facial features and abdominals, in that order, are the most important factors in your overall looks and sex appeal.

Having low body fat will significantly bring out your natural facial features and your abdominal muscles.

This is extremely important regardless if you have high cheek bones (generally more attractive) or not.

Other than facial features (overall complexion), the majority of women usually say that "abs" or the "V" (angled waistline) are the sexiest feature on the male body. Sorry, no clinical study for that, Google: "Sexiest Part on the Male Body," or ask some hot chicks if you are curious.

You can have a "6-pack" no matter how strong your abdominal muscles are. Defined abdominal muscles are the result of low body fat, not strong muscles. Everyone has a "6-pack" but most of us have a shield of fat lying right over it.

Later this month- I will be profiling a specific transdermal dietary supplement that specifically promotes facial and abdominal fat loss. It works well, so long as you have your diet and training in order. It's kinda a big deal in certain camera ready circles. It really makes the fat dip off.

Steroids: Hot or Not?

We'll be covering anabolic steroids from head to toe in the near future. It's one my favorites and I have plenty of experience.

Steroids: Hot or Not? is way too much of a black or white question.

It completely depends on your dosages, the compounds you take, your diet, your goals and the body fat that you maintain.

I know guys that take steroids that are the definition of what women want, girls masturbate to them. At the same time, I've seen guys that take steroids, that for one reason or another- end up looking much worse than when they started.

The poster boys for steroids are competitive bodybuilders. Huge genetic freaks than consume massive amounts of food and massive amount of steroidal compounds. In reality, these extremely hard working guys make up .00001% of guys that take steroids. They are examples of steroid "abuse," not steroid use. They generally do not suffer ill effects from steroids since they abuse them "responsibly," if that makes sense. They know what they are doing and don't take prescription narcotics or stick cocaine up their nose. For more information about the "truth" about steroids check this out- "HBO Special: The Truth About Anabolic Steroids"

The average guy I know who takes steroids generally is healthier, better looking and works harder (at life) then average guy that doesn't go to the gym.

My general view on the ideal body and steroids is- To be attractive to the vast majority of sexually available girls-

At 205lbs I look athletic.

At 225lbs I look like a bodybuilder.

These days, I generally stay at 210-215lbs, at less than 12% body fat. My "ideal body" is closer to 200lbs., but I can pick up girls really easily, so it's not really a factor. I look bigger on camera than I am in person. As discussed above, your body fat percentage is more significant than the "weight" you are at.

Steroids can be used responsibly to build any type of body you want. Your results simply come much faster and you can push beyond your genetic ceiling.

Don't take steroids without a legit prescription and oversight from a licensed physician. I would suggest training naturally, learning how to eat correctly and building a work ethic for at least 1 year before you take any performance enhancing drugs.

Women Approach Less-Threatening Guys

When I am below 205lbs. (at 8% - 10% BF), I will get directly approached at least 2 times a night.

When I am above 225lbs. (at 8% - 10% BF), I will get directly approached 2 times a month.

When I am above 18% BF or above 240lbs, I will not get approached.*

Below 205lbs, I am significantly less threatening than if I am above 225lbs.

This may lead you to believe that I am most attractive at a weight below 205lbs. While this may be true, it's not completely a fair assumption.

The only conclusion I can draw is-

The amount of girls that respond positively seems to be about the same, so long as I'm not over 230lbs.

Because of this conclusion (and my experience) I don't necessarily recommend that "your ideal weight or size" is the one the that you get approached the most at. It certainly couldn't hurt to always be that weight, but if you seem to feel more confident at a different weight or size, so long as you stay within my suggested body fat range- the amount of girls you snag should be equal, if not better.

Just don't expect to get approached that much.

You can warm approach girls with per-interaction smiles, winks, etc. but don't be waiting on approach invitations for green lights.

The majority of girls that approach me actually aren't DTF. They are looking for boyfriends, new friends, drugs or want me to talk to their friend.

* There's a handful (or 2) of times when I've been directly approached by DTF girls when I was over 240lbs. The girls were part of select niches who rolled with a similar crew. Athletic fitness girls. Black girls that were models. Cougars. Girls that dated professional athletes or MMA fighters. Girls that were much taller than average. Overweight girls. Strippers or prostitutes (doesn't count). Not traditional "Hollywood" pussy that I usually take home. Keep in mind, I've NEVER been 5% to 7.5% body fat at >240lbs. At 240lbs.+ I am fat. (see below)

Pictures Of Me At Different Body Fat Percentages

note: I'm not great at estimating body fat, there are bodybuilders that spend hours a day on forums looking at pictures of shirtless males and commenting and criticizing them. Those guys probably know body fat percentages better than I. So for those focused on the numbers/percentages, please allow a +/- [1.5-2%] margin of error. The main point is- get in shape.

Notice the difference in facial features.

Angular face at 8-10% body fat, rounded face at 15%+ body fat. Significant difference.

For more pictures that focus more on overall body fat, check out- "Good Looking Loser Gets Ripped in 61 Days"

* Click on the pictures, it will take you to another page, click the picture again to zoom in.

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