How to Be Good Looking
(or Above-Average)

If you have never had visible abdominal muscles (<8% body fat), you have no idea what you are missing.

It has nothing to do with abs though.

Let me explain and show you over 40 pictures.

Girls Want to Fuck the Above-Average Guy

You probably have heard of my "Above-Average" Sex Appeal Theory.

It goes something like - 

If your appearance is above-average, better than the average male, you will pass the 'looks threshold' of at least 90% of girls. 

You will not be getting rejected due to your looks (sex appeal) by the vast majority of girls.

By passing the 'looks threshold', your success with any given girl is then largely based on her 'Sexual Availability', something that you have virtually no control over.

You can stop taking rejection personally, because most girls aren't rejecting your appearance. 

In my opinion, most (but not all) guys, including minorities, can reach this 'above-average' threshold with improvements in fitness, style and height, enough to be considered 'above-average' (and therefore, fuckable) by most women.

Most guys, however, will never try to become 'above-average' because they are simply too comfortable with their undersexed life.

While it is true that some girls, especially popular girls and superficial teenage girls, only want to fuck and be seen with the BEST LOOKING guys, most girls will be willing to sleep with a guy if she (and her friends) feels he is above-average, "reasonably attractive" or at least on her level.

Interestingly, super hot girls can be an exception.

By default, the super hotties are almost always dating or fucking guys that are less attractive than they are, but even those guys are almost always at least slightly above-average. 

Before this becomes another nonsense "how much do looks matter" (I have already answered that - Looks matter A LOT if you are not above-average) discussion, let's go somewhere productive with it.

I argue -

People, especially men, underestimate how much losing weight (therefore - facial fat) can help their appearance.

To them, sex appeal is simply a matter of genetics and the gym can only offer a ripped body, a sex appeal factor that is secondary among most non-fitness girls.

While you certainly will have some genetic limits, you likely don't know them yet.

I've seen slightly above-average looking guys transform into "ideal guy" once they lost the puffiness in their face.

I've seen below-average looking guys transform into "good looking guy" once they shed their excess face fat.

I've seen seen undeniably UGLY guys transform into "he's still not the best looking guy but he's super masculine and a candidate for my pussy" once they recovered their facial features .

You'd be surprised how much your face can change if you've never been ripped.

If you have never been <8% bodyfat (six-pack range), you have no idea how attractive you can or can't be.
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Even losing 5% body fat can make a dramatic difference in your appearance and how the world sees and responds to you. Losing 8 or 10% body fat can be literally the difference between having a good sex life and not having one at all.
(experience: for each 1" of fat you lose of your waist, you will gain .1" on your dick)

Although you may never be "male model" material, you can become at least 'above-average' and at least get on the radar (even if just for a relationship) of over half of all 'single and looking' girls.

For some guys, just like many women, losing weight (facial fat) can change their entire life.

Facial Fat Loss 5

Things Changed Immediately When I Lost My Face Fat in 2001 

Starting at the end of December 2000, my senior year of high school, I had a mission - 

To get as ripped as possible by Spring Break in March of 2001.

We were going to the Bahamas and I really wanted to stand out and impress every girl.
(it worked too, although I was really insecure I did sleep with a pretty girl and makeout with about 10 others - which was an accomplishment at that age)

During the fall and winter months, I got as heavy as I could.

I got up to 6-2 203lbs, which was pretty big for a high school kid.

I remember sitting on the couch watching the 3rd presidential debate between George W. Bush and Al Gore while drinking a 2500 calorie "protein shake" made with whole milk, weight gainer (all sugar, at the time) and Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Although I finished the winter somewhat fat, I looked considerably better than my lanky 150lbs frame from freshman year.

I didn't know how many pounds I'd have to lose, but I was going to do whatever it took to have full abs for Spring Break 2001.

Every morning before school, on an empty stomach, I took the original Hydroxycut and jogged about 2.5 miles on the treadmill in my basement while watching old VHS tapes of Wrestlemania and Summer Slam.  

The fat literally started dripping off my body -
(steroid free, I didn't touch steroids for another 2 or 3 years)

Facial Fat Loss 2

Although the difference in body fat is dramatic, it could also be seen in my face -

Facial Fat Loss 1

Facial Fat Loss 0

Facial Fat Loss 6

Facial Fat Loss 3

Before After 2000 2001

before after face fat

These pictures display about 20-30 lbs. of weight loss.

I went from getting inconsistent attention, to having at least 1 group of girls start a conversation with me every time I went out. Even hot girls were making themselves blatantly available to me. Although I didn't really have the courage to talk to a lot of random chicks, I noticed how many more girls looked at me and how much chances improved.

I felt like I was living in a special universe, all of my friends still had their facial features subdued by fat.

To this day, I look significantly better at closer to 200 lbs. rather than 225 lbs -

losing face fat 2011 2012

Facial Fat Loss 4

Facial Fat Loss 7

My results are hardly unique or even dramatic compared to some guys though.

There's a ton of other guys that look like completely different people after they lose their facial fat.

If you have never really put the time in to get down to 7-8% bodyfat, I highly encourage you to drop everything and do so.

Women respond to you way differently when they are physically attracted to you. It's a superficial game, but let's play to win.

Let's take a look at these examples.

What Weight Loss Can Do For Your Face

face weight loss before and after 1

face weight loss before and after 2

face weight loss before and after 3

face weight loss before and after 4

face weight loss before and after 5

face weight loss before and after 6

face weight loss before and after 7

face weight loss before and after 8

face weight loss before and after 9

face weight loss before and after 10

face weight loss before and after 11

Facial Fat Loss 12

Every single one of these guys went from average or below-average to at least slightly above-average. 

They are not getting rejected by most women for their appearance.  

Sources for Images:

How to Lose Face Fat

As of September 2015, you will have to systematically shed fat over your entire body in order to shed face fat.

Everybody is different but let's generalize -

If you are fat, you should focus on losing weight by eating 2000 calories or less of healthful unsaturated fat, lean protein and avoiding carbohydrates. Working out on an empty stomach will speed up the fat loss considerably.

If you are skinny-fat, you should focus on lean mass "recomposition" (add muscle:lose fat) which does not necessarily involve losing weight or avoiding carbohydrates. Compound exercises, intensity and heavy weights (6-8 reps) are the way to go. Do your cardiovascular training after some of your workouts, but don't prioritize it.

There's a lot more to fat loss nutrition and training, we can't cover it all in this post, I encourage you to check out -

While there's several different theories, products and exercises that claim to solely target face fat, even if they worked (they don't), you should avoid them and stop looking for shortcuts.

Put in the time -

Get your face and body in shape. 

Even if it takes an entire year to fix your appearance - it will be totally worth it.

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weight loss motivation quote 3 months

Pour Conclure
(The Deeper Significance of Losing Weight and Your Future)

When I was a personal trainer in Hollywood (residential Beverly Hills), I realized something about weight loss.

Whether it's 5 lbs. or 500 lbs., just about everyone, at some point in their life, will have a goal to lose some weight.

The good news is -

Although universal, losing weight is actually a unique goal.

(outside of some sort of medical condition or handicap)

You don't have to be athletic.

You don't even have to be halfway intelligent.

Once you know how the human body and nutrition works (or can simply follow a nutrition/training program and shut your mouth), you don't even have to exert a ton of physical effort. 

It is undeniable.

While some people have better starting body compositions and metabolic predispositions, losing weight is DOABLE and ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE CAN DO IT.

All you have to do is avoid carbohydrates, work out (or do anything semi-physical for 30 minutes on an empty stomach) and limit yourself to 1500-2000 calories of healthful fat and lean protein. The fat will drip off your body. There's other protocols if a very low-carbohydrate doesn't treat you well.
(forget about facial exercises, those are akin to trying to get abs by doing sit-ups and that's not how it works)

Yet, so many people can't do it.

This says a lot of about them and where they are going (or aren't going) in life.

They can't even reach an attainable goal that only requires a few months of self-discipline and control.

How likely is it that they will succeed at harder things?

Not too likely.

If this sounds like you -

It's time to put everything aside and focus solely on your appearance until it is above-average.



I get bored talking about fitness and nutrition, but becoming 'above-average' looking will do more for your quality of life than a college degree or even this website. 

The good news is - weight loss (facial fat loss) is totally doable and you have FULL CONTROL over your success.

In about a month or so, I'll show you what I've been doing to efficiently shed significant amounts of body fat that doesn't require steroids, extended physical effort or even a lot of time.
(fitness is not my priority anymore, ~2011 was the last time that I was picking up girls/partying full-time)

I've been taking a picture each day, here's Day 1 vs. Day 10 - 
(it's obviously a mix of fat/water, I'm not saying it's "all fat loss")

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