Is It True?

It's half true. It's half not true. Whichever you prefer.

It's not false, but it's not true either. Nothing is ever black or white.

The fact that the statement includes the word "only" makes it at least partially not true.

Okay, enough with useless pre-Law School logical reasoning bullshit.
It never helped anyone get pussy.

In my teens and very early 20's I was super good looking, at least I was told that I was.

Chris at age 19, ~185 lbs

I was a 9.9 on, did a small amount of modeling for validation and expected hot girls to come talk to me (it happened, once in a while). I had drunk girls trying to take pictures with me all the time so they could show their friends.

Yet, I had a very average sex life.

By my standards and what others thought- you could argue that I was a complete fucking failure, hence the 'Good Looking Loser'.

You'd be right.

I liked loved the attention. That's basically the only thing I could get though.

The reasons were simple.

If it weren't for my social circles that were loaded with attractive girls, I wouldn't have gotten any girls whatsoever. None.

But the truth was, hot girls did want to fuck me.

Then something seemed to happen, I don't know when it was- but I think it started to happen after shortly I turned 23.

The girls in my social circles (old and new) weren't as obsessed with me anymore. Girls that I met didn't make themselves as available for me.

This was weird.

Although I was somewhat less attractive because I really started with gain insane amounts of muscle, I was still pretty good looking.

I thought it was because I was 230lbs and I just intimidated everyone. That had to be it.

Or maybe it was because I had stopped wearing my self-tanner, maybe that was part of it.

Perhaps it was because a lot of the steroids I was using ate on my hair line, it wasn't noticeable to anyone but me... But wait that didn't really make sense.

I couldn't figure it out, so I got a pretty hot girlfriend so I could avoid the issue entirely. Since I had a girlfriend, I could justify never talking to girls, lifting weights at the gym on Friday and Saturday night until 2am, instead of going out or meeting new people.

It wasn't until I started getting a ton of pussy at age 26.5, when I realized what happened.

What Happened?

It always helpful to look at yourself if something is wrong with your life.

I did that, I just didn't arrive at the right answer.

This is what happened in my case-

The first part was this.

I wasn't a cool person anymore. I was totally fucking boring. All I did was lift weights, follow a diet, do homework and talk about stories in my more interesting past. All my friends were pretty much the same way. We did was exist. I spent hours and hours on the Internet. I checked everyone's AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) status before I left my apartment, I talked at length about people that weren't even part of my life. My hockey career had ended so I lived vicariously through friends that were still playing sports and professional athletes that I didn't know.

My clothes weren't bad but they weren't exactly cool either- "immature" Abercrombie & Fitch logo shirts, worn polo shirts, wide leg jeans. Average for 2003-2004. It was college, so I didn't look bad compared to the others that wore the same thing. It wasn't the main problem.

I wasn't cool, I didn't feel all at that cool either.

But that's only part of the story.

The interesting thing is- this boring creature I had become... that's basically what I was my entire life (prior to 2006) and I seemed to have a lot of girls that wanted to fuck me.

But for some reason I didn't have as many girls talking about me to their friends, I didn't have girls trying to hang out (as friends or more) and even girls that use to sweat me weren't as interested in having sex when I came home from college.

What I didn't know was this-

The period of time that girls really wanted to hookup with me, I was 17-21 years old. They were generally 17-19 years old.

As they got the chance to meet other guys at college, social circle, work, etc. and learn about their pussy- their preferences started to change. They didn't get as excited about looks like they were in their teens.

They weren't hot girls anymore- they were hot women.

The hottest women want to fuck the "coolest" guys, not necessarily the "hottest" guys.

Women sometimes say they go for a guy with a great "personality," but what they mean is- they go for a guy that is cool. Cool can mean confident too, even though they aren't completely the same thing.

I wasn't cool. I wasn't too confident.

I wasn't a total loser, but as girls became women- and being cool (and decent looking) was sexier than just being good looking (and not so cool), I was on the outside looking in.

They found a above-average looking guy with swag, confidence and cool vibe way sexier than a guy that was JUST good looking.

Their preferences changed.

As girls-

Hot girls 17-19 years old are pretty insecure and have no idea of their sexual power.
It's way more than they even realized.

When they grow up a little bit, meet and fuck a bunch of guys they figure out- what they like, what they don't like and what they want. It's usually want just "the hottest guy" they can possibly meet, they want a lot more because they realize they can get it and they aren't as turned on by the Good Looking Loser.

This might be obvious to guys that have fucked women for a decade, but it wasn't for me.

The College Years: Hot Girls to Hot Women

It's ridiculous if I speak on the behalf of girls and women and pretend I'm a complete authority, although I was a pussy, I was never a girl.

But through my experience I have a pretty good idea of what happens to girls in this transition period between the ages of 18 to 21.

I've fucked a ton of hot college-aged girls, some when I was in college but the vast majority in California after I turned 26.

I've fucked a lot of hot women too, the vast majority after I after I turned 26.

One thing I've always had, thankfully, was social circles of hot girls.

Some I've slept with, some I haven't, some I will, some I won't.

I've watched a lot of these hot girls grow up though (about 40 or 50 of them if you want a number).

I've had them blow me, I've had them blow me off, only to later fly out to LA for a weekend with me, only to not talk to me again until inviting me to their wedding. It's been a revolving door, it always will be.

That's my resume, I'm not a girl, but I know how this works for most hot girls.

The following below has been confirmed by all 7 girls I sent it to earlier this morning. All of them- very hot and went to college for at least 3 years.

Their transition from girl to women generally begins to happen during the first 2 years college.

Most girls come to college pretty inexperienced, pretty insecure, but pretty eager to party and figure out what they like.

They are inexperienced simply because they are only used to interacting with high school guys,♥ who have no idea whatsoever of what they are doing with girls. A lot of hot college freshman and sophomores have had less than a handful of partners and usually had a medium/longer term boyfriend. Some of them enter college with a long-distance boyfriend, only to dump him within 6 months once they realize it keeping them from learning about their pussy.

Sometime after the first 2 months of their Freshman year, they become part of a social circle (or sorority) and see/hear other people having sex. Once they find a small group of less judgmental friends, they begin sleeping with different guys and experimenting. Their social status is still SUPER important to them, so they don't go fucking a ton of guys. At least not right away during Freshman year.

This basically keeps up for the remainder of the year, the summer in-between and the majority of Sophomore year. They also hear about other girl's sexual experiences but slowly begin to develop their preferences.

Arizona State probably has the best looking girls of any major (D1) university. 

This transition period stalls once-in-a-while if they get a boyfriend. After they break up from their first college relationship (or break up from their long-distance boyfriend) they are super eager to get fucked. And they do. This is an accelerated period where they really learn about their sexual power and catch up to the other hot girls that didn't stall their transition.

When these hot girls become college Juniors and Seniors, they have a decent amount of experience. They generally have experienced just about everything- super hot guys, hot guys, average guys, good sex, bad sex, oral sex, big cock, small cock, one-night stands, committed relationships, and all levels of personality/coolness. They've heard about the experiences of their best friends too.

Although the experiences will vary, one thing is generally pretty clear- they begin to prefer slightly older guys. Usually 2 to 5 years older than them. These guys know what they are doing a lot better than the guys that are their age who haven't fucked as many women. Their preference for a "hot" guy is somewhat replaced for a "cool" and experienced guy.

"Cool" is hard to define, you know it when you see it, "confidence" is the probably the biggest aspect. Some guys naturally have confidence, other earn it via experience and success.

Do yourself a favor and go to a college that has a major football team 

Since they have talked to so many guys through their college years, they can pick up very quickly on who is cool and who can fuck them well. That is the guy they want if they want to have sex.

So long as that guy is decent looking, she'll fuck him over the "super hot" guy that appears less cool and less experienced. This guy is also more desirable for a relationship, although the criteria for relationships is another discussion entirely.

They want a man, not a boy.

What I've explained is what that statement means.

Okay GLL, What Do I Do?

We'll get more into 'how to be cool' in the lifestyle section as GoodLookingLoser develops.

I did this writeup because I wanted to give some perspective to the guys that aren't top 10% in looks and might not have had high school/young college girls constantly telling them they were "hot."

You can definitely get super hot girls if you are cool and make your looks at least slightly above average.

For girls, looks matter less starting at age 20-21.

That does not you can look like shit and get top-shelf girls. People that looks like shit aren't cool.

I'm less "good looking" today, but way cooler than I was in my early 20's. I get way more pussy and way hotter pussy.

Chris at StandardThis girl and her real boobs were 32 years old - there are some exceptions, obviously.

The majority of girls I've fucked are ages 18-24.

The younger girls are always telling their friends that "He's hot," the ones that are 20-24 (women), tell their friends that "He's cool."

It's not because the younger girls think I'm not cool, or the slightly older women think I'm not good looking.

It just shows what they find sexy.

So what do you do?

MAX out your looks/style and social freedom.

In other words- Be hot, be cool, have balls.

Find some cool shit in your life to get excited about and hang out with other cool people.

Work on it a little bit every day.

You'll get more pussy than you can possibly eat. For most of you guys, the best is yet to come.

So A Nut Shell

The hottest 18-20 year old girls generally just want to fuck the hottest, sexiest guys. (looks, status)

The hottest 20-24 years old girls generally just want to the fuck coolest guys. (status, looks)

The hottest 25+ year old girls generally are looking to lock down a cool, decent-looking, financial secure, safe boyfriend.

These are very much general statements and will vary.

From the part about college girls
♥- There is some exception here. I need to generalize to get my point across. Every once in a while you'll run into a top .01% girl that is in college who has been worshiped and chilled with older college guys since she was in 7th grade. Their bodies develop early and incredibly well. They are often, by far, the hottest and highest-status girls in their entire high school. They are untouchable to most high school guys, but they still like to date and have learn about their bodies so they fuck college guys while they are still in high school. The only guys that really have a chance with them are the most popular, best looking, tallest, top, White athletes. Think back to high school, there's at most 1 or 2 of these girls in the entire school. Sometimes they are the hottest cheerleader. Every guy jerks off to them.

When they get to college they have a pretty good idea of what they like, they've had a decent amount of sex, done whatever drugs they wanted and experienced players, nice guys, boyfriends, older guys, rich kids/guys, everything. They don't necessarily go through the normal college transition. Ours was a girl named "Erica," ironically, we ended up at the same college together.

note: The college transition is based on hot girls/women in the United States that are sexually active. It is not necessary based on average girls. And Certainly not based girls that are not sexually active or girls have unhealthy/negative views on sex. Since I haven't attended college outside of the United States, I don't know how it is in other countries.