Good Looking


Looking Good

Here's the formula that we've outlined since day 1-

In short, that means if you "MAX out" (at least better than average) your looks, style and social freedom, you'll be on your way to a significant quantity of quality pussy.

There's a lot that goes into "social freedom," including confidence, willingness to take 'risks' and overall 'cool' vibe.

We'll break social freedom down some other time. You probably understand it pretty well though.

This discussion might be old news to people, but it might make some of the newer guys "get it," and give some perspective and direction when it comes the what you should be shooting for.

Lets take a look at the first two- looks and style.


"Looks," is largely but not entirely, a genetic thing, which includes your facial structure, overall complexion, height. Other aspects are teeth, hair and grooming. It also includes your physical fitness or body composition, specifically- a lack of body fat.

Sometimes that discourages people.

Some guys feel that these characteristics cannot be changed or improved.

To some extent- they are correct.

To some extent- they are not.

I probably don't need to go into which can be significantly improved (body fat) and which have more of a ceiling (height).

Though a generalization, I like to view genetics as a starting point rather than an end point.

Try to view it that way.

It is my opinion, based on my own experience and from the experience of over 100+ others that Scotty and I have seen in-person, that you simply need to be a "7" (better than average) in the looks department to score top-shelf pussy from cold approach. This is assuming that your style and social freedom are in the 9 or 10 range. 

Looks and Style = Sex Appeal


"Style," is certainly not a genetic thing. It can be significantly improved in a single day. Style is your overall 'look' which includes your clothing, but is mainly a presentation of how all of it comes together.

In short- I generally recommend an "edgy" style. Even if you are good looking.

An edgy style communicate all the right things- I get laid, I'm not a nice guy, I'm cool, I select who I roll with, Chick dig me, I'm not afraid to stand out and not fit in, etc.

It doesn't take much to have an edgier style than 90% of guys. Especially in smaller towns where every guy wears the same generic clothing and has no accessories.

It is my opinion, based on my own experience and from the experience of over 100+ others that Scotty and I have seen in-person, that you simply need to be a "7" (better than average) in the style department to score top-shelf pussy from cold approach. This is assuming that you looks and social freedom are in the 9 or 10 range.

Like looks and social freedom- I don't suggest trying to be a "7," MAX that shit out.

Looks + Style = Sex Appeal (Presence)

For you academic guys out there, we can make the formula even more simple.

Sex Appeal + Social Freedom = Mad Pussy

Your looks and style combine to create your overall sex appeal.

That is what we are shooting for- SEX APPEAL.

Good looking guys can get laid.

Well styled guys can get laid.

Sexy guys WILL get laid.

The next time you are debating whether to buy a pair of jeans, a shirt or wonder whether you need to focus on gaining muscle or losing weight, think to yourself-

Will this improve my sex appeal?

If the answer is "yes," that is the direction you need to take.

If the answer is "maybe," ask us.

If the answer is "no," then you have your answer too.

Physical attraction (sex appeal) is super important for banging girls on the SAME day and night.

(sex appeal' contributes significantly to 'status', perception is reality)

The Sex Appeal Ceiling

It is my opinion that most guys, no matter what their genetic starting point can improve their sex appeal at least +2-3, sometimes it can be as high as 4.

An average looking guy (5) with average style (5) can become a 7 or 8 if a significant effort with made to improve his sex appeal.

A better than average looking guy (7) with better than average style (7) can at least appear as an elite 9 if a significant effort is made to improve his sex appeal. If he efficiently and productively plays the numbers, he will score top-shelf pussy. Guaranteed.

The majority of guys I know that consistently bang top-shelf pussy are simply slightly better / better than average looking that have elite social freedom.

A below average looking guy (4) with poor style (4) probably has the most to gain. If he collects himself, he can be above-average. And Like I said, above-average is good enough for top-shelf pussy if you have a social freedom.

Given my thoughts on the subject, it would appear that I believe that nearly any guy has the potential to tag top-shelf pussy. While this can be true- very few guys are motivated enough to MAX out their sex appeal and social freedom. They only focus on one and continue to underachieve.

* above average, at best- generally average.

We want to MAX them all out.

But if you have above-average for all - you'll tag mad pussy.

In most cases- if you are above average at 2 of them and not below average at any of them- you have the potential to score some top-shelf pussy once in a while, depending on the social competition.

For example- if you have average social freedom, but you have high sex appeal, you can also tag top-shelf women sometimes. If you have average sex appeal, but you have high social freedom, you can also tag top-shelf women once in a while.

Remember, so long as you have your social freedom MAX'ed out and effectively and efficiently play the numbers, all you need to have is above average (7 or 8) sex appeal to bang at least some top-shelf women.

Good Looking? Slightly. Looking Good? Yes. 

Good Looking vs. Looking Good (Sex Appeal)

While not everyone can be "good looking," most guys can look good.

Given that most guys don't have a clue on how to "look good," it shouldn't be that hard to stand out with your sex appeal.

"Looking good," with an edgy style significantly contributes to your sex appeal.

So if you aren't "good looking," try to make yourself good looking as possible.

At the same time, make the effort to "look good" and you'll have more sex appeal than 90% of guys.

When it comes down to it- Sex Appeal + Social Freedom = Mad Pussy

That was always the formula. Some guys might need to get back to the basics.

I certainly had to after 18 months with in the pick up community.

No where in the formula is "what you say" or "game" that shit is simply just details and manifestations of social freedom.

Sexual Vibe

A quick note.

If you have sex appeal, you don't have to make a conscious attempt at creating a sexual vibe.

This will vary from person-to-person.

A lot of community dorks seem to think that every interaction requires a "sexual vibe," while that is somewhat true, if you ALREADY have sex appeal, you don't have to push the sexual vibe to have the girl to consider you a masculine guy or a sexual option.

You don't have to STARE into the girl's eyes the entire time or squint at her over and over when she's talking. Enough with the casanova seduction bullshit.

Just be sexy and lead the way. That will go a lot further.