"How to Get Laid A Lot"
(What LOOK GOOD + TALK TO GIRLS Actually Means)

The scope of this discussion is limited to How to Get Laid and doesn't focus on relationships, intelligence or building an 'Elite Lifestyle' via financial success. It has nothing to do with being 'well-rounded' or achieving your 'overall potential'. It is simply a discussion on what it actually takes to be 'Elite' or at least better than everyone you know at Getting Laid. I will cover 'lifestyle' aspects some other time. They are not entirely similar. You can be a loser with no direction in life and Get Laid plenty.

I don't do many "game" posts anymore and this will probably be the last one specifically devoted to "understanding game theory".

It's pretty easy to understand if you are a semi-normal human.

Over 2 years ago, I first discussed my "B+ Above-Average Theory".

This concept has been repeated around our community many times but I haven't discussed it in-depth since.

In short - 

You can be 'Elite' at Getting Laid if you are simply 'above-average' at 2 things -

The definitions and expectations will be discussed later.

For further insight, we break it further down into our fundamentals -

You might not even be 'great' at any of them, but if you are simply 'above-average' at all of them - you will Get Laid more than 90% of guys.

Probably 99% of guys.

Truth be told -

There are SO FEW guys that both LOOK GOOD and TALK TO WOMEN.

The ones that are - are the big players. 

There's a fair amount of good looking guys. 

But the majority of them cannot talk to girls they don't know in anything other than a totally harmless way.

This was my main problem.

They can Get Laid some. But not a lot.

There's a fair amount of guys that are naturally extroverted and have no problem talking to women. 

But the majority of them only have average sex appeal because they put very little effort into their appearance. Just as many are mainly "super-friendly extroverts" that aren't actually seen as a sexual option.  

They can Get Laid some. But not a lot. 

The guys I know that get the most pussy, are simply above-average at - LOOKING GOOD and TALKING TO GIRLS.

That's it.

Over time, you will Get Laid a ton if both are part of your lifestyle.

90% of guys don't LOOK GOOD and can't TALK TO GIRLS.

If you can LOOK GOOD and can TALK TO GIRLS, by default, you can be 'Elite' or at least in the Top 10% with women.

A Nation of Losers

What Does 'LOOK GOOD' Mean?

LOOK GOOD means you have above-average sex appeal and therefore most women will not instantly disqualify you based on your physical appearance. 

When you LOOK GOOD, getting girls is a matter of their sexual availability - a factor largely outside of your control.

There's several elements built into LOOKING GOOD -

Those are the major ones, but there's other smaller elements involved in LOOKING GOOD: 

It doesn't take all that much to look above-average.

The standard to LOOK GOOD (above-average) is not very high because the 'average guy' pays very little attention to these.

Average Guy Description

The average guy is scared to stand out and wears an outdated boring style with no accessories so he doesn't feel "gay". Often, his clothes don't fit him well.

He is fat/skinny-fat because he doesn't have a gym membership or any clue about basic nutrition or how his body even works.

He doesn't maximize his height and often has below-average posture if he works a common desk job. 

He has a fair complexion, yellow/crooked teeth or has a bad hair cut or bad hair.

Although the 'average guy' doesn't look like an unkempt mutant (as perhaps I'm suggesting) the average guy DOES NOT stand out and usually at least somewhat resembles this description.

The average guy, however, can almost always become the 'above-average guy'. 

You have significant control over the majority of LOOK GOOD (above-average) elements, even if you aren't genetically gifted. 

What Does 'TALK TO GIRLS' Mean?

Being able to TALK TO GIRLS means you can play the 'numbers game'.

You can start, hold and finish a conversation by expressing some sexual intent to 10 to 20 girls a week (2-3 girls a day) and 90% of women that you are interested in.
(This is basically how many I would talk to, Scotty would hit on upwards of 40 a week for more quick hits) 

90% makes you Elite, even if it isn't smooth.

In fact, talking to 70% of the girls you are interested in probably makes you Elite.

Most guys hover around 0% when not under the influence of alcohol in a typical social setting.

While "TALK TO GIRLS" doesn't necessarily mean you have great confidence or Killer Instinct to get chicks in bed quickly, the majority of girls that are interested and physically attracted to you - will make it fairly easy for you. Even if they're just looking for a boyfriend, most girls that are sexually available and interested in you will follow your lead. You might have to go out on several dates, but they will let you go a little bit further each time.

As with sex appeal, the average guy can almost always become the 'above-average guy' at talking to girls. 

You have complete control over 'TALK TO GIRLS' - even if you have approach anxiety.

chris on cnnI was on CNN recently. 
That clearly proves that I know what I'm talking about.

Chris, Isn't This Common Sense?
(Look Good + Talk to Girls = Get Laid)

The concept of LOOK GOOD + TALK TO GIRLS might seem like common sense.

Apparently, it's not though. 

Other personal development or "pick up" communities almost entirely focus on one or the other as the magic ticket for How to Get Laid. 

Mainstream men's communities (especially non-competitive bodybuilding communities) focus on LOOKING GOOD.  

Almost all "pick up" communities focus on "learning game" or TALKING TO GIRLS.

While we aren't the only community that combine the two, there really aren't that many places that comprehensively explore and emphasize both topics without drifting off into insignificant fluff.

But you already know that.

You need to LOOK GOOD to attract a lot of women.

You need TALK TO GIRLS to sleep with (meet) a lot of women.

You will always underachieve if you lack one. 

You will have no sex life if you lack both.

Chris, Isn't This Common Sense?
(Be Above-Average = Get Laid)

My "B+" or "Above-Average" concept isn't common sense either. Especially around the 'self improvement' world.

Most guys are told shoot for the stars and begin a lifetime quest to "achieve your potential" in hopes of someday being good enough to sleep with a new girl every week.

While that may be good long-term 'lifestyle' advice, it's generally very discouraging when it comes to Getting Laid because the 'perfectionist' mindset leads to further insecurity. 

Some guys think -

"You need to be a 10 to get a 10!"

It's not true whatsoever.

You just need to pass the 'looks threshold' and 'above-average looking' will do it for most girls.

Of my friends that fuck 30+ usually pretty girls a year - the majority of them are 'above-average' looking and not 'super good looking'. The majority of 'super good looking' guys I know are way too sensitive and actually underachieve with women because they cling to their group of friends because are scared to get shot down.

Other guys think -

"You need sick game to get a 10! I'm not at 'that level' yet!"

Again, not true.

Just like any chick, you need her to be sexually available, at least semi-sexually attracted to you and have enough "game" to meet up with her later and take it from there.

"Game" (aside from obvious confidence) only makes a minor difference in how sexually attractive you are to women. "Game" will not make the VAST MAJORITY of girls who are NOT semi-physically attracted to you - sexually attracted to you.

The point isn't to discuss "Looks vs. Game".

You need them BOTH if you are going to get a lot of hot girls.

LOOK GOOD so most women are sexually attracted to you.

TALK TO GIRLS to make it happen.

scotty and girl

My Main Criticism of Mainstream Self-Improvement
(Perfectionism Encourages Insecurity)

Almost all self-improvement communities encourage perfectionism.

This can be a huge problem for guys who already have an inferiority complex and are seeking personal development to treat self esteem issues.  

A lot of communities exaggerate what it takes to be an 'Elite Guy' who has considerable success with women.

This might be intentional (to make you feel inferior so you are more likely to spend money to fix yourself).

But it might be unintentional where the authority fails to set concrete/realistic expectations due to a lack of personal experience.

Guys are generally told to "work on themselves" to "achieve their potential" and often undertake several ambitious unrelated lifestyle goals in hope of getting pussy instead of simply LOOKING GOOD and TALKING TO GIRLS

You don't have to be great - to get great results.

You just need to LOOK GOOD and TALK TO GIRLS.

Iron and Tweed StyleSee Iron & Tweed for tips on how to look 'current' without looking like a total faggot.

You Can Be a Total Loser and Get Laid Plenty
(Lifestyle Success ≠ Get Laid)

Most men's communities focus on "improving value" via lifestyle development as the golden ticket to sleep with more women.

This focus is again misplaced. 

You can be a total loser and still Get Laid so long as you LOOK GOOD and TALK TO GIRLS.

I was.

When I was sleeping with 1 or 2 new girls a week - I was 26-29 year old law school dropout with no job, I was living off my parents, doing plenty of drugs and I had no real plan for my life. I did steroids, smoked Marlboro Smooth cigarettes and woke up at 2pm everyday. 

While I certainly felt guilty about this for a time - my lack of "lifestyle value" did absolutely nothing to stop me from getting buckets of wet pussy.

Scotty's story is similar. 

He lived with parents and lived a nearly identical 'party' lifestyle.

In fact, Scotty (the Friendly Ghost) was the person who told me that I didn't have to "develop my identity" to Get Laid a ton.

It was a big relief and pretty insightful to me.

I already had what it took and needed to stop "working on myself" and simply hit on more girls more consistently.   

I have several friends (acquaintances) in Hollywood that do nothing but do cocaine and party every single night. Several of them Get Laid like rockstars and girls are always texting them to party and hang out. When women ask about their lifestyle (usually to measure their relationship potential), they just lie.

The moral of the story isn't -

Be a total loser! It's totally acceptable!

The moral of the story is -

You can be loser and Get Laid a ton.

All you need to do is LOOK GOOD and TALK TO GIRLS to improve your sex life.

It's easier than you think and way easier than most sources suggest.

You don't need to build an impressive lifestyle resume if you just want to get a lot of action for a couple years.

Although I used to be one (out of sheer insecurity), I have to laugh at guys that undertake different stupid hobbies and lifestyle goals because they "need to be more well-rounded and interesting" to please women.

The entire mindset is wrong, not their "lack of lifestyle".

"Lifestyle Development" has only a loose connection with Getting Laid.

Your "lifestyle value" is only significant to keep fuckbuddies coming back for months at a time but it doesn't matter if you just want to sleep with a bunch of chicks.

I encourage you guys to be the best you can be, "MAX yourself out", but that is hardly mandatory if you just want to fuck a lot of girls.

In fact, your other goals may just be getting in the way. 

Stop making things so damn hard on yourself and stop analyzing why you are undersexed. 

Girls don't give a shit about your "Lifestyle Value" unless they want a serious relationship - in which case - they probably aren't going home with you in the first place.

I give you my permission to spend a couple of years fucking girls, partying and having fun. 

Start a business or something after that.

ayatollah propaganda

Don't Confuse Top 10% For the Top .0001%

We are going to dig into this "Top 10%" thing some other time. 

It's not actually THAT HARD to 'be better' than 9 of 10 guys.

In fact, you might already be.

Can Everyone Really Get Laid?


Everyone can Get Laid some.

Even average or below-average guys.

Even if you aren't part of the social establishment.

Not everyone can currently get the caliber of pussy they desire though.

It is my opinion that the vast majority of guys can become ABOVE-AVERAGE (LOOK GOOD + TALK TO GIRLS) and therefore - Get Laid a lot.

Most guys don't Get Laid much because their standards are too high - not because they are too ugly or are way too anxious in social situations.

If you are still a virgin (read this), it's because you haven't ACTUALLY tried to lose it.

How to Lose Your Virginity

Pour Conclure

You might be disappointed that this wasn't a long, intellectual, highly-analytical discussion about How to Get Laid by improving your self-actualization threshold to reach super cognitive levels of confidence and consciousness.


Sleeping around is way less complicated than that.

As usual, the right solution is also the easiest solution - 


The guys who get regular action are simply above-average at both. 

The guys who can't get regular action simply neglect one or both.

It's likely that if you are in decent shape (as most of our readers are), you already "have what it takes" to Get Laid a lot.

All you have to do is start asking more girls for their number more often. Ask out 10 or 15 girls a week - or a couple a day. 

If you LOOK GOOD and ask 2-3 girls for their number each day - you'll eventually have more chicks than you can handle and you'll slowly become even more efficient.

If you aren't in decent shape - make that your only goal until you are 'above-average'.

It's pretty easy after that.