Get Laid or Get Lost.

If you're trying to meet girls and get laid - I have a mantra that I suggest that you follow, "Get Laid or Get Lost."

"Get Laid or Get Lost" means that every girl that you approach - you take the mentality that you are either going to Get Laid or the girl can Get Lost [and not waste your time].

There's only a handful of guys that I know that sleep with hot girls consistently and they all have this mentality.

This is the aggressive approach that legit players have each time they speak to a girl that they want to bang.

With this mentality, you'll never put yourself in the "friend zone" or waste your time in a pointless interaction with some nonsexual or boring girl.

Taking this aggressive mentality and living by it will get you more pussy than you have ever had.

It will also screen out or get you "rejected" by nonsexual, boring or emotionally unhealthy girls that you want to avoid in the first place.™

So it's really a win-win once you internalize this attitude.


Get Laid or Get Lost Audio 1/2

00:00 - "Get Laid or Get Lost" mentality will efficiently get you a ton of pussy
01:30 - Guys that bang a lot of hot chicks have this mentality
02:15 - If you follow this mentality you'll never waste time or put yourself in the friend zone
02:45 - You will only get girls that are down to fuck [or at least in the very near future]
03:20 - A lot of guys try to improve their dating/sex life by finding lines/techniques to "never get rejected." This is a major problem because it makes you a pussy.
05:10 - Football analogy - teams that play "not to lose," eventually lose
05:45 - When you talk to girls - you need to screen them, not the other way around
06:20 - I had a hard time beating my fear of rejection
07:50 - You want girls to view you as a player that is good in bed, not as safe "boyfriend material" nice guy
09:00 - Talk to chicks + Being aggressive = Get Laid

Get Laid or Get Lost Audio 2/2

00:00 - Screen girls and don't waste time on the non-sexual, boring, emotionally unhealthy chicks
00:30 - Emotionally healthy, sexually active girls will have no problem with you touching them in bars/clubs
01:40  - Seriously don't waste your time, Getting Laid is a numbers game
02:15 - Way better to be too aggressive than too passive; Better to be too aggressive than too passive
02:40 - Having balls is the #1 thing you need to Get Laid
03:15 - It takes while to internalize this mentality if you have been a 'nice guy' your whole life
05:10 - Your game should weed out and filter the girls that you don't want
05:55 - (example) My friend in LA likes girls that do cocaine, or won't bother him about it
07:00 - If you're new to this, just start talking to chicks - don't worry about filtering them just yet
07:40 - (example) I like chicks that are in shape, so I grab their arms, abs and ass when I meet them to see if their are comfortable with their bodies

A lot people looking for advice on sex and dating are looking for certain pick up lines or techniques that will help them "never get rejected". Unfortunately, simply "avoiding rejection" doesn't help you get girls. It is also sign of a very fragile ego. You need to be aggressive and assertive in your interactions to get laid on a regular basis.

The goal of your interaction isn't to convince a girl that you are friendly and safe enough to have a conversation with.

The goal of your interaction is to find out whether the girl has the personality, sense of humor and sexual freedom (or whatever else) that YOU are looking for.

Your interactions should come from a position of power, not fear.

It's gonna take some practice though, especially if you've been playing "not to lose" with chicks or are trying to overcome some passive, nice guys tendencies.

This is one issue that took me a while to overcome. In fact, it was probably the biggest issue preventing me from banging the top-tier girls that I wanted. I, like most people, was raised by a good family taught me to be considerate and respectful to everyone - especially women. While that's all well and good, it doesn't exactly lay the foundation or build upon the aggressive alpha-male attitude and persona that I needed to get busy with elite girls on the first night (or at all!). Girls would quickly profile me as "boyfriend material" and would make me "work" for sex (multiple dates, emotional investment, etc.). Since I was scared of rejection, I would play the game "not to lose," totally subservient to a girl and her timetable for sex. While that resulted in low levels of rejection, it also resulted in a very mundane and sometimes non-existent sex life - I also had no chance of pulling the smoking hot girls I wanted out of bars, let alone get their numbers. Hot girls don't want to fuck passive nice guys. It took a lot of work but I eventually adapted and found that taking a more aggressive mentality ended up scoring me the hotter, more "sexual" girls that I wanted.

"Get Laid or Get Lost," doesn't mean you should strive to become an over-the-top pervert.

It means - when you meet a girl you want to bang - you should avoid the boring generic topics, and instead, take the lead by introducing flirtatious sexual-charged conversation while also seeing how the girl responds to your physical advances. You can have some generic small talk once you've screened her she is receptive. If a girl isn't receptive to your advances - don't apologize - just move on and talk to another one.

She's lame. Not you. She can get lost.

It can take a while to have this new attitude to come off with confidence and not look arrogant, rude or creepy. It's a process.

But remember - in this game - it's always better to be "too aggressive" than "too passive".

If you lose girls by being too aggressive, then so be it.

If you lose girls by being too much a pussy, that's not good!

Having "balls" or social courage is the #1 thing you need to get girls.


Not funny lines, interesting stories, designer clothes or lots of friends or money.

Being aggressive and creeping out a girl or having a girl call you a "douchebag" is not the worst thing in the world.

At worst, it's embarrassing and temporary.

The worst thing in the world is be submissive, lonely, undersexed and scared of women.

Even if you just want a girlfriend and you're not trying to become some "player" who bangs hundreds of girls - you still need to have balls.  Otherwise, you'll end up as a little bitch boy to your girlfriend or wife and she will lose respect for you and start looking at her other options.

Please believe girls like "jerks" and "bad boys," when you're practicing being a "jerk,"  just try not to be a huge asshole. But even if you do, it's not the worst thing in the world. :)

Once you get good a this, you'll be getting a lot pussy and eventually have the opportunity to tag more girls than you can handle. It will be more efficient to weed out the girls you don't like (or are incompatible with).

For example - if you are already getting a ton of pussy and you have a laid back personality and like more mellow girls, you should probably be extremely very laid back in your interactions - laid back enough to cause high-energy girls to walk.

Another example - A buddy of mine in Los Angeles does a lot of cocaine, he's wants to make sure the girls that he's seeing either do it too or won't bug him about it. So after he's met a girl, he tells them a story about how he does cocaine at Thanksgiving dinners because his family meals are so awkward. The girl either laughs and is interested - or thinks it bad and walks off shortly. It's a great filter system.

™ Those types of girls often require an extended process of courting, emotional commitment or a high amount of tolerance to deal with their baggage and psychological issues - leave these girls to the desperate guys. (Seriously - here in Los Angeles, 2 of every 5 girls has some sort of emotional disorder)

If you want a great example of a "jerky" attitude that girls dig, check out Bentley Williams from the Bachelorette:

If you have any questions or comments, definitely don't hesitate to post below.