Fundamentals for Getting Laid
Updated: August 26 2014

Hey Losers, I'm coming at ya from 10,000 feet high in the sky on Delta flight D147 headed to Atlanta, GA. The wonders of technology.

Perhaps a future discovery might be an airplane seat that fits humans that weigh more than 130lbs.

Rather than watching "Elf" (Will Ferrell), generally considered the very worst movie of all time with the very worst actor of all time  - I'm going to discuss "Fundamentals". These 5 fundamentals are the core attributes that are involved in Getting Laid the SAME NIGHT and being attractive in this "game".

Being a Top 10% guy, as we say.

Generally speaking - if you have 2 or 3 fundamentals at an above-average level, you'll be far ahead of most guys - who, at best - have only 1 of them. Most have none.

If you have 3 or 4 at an above-average level, you'll easily be in the "top 10%" of guys - and rightfully have a shot at doing, retaining and pursuing a relationship (with or without strings attached) with nearly all women that are sexually available and/or DTF.

In fact, most guys that end up doing 100+ chicks in their lifetime (which is maybe 1 in every 1000 guys?) - generally only have 3 of these Fundamentals down - unless they are sleeping with girls that are 3 or 4 levels below them.

Strive for 5, but you'll do very well with 2 or 3 - provided you play the numbers game and actually hit up a good 20 girls a week (at least).

The 5 Fundamentals are-

* Looks and Style can be combined into a single attribute called "Sex Appeal".

** Likewise, Killer Instinct (advanced Social Freedom) can be attached to Social Freedom.

In which case, an abbreviated list is-


Now, lets note that the importance of these 5 fundamentals will vary given the circumstances.

For example-

With Getting Laid [A LOT] and the SAME NIGHT, there is a higher emphasis on Sex Appeal (Looks, Style). Whereas in committed relationships (or the later stages of retention), there is a higher emphasis on things like lifestyle factors (including money).

As usual, we will be covering the Fundamentals for GETTING LAID (specially the SAME NIGHT) and not "meeting women" or characteristics that make you an attractive boyfriend candidate.
(we will discuss the latter in the future)

If you can Get Laid the SAME DAY/NIGHT, you can Get Laid a lot.

While collecting phone numbers definitely "works" and it's where I suggest most guys begin (Basic Guy Game), it's actually not a super efficient way to Get Laid. The guys that nail a ton of girls (usually in bar/club/party scene) finish the job THAT NIGHT.

Before we discuss the Fundamentals, it's important to note that there are 2 factors that are ABSOLUTELY MANDATORY to Getting Laid the SAME NIGHT (therefore, a lot).

In fact, arguably, each of these is MORE IMPORTANT than any of the five Fundamentals - and possibly more than all 5 of them combined.

Without these, it doesn't matter how tight your Fundamentals are - you won't be hitting your potential - simply because you won't be nailing girls that SAME NIGHT.

2 Mandatory Factors to Get Laid A Lot 

Sexual Availability

Without this, nothing else matters.

If the girl IS NOT DTF, for whatever reason (has work in the morning, on her period, has a boyfriend, etc.) - neither you or I will be getting in her pants.

In many cases, the girl might be sexually available (single and looking) but not DTF (looking for a boyfriend).

This factor is largely decided well before you even set eyes on her.

It is completely outside your control.

One of the very worst things that the pick up artist community teaches people is - if you don't get the girl, YOU did something wrong and your "game" needs fixing, an eBook and a $5,000 workshop.

This is ridiculous.
(I believed it to some degree, even though my experience repeatedly showed otherwise)

The vast majority of girls that you bang within 24 hours were DTF or at least considering/open to some sexual encounter. There might be some that you feel that you "convinced" to sleep with you - but chances are - they had an idea in their heads (and some alcohol), at least a little bit. A lot of girls shave their pussy, go out and are willing to "see what happens".

Although hardly exciting after the first few times it happened, I've slept with girls who had/claimed to have boyfriends.

While I could credit my amazing "game" and off the fucking chain "Looks", the reality is that these loosely committed girls were probably going to cheat on their boyfriends anyway. I just passed their "Looks Threshold" and cashed in at the right time. I didn't "change their mind" or "make them bad", I just slept with a girl that was looking and willing, which is no different than the average single girl that is open (but not necessarily looking) to Get Laid.

This is why, per definition, "seduction" does not actually exist.

Coined in early 2012, the term "Sexual Availability" appears to be a revolutionary concept, Scotty and I have never heard this discussed anywhere in any capacity beyond "well you can't expect to get like - every girl".

The fact that this is ignored or not understood by the mainstream authorities leads us to believe they haven't been with or even talked to too many girls. Sexual Availability is clear as day to ANYONE that has picked up a lot of chicks by doing the EXACT SAME THING each time.

Screening is the most efficient approach to measuring Sexual Availability. Girls that are DTF react positively or don't leave when they are touched, girls that are not DTF, don't.

sexually-available-boy and girl-2


As with Sexual Availability, this is mandatory if you want to Get Laid the SAME NIGHT.

Ideally, you should have a pre-planned spot that is no more than ~10 minutes away from where you are meeting women.

It is often the difference between sleeping with a girl and never speaking to her again.

It also bypasses things like phone-tag, texting, dating and compromising your schedule.

Guys that Get Laid a lot aren't taking phone numbers and following up with "text game" - they are tagging girls the SAME DAY or NIGHT.

If you hear some expert bragging about his "text game" or posting hour long text threads on forums to impress people - you'll know that he's actually pretty inexperienced.

When I lived at Santa Monica Beach, I always had 25-50+ girls within 5 minutes of my apartment just off the beach.

When I lived on Kings Ave. (Sunset Blvd.), I always had 1 or 2 night spots packed with 25-50+ girls within 5 minutes of my apartment.

cartoon bedroom

The Five Fundamentals

Assuming the above are in play - THE GIRL IS AVAILABLE and YOU HAVE A PLACE TO TAKE HER, these five factors contribute to 99.9% of being an attractive guy that Gets Laid a lot via cold approach.


"Looks" is how good looking you are. 

This is the primary factor in attracting women.

In fact, I argue that "looks" are more important to women than to men.

Men will sleep with girls that are 2, 3 or 4 levels below them and brag about it.

Girls generally will not sleep with a guy that is not at least on her level or above her.

If she does, she'll usually try to cover it up so her friends never find out.

In relationships and social circles, however, "looks" are still significant but admittedly of lesser importance.

If you aren't convinced that "looks matter", have you ever heard a girl say "He's hot..."?

That's because looks matter. A LOT.
(especially to younger girls, who sit around for hours talking about which guys are hot and why they think so)

The good news is there is a something called a "Looks Threshold" that is in play when you approach a girl that you don't know.

The "Looks Threshold" is generally about a 7 or 8 for most attractive DTF girls, even the super hot ones. Above-average looking, usually not more than 1 or 2 levels below them.

If you aren't "good looking" by definition, you can still 'look good' or appear extra masculine.

If you see hot girls with ugly guys that are out of shape (I DON'T), chances are- these guys did not pick up these girls and they might not even be together in the first place.

There are obviously exceptions, but EVERY guy that I know who is successful with approaching women is at least above-average looking.

Approaching attractive women if you have more than 15 pounds to lose (or more than 20% BF) is basically useless.

You are better off approaching girls that are overweight or better yet- losing weight.

The part that is sometimes overemphasized about "Looks" is - while it is the main factor in attracting girls, there's two other factors (Social Freedom, Killer Instinct) that are more important to actually Getting Laid.

Trust me, I know, I was pretty much a 9 or 10 to most girls in my early and mid 20's - and I still had an average sex life.

cartoon handsome


Style is how good and cool you look.
(if you are not "good looking" - you can still make yourself "look good" or masculine)

There's not really a lot that I need to tell you that you don't already know.

There is not a single guy I know that has an outdated style that has much success with women outside of his social circles in Los Angeles.

Good looking guys can sometimes get away with poor style choices and still have an average sex life.

But why the hell would you want that?


Social Freedom

Social Freedom is your ability to approach and interact with women, both verbally and non-verbally.

I know guys that can do wacky Jackass stunts in public and make a fool of themselves in front of large groups of people but can't talk to girls. While it might take social courage to act like a freak in public - how "wacky" you can be is not our definition of Social Freedom.

While "Looks" and "Style" involve "attracting" women, Social Freedom involves making things happen and Getting Laid.

I consider a guy who can approach 90% of the girls that he wants to talk to (finishes the AA Program) to have Social Freedom at around an 8 or 9. Killer Instinct fulfills the last 1 or 2 points.

Remember, the average guy cannot speak to an attractive girl he doesn't know without 2 or 3 drinks in him, so the bar is pretty low.

social freedom characters

Swag Factor

Swag Factor is how cool you really are (social skills) and your social status.

While Style is how cool you look- Swag Factor is how cool you actually are.

It is environmentally dependent.

A bodybuilder with 22" arms is considered cool at the gym, but not necessarily at a nightclub.

Likewise, a skinny dirtbag who always walks around with a cigarette on his ear might be considered cool in Hollywood club circles - probably looks like a little bitch at the gym.

The discussion on Swag Factor is extensive but it is one of the most ignored (or unrealized) Fundamentals.

Like everything else, you just need to be "pretty cool" or "cooler than the average guy" - not a rockstar or an A-list celebrity.


Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct is your ability to "pull the trigger" and can be considered "advanced Social Freedom".

In involves escalation and leading the interaction toward the bedroom. It also covers "sexual freedom" vs. "sexual anxiety".

It is a display of dominance and raw masculinity. In mentality and action.

While it may seem like Killer Instinct is only in play when a girl is sitting on your bed, that's certainly not the case.

Killer Instinct is part of every interaction, from beginning to end.

An interaction with a girl you like is all just foreplay anyway.

Simply grabbing a girl by the hand and saying "lets go over here" is a display of Killer Instinct.

Telling a girl "Shhh..." and kissing her is Killer Instinct.

Moving FAST is Killer Instinct.

Getting RESULTS is a direct reflection of your KILLER INSTINCT.


A guy can tell all the jokes he wants, be smooth, playful and use flashy techniques - but when it comes down to it does he grab the girl, take her home and do her? Does he DOMINATE HER physically and psychologically? Or is he busy "spitting game" and being smooth?

That the only thing that matters. Results.

Although sometimes overemphasized, when evaluating "how good" an NFL quarterback is - the question most often asked is- DOES HE WIN (in the playoffs)?

Does he win meaningful games?

Or does he fall flat on his face when it really matters?

At the end of the day, does he get the job DONE?

Or is it all just flashy statistics (Tony Romo) and ESPN highlights (Michael Vick)?

The parallel could be-

Does the guy fuck a lot of girls that are on his level or above him?
Does he get results?


There's your definition of "game" and Killer Instinct would be the primary factor involved in getting A LOT of results. There's a ton of good looking guys that can't pull the trigger and will forever underachieve.



Not being flashy.

Not being smooth.

So many people evaluate "smoothness" and "style" to measure game - completely ignoring the only thing that matters- RESULTS.

Looks being equal, the guy that is clumsy will sleep with girls has better "game" than a guy that is smooth, but doesn't get laid as much with the same caliber girls.

This is very different than whatever most people think "game" is.

In my opinion- a guy that bangs 1 out of 100 girls and takes 0 phone numbers has better "game" (aka results) than a guy that take 100 phone numbers and doesn't Get Laid once. (extreme hypothetical, but you know what I'm saying)

Not surprisingly, the term or theme of Killer Instinct is rarely discussed or even mentioned among the mainstream.

It doesn't take Killer Instinct to meet women.

It DOES takes Killer Instinct to fuck them on the first night though.

I will talk about the 4 or 5 Killer Instinct moves you need to know in the near future.

Surprisingly, you can fake some of these pretty well so long as you are willing to try. If a girl likes you, she'll follow your lead. Remember, "Killer Instinct" is just advanced Social Freedom, it's not a totally new language and chances are- so long as you've taken a girl into your bedroom, the moves won't be too foreign either. Sometimes, it's just a matter of trying to do it faster.

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