Sense of Entitlement

Through the years and especially after moving to Los Angeles, I have made a lot of friends (and acquaintances) that were pretty good with women.

At least above average compared to the average guy that only bangs a handful of girls in his whole life.

A lot of the guys are part of my various social circles, so I've gotten to know them.

For the most part, all of these guys have the following in common-

As you know- Looks, Style, Social Freedom is the recipe for lots of pussy and most of what we preach on

Despite the similarities, there is a stark difference in the quality of women these guys get. It varies quite a bit, even though all these guys have [probably] slept with at least 30 girls.

Only slightly more than a handful get top-shelf quality women.♥

A minority of the guys get the super sexy hot girls, high status aspiring or working models, actresses, fitness girls, genetic miracles that make up the top 1 or 2%

A majority of guys I know that are good with women get the "pretty hot," "the cute," and the above average girls, definitely not girls that you'd kick out of bed.

A smaller minority of guys I know that are good with women ONLY get a lot of the average to below average girls. You could argue that these guys aren't good with women, despite the high quantity of sub-par pussy they get. You might be right.

There is one thing that separates all 3 levels of guys that get pussy-


entitlement zone

The guys that eat top-shelf pussy have a noticeable sense of entitlement that is much greater than the guys that get above-average girls and certainly above the guys that eat average pussy.

When I say "sense of entitlement," I mean a REAL sense of entitlement.
Not a fake confidence or a staged arrogance.

A "sense of entitlement" has a bit of a bad wrap.
It's seen as an undesirable, negative, arrogant personality trait.

That can be true.

The spoiled rich kid that refuses to work because of his sense of entitlement - that's not masculine.

The star high school athlete that thinks he deserves to start as a freshman for his D-I college football team without coming to practice - he will find out otherwise.

There's a lot more examples that we can think of.

When it comes to women, however, a sense of entitlement can actually help you though, so long as you don't come off totally arrogant.

The guys that eat top-shelf pussy, for one reason or another- ALL have a sense of entitlement.

All this stuff is reflected in their vibe with nearly every person they interact with.

So long as it's not totally arrogant, it comes off as "cool" and "confident," especially among the super hotties that can't stand beta males and rarely meet a guy that has this vibe.

Guys that get average/sub-par pussy, no matter how much of it, don't have this vibe and especially not when interacting with super hot girls.

Even if you don't have this vibe yet, you probably know what I mean.

If you are, I suggest you embrace your sense of entitlement.

If you constantly being humble, stop.

If you constantly have to make 'politically correct' statements or water down your achievements because your less cool friends will be jealous. Stop.

Thankfully, a sense of entitlement something that you can develop.
It's not the easiest thing to develop, but it's possible and totally worth it.

In another discussion I'll talk about developing a sense of entitlement.

♥ - Just so you know, I define "top-shelf" or "top 10%' of women by how HOT they are. How sexy they LOOK. There's others that define "top-shelf" or "top 10%" based on personality traits, sexual history, education, career achievement, relationship material, intelligence, etc. I'm not saying that isn't important, but I'm going to keep it simple- LOOKS. Okay?

When I take a super hot girl back to my apartment in an hour, I could care less if she has a Juris Doctorate degree from a tier I top 25 Law School, what she scored on the MCAT, if she is ideal girlfriend material with healthful relationships with her parents or how many hours of community service she's done. I don't care. I never will unless I'm thinking of having a committed relationship. Guys that read GLL know that this is a "Get Laid" website, not a dating website. If you can get laid, you can do the dating thing pretty easily.

For an in-depth look at a "Sense of Entitlement," check this out-