What Guys Who Have a Sense of Entitlement Have in Common

Updated: March 17, 2019 (Added Full 'Sense of Entitlement' Video)

This is an installment in our "Sense of Entitlement" articles.

As Killer Instinct is a specific advanced element of Social Freedom, a "Sense of Entitlement" is a specific form of advanced confidence, also called- inner game by overly-analytical self-improvement geeks.

This is a challenging subject and I will have to give a lot more thought before I discuss "How to Build a REAL Sense of Entitlement". (coming soon)

I really like this type of advanced discussion because it's what makes GoodLookingLoser undeniably legit, beneficial and insightful.

Subjects such as Killer Instinct, Retention, and Swag Factor, you won't find elsewhere- they are products of intense reflection of ACTUAL EXPERIENCE with the hottest women in their prime. The generic "meet women" and "pick up girls!" 'Dating Coach/I'm a PUA' websites and repackaged programs can't touch this shit, simply because- they literally haven't touched any/enough significant amount of high-quality, high-status pussy.

I'm not any 'smarter' than these Internet marketers (in fact, my website looks like shit)- I've just actually been there.

Thanks for letting me brag about our content, I don't often do that but I'm not humble when it comes to concepts like this and how I "learned" it.

About 10 months ago, I discussed The Difference Between Guys Who Bang Hot Girls and SUPER Hot Girls, and proposed a significant contributing factor that extends beyond the fundamentals - looks, style and social freedom-

"A Sense of Entitlement"

Simply put- you TRULY feel that you deserve their pussy and you are the type of guy that can pleasure it better than other guys could do.

You often feel so entitled to do so that you have no problem giving yourself permission to "Claim that Pussy" and might come off authentically arrogant from time to time.

In a lot of ways, some degree of a "sense of entitlement" plays a role in ANY type of girl that you hook up with-

tattooed-aladdinWhile a future discussion will cover the "how to's," simply reading the commonalities below will probably give you numerous ideas on what it looks like, what you are at and where you can begin.

The majority of these discussion is based on my experience and 4 specific friends (3 of which I've known for 7+ years) that do EXTREMELY well with super hot girls and are usually sleeping with multiple girls.

One thing I want you guys to keep in mind is- this discussion is on "A Sense of Entitlement" specifically to HOT PUSSY.

Half of these guys have a "finer things" TOTAL LIFESTYLE sense of entitlement to things such as- money, status, nice restaurants, exotic vacation destinations, college/workplace entry, special treatment from peers, colleagues and strangers but the other half DOES NOT.

Don't think you need to have a TOTAL LIFESTYLE sense of entitlement to land a lot of the hottest pussy; it can help, but it is certainly not mandatory.


What Guys With a Sense of Entitlement Have In Common

Allow myself, Derrick, Danny, Trevor and Curtis to tell you about this subject.
(yep, real names- these guys are not ashamed)

An Understanding of the Top 10% (Elite Guy Status)

Each of us understand just who the Top 10% guy is.

He's not a super good looking, super rich, super hard-working, super athletic, super educated, super popular, super social skilled, well-rounded and well-hung renaissance man that has a life of no anxiety, no drama and infinite money, sex and power.

That is the Top .00001% guy or possibly just a fictional character.
related: "Don't Confuse the Top 10% for the Top .00001%"

The Top 10% guy is just better than 9 out of 10 guys.

He might not even be a total standout in looks, style, social freedom, killer instinct, swag factor, career resume or even Sense of Entitlement- he's just above-average at all of them and he knows it.

It's rare to even find a good looking guy with social freedom, let alone a guy that is above-average with ALL the criteria that I just mentioned. The majority of guys are average slobs, so this shouldn't be tough to get to if you dedicate most of your 20's to it.im-sexy

All of us understand (and believe) that we are more attractive and desirable than 9 out of 10 guys. More attractive than 90% of guys our age and demographic. This generally comes off as "confidence" to hot girls, while it might come off as "arrogance" to less attractive women.

We also understand that while those other guys in the "Top 10%" might theoretically be our competition, very few guys hit on girls. Like Josh (not mentioned) says, "these guys don't even talk to girls, we have absolutely no competition tonight."

Even on THIS WEBSITE, there's a lot of otherwise "elite" guys that simply don't believe they are top 10% and are preventing themselves from gaining a sense of entitlement. They tend to have an overinflated sense of what an "elite" guy actually is and are constantly comparing themselves to ideals that don't even exist.

Don't get in your own way.

Frames of Reference for Comparison Purposes

Every single self-improvement website will tell you "Never compare yourself to other people! Happiness comes from within!" and people blindly agree.

I'm not going to tell you that.
(so long as you aren't obsessed with comparisons)

EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE GUYS that sleeps with super hot girls, including myself, is competitive and compares himself with other men. It's not a reflection of insecurity if you aren't obsessed with it.

Rather than being discouraged by it, however, they are usually encouraged because they are making progress or already 'better' than their frame of reference.

Kobe Bryant publicly compares himself with other players in the NBA, he thinks he's the best. Yet your average self-improvement "guru" would tell you that Kobe is "wrong" to do that and he is insecure and he'll never be totally successful. Bullshit. (I don't even like Kobe)

Comparing yourself the 'average guy' and the 'elite guy' is a great frame of reference. It shows you where you've been and where you need to be.

I'd rather have you thinking (and believing) that every single person is totally inferior to you than to be "unsure" or too timid to talk about where you fit in with society.

After you overtake your comparison model, you'll know it. You'll be proud of yourself for it and if you are like some of my friends- you'll let the other person know.
(seriously, some of my friends are ridiculous and are too obsessed with it- but they look great and sleep with hotter girls than 90% of guys)

tall-girlThey Are All In Good Shape
(or Look That Way)

Among the 100,000 reasons to get in good physical shape, developing a sense of entitlement is one.

All of the guys I listed look like they are in better physical shape than most guys.

Some of them, Derrick and Curtis, are actually in great shape.

Some of them, Danny and Trevor, just look like they are (go to the gym but smoke cigarettes/weed, party hard, eat shitty, etc.).

To a certain extent- even guys that are in good shape but don't yet enjoy good success with women think they are more desirable to women, simply because they have better bodies.

In most cases- it's true.

They Aren't Totally Secure
(but They Aren't Insecure With Their Appearance)

With the exception of Curtis, all of my friends I listed aren't actually TOTALLY SECURE with their looks.

These guys aren't totally secure with their looks.

At the same time- they feel they look better than 90% of guys and that they pass almost every girl's "looks threshold".

While they are all admittedly "above-average" looking, the fact that they are generally secure with their looks makes the biggest difference in their success.

In my opinion, after you "look good enough," it's simply a matter of how confident you are about your appearance. Being "better looking" probably wouldn't make a huge difference for any of these guys. They are all above-average in the looks department however.

It's Just a Game (Streaks and Slumps)

To EVERY SINGLE OF THESE GUYS, hooking up with girls-


This is not unlike how it is for the majority of "normal" (non-seduction community geek) guys that are "players".

It's a sport.

You'll go through streaks and slumps- neither are a reflection of your self-worth or even your ability.

It's simply a matter of sexual availability.

Last November- I probably talked to ~120 girls without getting laid.

3 weeks later, I hooked up with 5 chicks over about 30-40 approaches.

Of course not.

Compared to the friends I listed, I had the hardest time making trying to sleep with women "just a game".

They Have Significant and Noticeable Masculine Traits

While the above elements are mostly related to "inner game" and mindset, this one isn't really avoidable.

You'll want need significant and noticeable masculine traits if you want any sort of decent success with hot girls, let alone building a sense of entitlement to that group.

NONE OF THESE GUYS are feminine or ever get confused for gay or undersexed males.

While this is not unlike other guys that are really successful with women- I still wanted to point it out because it is certainly part of their sense of entitlement.

They Have High Status In Selective Social Circles

All of the guys listed have #1 or #2 "top dawg" status in their social circles that are made up of other masculine guys.

Other guys look up to them and know they are cooler.

I guess this is what we call a leader of men, it's true, although not all of these guys, by definition, are stereotypical Martin Luther King/Tom Brady/Tim Tebow leaders or have any desire to be.

They just live and enjoy the status.

donald-and-disney0They Have Hot Girls As Friends

As I discussed in Swag Factor, there is usually a HUGE difference between an aspiring I'm-going-get-more-pussy guy who has hot girls as friends and guys that have no hot girls as friends.

These guys have at least 100+ at least above-average looking girls as their friends.

Even though they don't hook up with the majority of these girls, simply having their presence in their lives causes a sense of entitlement.

Disney-Cartoons-Cover-Timeline-52They Get/Had Constant Positive Reinforcement and Validation

Of all these, this might be the hardest to attain.

Even after you start to "look good" or are considered "good looking," you won't really believe it until enough people tell you it's true.

All of these guys, for years, have had hot girls and high status guys giving them compliments and telling them when other girls "said you were hot."

It goes a long way.

Each piece of positive reinforcement is a building block of self-esteem and a sense of entitlement.

Help! I Don't Have a Group of Cool/Hot Friends That Feed My Ego!
(The Bare Minimum Logical Delusion)

Like I said- this is the hardest to attain.

If this is you, chances are- you will never get the quantity of positive reinforcement that these guys have had.

It might not matter.

Regardless, I have a way around it that will help you build a more-than-adequate sense of entitlement.

I call it-

'The Bare Minimum Logical Delusion'

If you've ever gotten a compliment from an attractive girl (or someone who you think is cool), chances are- there are 250,000+ people (or at least one person) that feels the SAME WAY. Opinions are not always shared but their is usually a general silent consensus among others.

Even if there isn't a consensus, chances are there is more than 1 person that feels the same way.

It works this way-

If ONE person thinks something, chances are- another person feels the same way.


For example-


It would seem that ANYTHING you've heard, seen or done- it can (and likely) happen again if you go look for it.

That's the Bare Minimum Logical Delusion.

The key is start to believe it and not just "know" it.

It can be a healthy mindset that will actually prevent you from becoming super validation seeking in a quest for security.

They Don't Feel Sorry For Themselves
 (or Bitch About Money, Circumstances, Weaknesses, etc.)

None of these guys whine or bitch about their circumstances for too long.


They all vent frustration (Curtis used to call me and complain for hours) but they usually do something about it or return to their "I'm Blessed: Life Is Good" mindset.

There's a few guys that I know in Los Angeles that hook up with a lot of super hot girls, have a good Sense of Entitlement but whine about stuff and feel sorry for themselves for weeks at a time- but they are a minority and don't usually whine about women.

This is one that has some cross-section with the total lifestyle "finer things" sense of entitlement since the whining is generally not about girls, but like I said- it's usually short-lived.

They Seek Both Pussy and Validation

One of the biggest misconceptions is that guys that seek validation can't score with a lot of hot girls.

It's simply not true.

While it's TOTALLY BETTER to NOT seek the validation of women and sometimes "The Biggest Obstacle to Overcome" for some guys, EACH ONE OF THE GUYS I listed, to some extent- seeks validation from other guys and girls.


Once your desire for pussy is more than your desire for validation- you'll get A LOT of action.


It doesn't mean that you "never" seek validation. You just don't want to be obsessed with it.

One thing I will say is- these guys all get the validation they seek.
(In 2006, I made a public pledge that I would never give Derrick a compliment again because he was always fishing for compliments)

The reason I mention this element is because I don't want you guys to think that you have to be some fucking zen-master superhero that exhibits or feels no validation-seeking desire to score the HOTTEST girls.

It's simply not true.

Curtis is the biggest fucking try-hard douchebag*, he gets laid as much as Scotty.
* sometimes (joke)

They Are All Comfortable With Being
"That Douchebag"

Speaking of douchebags, none of these guys give a shit if someone calls them a "douchebag".

I think we all understand that "douchebag" is a term of endearment" used by lower status people to vent their frustration with a guy that is cooler and gets laid more than they.

Some of them, Curtis, Trevor, myself- all relish when girls and guys call us a douchebag.

As I recently mentioned in the forum-

The part that some guys are misunderstanding (and I take the blame for this) is that ALL OF THESE GUYS (including myself) aren't actually arrogant "douchebags" that are going around being assholes and mean to people.

Just the opposite.

Average guys that barely get any ass perceive them that way. Average looking girls that know we are capable of banging more desirable girls perceive them that way.

If you look decent, have confidence, do what you want (most of the time), you'll be perceived as a douchebag.

If you are successful in life- you'll be perceived as a douchebag.

For more on this, please see-

They Aren't All A Specific "Type" of Guy
(nice guy vs. good guy vs. scumbag)

It might surprise you, but these guys don't all fit a specific profile.


Don't think that you have to be scumbag to have a real sense of entitlement.

You don't.

You just have to have authentic social and sexual confidence.

They Are All Blissfully Delusional
(and ~Always Think They Are Right)

We are all "blissfully delusional".

We think our opinions, which can change in an instant- are the RIGHT ONES.

All these guys think they are smart, all of these guys think they are intelligent and all of these guys live by "Be A Hypocrite, Not a Follower" whether they know it or not.

Sometimes it makes "getting along" with each other difficult. These guys are masculine alpha males, they should think they are RIGHT about most everything.

I know I do.

I'm not saying that all these guys always voice their opinions, never admit they are wrong, never listen or refuse to learn from a more intelligent/experienced person. They don't even come off as arrogant.

They can just be stubborn as shit and in the moment- confident in whatever they believe, no matter how ignorant it is.

They Are Delusional About How Interested Girls Are In Them

tinkerbelleSpeaking of delusions, this one is extremely helpful.

Every one of these guys is pretty much convinced that a girl wants to sleep with them if she so much as talks to them.

All of them believe that if any girl that says they're hot - wants to sleep with them.

All of them believe that if any girl makes out with them - wants to sleep with them.

All of them believe that most girls consider would dump their boyfriend - for one night with them.

I'm pretty sure you understand why this is helpful without me saying.

Since I understand sexual availability, I know that this isn't true. Most girls "like" them but they aren't necessarily looking to suck their dick at the time.

Still it's WAY BETTER than thinking they need to convince girls to like them.

They Believe They Are Better In Bed Than Other Guys

Chances are- these guys ARE actually better in bed than most guys.

They are pretty experienced.

Regardless, when we discussed this topic- every single one of them told me they are "great in bed" and they "knew" it.

Interesting enough, none of them claim to have big penis or to be concerned about "a hung guy" in a girl's past; but some (Derrick, haha) were overly curious about how girls reacted to my size.

They Are In Love With Their Best Feature

I have a crutch, it's in my pants.I have a crutch, it's in my pants.

I first discussed "best feature" in this article.

Basically- you turn yourself on by focusing on your (or her) best feature.

Works good.

Each of my friends has a "best feature" that they consider to be AMAZING and convinced that NOBODY has better.

Whether we are right or wrong, it doesn't matter- it pays dividends when talking to the hottest girls.

Whatever your "best feature" is, MAX it out and fall IN LOVE with it.

Don't worry if some geeky self-improvement guru tells you that your best feature is a "crutch".

Even if was a crutch, you should have all the crutches you can have if they get you laid.

They Have Experience

This will be a work in progress.

It's not a switch you can flip on and have it be totally authentic.


The good news is- you will build a sense of entitlement WHILE you are gaining experience and as you reflect on your experiences after.

You DON'T need a shitload of sexual experience to make a significant stride toward building a sense of entitlement. Some people might just need ONE extended emotional and sexual experience with ONE popular hot girl before they are able to have an adequate sense of entitlement that can land them girls that are equally or slightly more hot.

I developed an unbreakable sense of entitlement from dating the runner-up Ms. Teen Maryland (Samantha Redmond) after the senior year of high school. She dumped me in about 2 weeks but I felt like I would eventually land the hottest of the hot girls. It would take me another 10 years to meet those standards but my sense of entitlement was undeniable.

You just need some and the ability to form positive interpretations.

They Will Sleep With Average/Above-Average Girls While Looking To Upgrade

All of my friends that I consulted for help in writing this article, with the exception of Derrick, they always always sleeping with a girl (or 3).

A lot of times, at least one of those girls does not fulfill their high-standards. Rather than turning the girl down, they sleep with her while also making a point of meeting other women in the process. It works great for them because they feel they have nothing to lose since they are already getting laid a ton.

As most of you know, when I FINALLY started getting a lot of action (toward the end of 2008)- I had built up a "rotation" of 3 fuckbuddies, most of whom I met at the end of the summer in Los Angeles. My sexual neediness was NONE. My desire to meet (and work on) girl was NONE. My approach anxiety was NONE.

Needless to say- REAL RESULTS started happening.

Had I ditched my slightly above-average looking fuckbuddies, I probably never would have gotten the quick results that kept motivated to continue "picking up girls" after my year in the Brad P. program was done. I even did the "100 Approaches, Basic Guy Game" during that period of time.

From that point (it was the beginning) for about 10 months (before I started to work more), it was the most significant period of my development as a man. Arguably the most significant period of my life.

Arguably, if it weren't for Molly, Sharon (pronounced- Share-rown; Israeli hairstylist) and another girl who became my on-again-off-again girlfriend- Good Looking Loser and everything I talk about would never exist.

I was very close to quitting entirely.

Having really high standards and a sense of entitlement can prevent you from having a good, regular, healthy sex life.

It did to me for 10years.

girls-cartoons* Some Them Hold Significant Leverage

I decided to add this one in even though it is not true of all of my friends.

Some of these guys retain girls because they hold significant social/professional/status/lifestyle leverage over the girls they are fucking. It's not clear to me if the girls know this before they sleep with them however.

For example-

Trevor has an elite position with a financial company. He is somewhat in charge of the hiring process and certainly holds influence and power over the firing process. From my understanding- anyone (especially younger employees) that want to get anywhere in the organization need his approval. It's not surprising that he fucks a lot of the interns and entry-level employees.

He says he's reasonable, never promising them anything and usually not requiring them to continue sleeping with him (that would be unethical and against company policy). He claims that girls don't really have a problem with this (not that they'd tell him) because he's a cool attractive guy and very few of the girls turn him down or given any sort of resistance.

He told me-

"It's not like I'm some old creep that takes them in bathroom and unzips my pants. I take them out to dinner, pay for it and we come back to my place for a few drinks. They know what they are getting themselves into and if they want to leave or hold off on sex, I'm cool with that."


The extent of this dynamic, I don't really know however.


Whether you think that is ethical or not, please remember- I'm not here to tell you lies and simply "inspire" you. I'm here to tell you about how legit guys get it done. I'm here to tell you about REAL shit and what goes on in the world.

While some moralists/you-have-to-cold-approach-girls-for-it-to-count guys will say that "Trevor is cheating," the amount of girls that come from his workplace probably makes up 10-20% of the girls his fucks all year.

I know Trevor to be truthful and believe when he tells me that only 6 of 31 girls he fucked in 2012 were via this dynamic and he is not on bad terms with any of them. He's ALWAYS with a new girl and that's actually how I met him in college.

Another example is Danny.

He's from a wealthy family and he has (had?) the ability to take girls to private islands on weekends. The temporary lifestyle he can provide them is so much better than his competition. While this type of think attracts "gold diggers," Danny just stops talking to them whenever he wants. Girls know if they break up with him- no more vacations and free rides, it's back to the 1.5 bedroom apartment.

A lesser example is myself.

Most girls know that I'm pretty connected in Los Angeles. Even though I ONLY offer to help their social/professional standing AFTER we have been sleeping together for months- they lose any [potential] benefits by cutting off a relationship with me. While that sounds significant, the reality is- most of the girls I hook up with aren't really expecting me to open doors for them (so many guys promise these hot girls things) or have any huge desire for immediate help. Not even the actresses or aspiring musicians- whom I actually could help out.

Derrick and Curtis don't hold significant financial/lifestyle leverage in my opinion (sorry guys).

Both of them retain the hottest girls without it.


So there you have it.

We'll discuss how to build a sense of entitlement in the near future. Certainly you probably have a few ideas after reading this. This is definitely something takes a little while to develop, with experience being the greatest catalyst. So it's good if you get started while you are in your teens or early 20's.

As always, if you have questions or comments, hit me up below-
(the best place for immediate feedback and answers is always in our forum)