Be A Douchebag

Hey guys, it's been way too long since I posted new material on, I've been really busy and working other areas of (AA Program). Things are settling down and I'll be back to posting one new discussion every ~10 days. I'm waiting until I get back home to post the other footage of Scotty since my laptop is an old Mac Book and the computer inside is even older, it doesn't support the software that I use to link to merge the videos, make the captions, watermark, etc.

This post is a long time in waiting. Perhaps it will pull together some things for some guys.

On the forum the other day, "Dickie" blessed us with one sentence of Sun-Tzu-esque prophetic insight-

"For every guy who looks at your style and thinks you're a douchebag, there is a chick thinking that you are sexy."

It's true.

The quote reaches far beyond style (the topic at hand) and can basically apply to every aspect of your looks, style, social freedom, character, lifestyle, vibe, etc. etc.

I'm telling you- BE THAT DOUCHEBAG.

It's worked fine for and EVERY single guy I know (in and out of Los Angeles) that bangs a lot of top-shelf chicks.

Nobody mistakes them for "nice guys," not their haters (average nice guys that don't get pussy) and more importantly- not the girls they wake up in their bed the following morning.

If you are being called a "douchebag," no matter how big of a loser the source is, you are on the right track.

If you aren't, work on that.

Chances are you aren't making enough of an impact yet. If average guys are mistaking you for one of them, chances are everyone else is. We've gotta work on that.

mr  douchebag

"Be That Douchebag"

When I first got started with this stuff back in 2008, some the best advice I got came from "Jake P".
Jake told me- "BE THAT DOUCHEBAG, YOU HAVE IT IN YOU." when he saw that I was getting sidetracked by all the guys just silently staring at me while I was talking to some girls.

Though I was hardly much of a douchebag at time and my approach to stuff is probably 180 degrees different than the community stuff I used to do in 2008, I got the proverbial "green light" to BE THAT DOUCHEBAG. I needed to hear that, I respect Jake because he is one of the few guys (there's maybe 3 or 4) in the entire seduction community that actually gets pussy.

The amount of changes I've made since the "PUA" days is staggering, but that moment stands out.

It wasn't until early 2010 when it really sunk in and not surprisingly my results went way up.

Now I can't go 24 hours without someone reminding me that I'm a douchebag.

In all seriousness, in any single day-

I probably get called a "douchebag" either behind my back or on the Internet more than a hot girl gets called "Hot."

I've earned it though.






On the "Teen Girl" video that went semi-viral (one old youtube channel), there were at least 50 comments guys calling me a douchebag. Probably 150 if we count the Reddit page and the thread.

It shows me how far I've come.

I never hear things like "he'd make the best boyfriend," "he's such a nice guy," or "he's a funny guy," anymore.

More importantly- I never hear things like, "he's a pussy."

So if you wondering what you are supposed to be, act like, look like and even SMELL like to the average person, think of one word- DOUCHEBAG.

If you need permission to or want to know if you are on the right track, here it is-


Scientific Proof

Despite my obvious "douchebag" appearance, I'm actually quite smart (telling you fits the character).

I explained this on my Law School application to the University of California-Davis, the University of Southern California and also to Fordham.

In an effort to consolidate the best sexually active douchebag minds on the Internet and gain credibly with lesser intelligent scumbags (that also enjoy a plethora of domestic and foreign pussy), I like to post excerpts from clinical studies.

This one is quite easy to understand-

"Douchebags Eat Hot Pussy" Journal Experimental and Applied Douchebagary; 2011 GoodLookingLoser, et al.


These guys look ridiculous, but they probably get more cunt than the average guy.

What the Fuck is a Douchebag Anyway?

The word "douchebag" is used so often by Nice Guys it that now has so many definitions.

It's more overused by Nice Guys than the word "Slut."

What's more, it's used inappropriately most of the time.

Lets consult a respectable source, like Urban Dictionary, for a [concise] definition-

Since Urban Dictionary has 10,000 different definitions, lets take a look at OSD-

"a derogatory term, used most often to describe males; a jerk, an asshole."


While our definitions will vary, I feel this definition is probably the most accurate of what 'douchebag' is actually supposed to mean. It's certainly not a bad thing.

It's certainly better than "nice guy," "pussy," "insignificant" or "dork."

Again, it's been twisted all over the place by bitter, jealous, nice guys that use it to describe anyone that stands out, has more status and gets more pussy than they.

Characteristics and Behaviors of Douchebags

  1. Isn't a complete loser.
  2. Knows he isn't a complete loser.
  3. Isn't a complete pushover.
  4. Gets pussy.
  5. Knows he gets pussy.
  6. Has an intelligent side.
  7. Has an unintelligent (bro) side.
  8. Has any tattoos.
  9. Has any piercings.
  10. Wears any accessories.
  11. Works out (superficial, narcissistic behavior).
  12. Talks to people he doesn't know.
  13. Dresses to stand out.
  14. Speaks loudly.
  15. Has a picture on Facebook where he isn't wearing a shirt.
  16. Knows how to dance.
  17. Looks in the mirror more than 0 times a day.
  18. Doesn't know how to dance but at least tries to so he isn't standing on the side.
  19. Has opinions and will share them.
  20. Is in love with his dick.
  21. Refers to girls as "chicks" in a non-demeaning way.
  22. Laughs at feminists because they are girls and can't get pussy.
  23. Visits
  24. etc. etc.

The term is so overused, anyone who has one or more of these characteristics/behaviors can be called a douchebag.

Your job to adopt and engage in as many of these non-Nice Guy characteristics and behaviors as possible.

fun fact: Before I bought the domain I considered getting

Top Douchebags

The term is definitely connected with status.

If you put ANY male celebrity's name in Google and add the word "douchebag," there will be countless numbers of average people giving their average opinion on why the individual is a douchebag. See the trend?

This website lets average people express themselves and rank their favorite douchebags.

Kim K An Organic Kardashian Butt Hair Would Go For Several Thousand Dollars on eBay.

Barack Obama, Douchebag
George W. Bush, Douchebag
Brad Pitt, Douchebag,
Bill Gates, Douchebag
Johnny Deep, Douchebag
Kayne West, Douchebag
Kim Kardashian, Douchebag
Donald Trump, Douchebag
Madonna, Douchebag/Whore
Mel Gibson, Douchebag
Justin Bieber, Douchebag
Jesus Christ, Douchebag
Tim Tebow, Douchebag
Cam Newton, Douchebag
Tom Brady, Douchebag
Tiger Woods, Douchebag
Chris Brown, Douchebag
Jay Cutler (Quarterback, Chicago Bears), Huge Douchebag

At the end of the day, each one of these people could sell one of their pubic hairs and make money than the average nice guy does in a week.

They also don't have much trouble getting pussy.

Meet Bob. Bob is smart. But Bob doesn't get why girls like jerks. There's a lot that Bob doesn't get.

The Douchebag Misnomer

The truth is, the hundreds of thousands of men (and handful of women) that have been called "douchebag," aren't actually douchebags (a jerk, an asshole), per definition. They aren't jerks or asshole.

They are just higher status than their accusers and usually not neutered complete Nice Guy pussies.

Since term is so overused, in my professional opinion, it means basically nothing other than that when heard socially.

The guys that are most often accused of being "douchebags" are generally just confident guys that get pussy and aren't scared to stand out. Some aren't even that confident and don't actually tag that much pussy, they just stand out (me 1982-2008).

Rarely is a douchebag actually a loser that gets no pussy and doesn't have friends. Socially, it's usually an endearing term.

Perception is reality.

You can use the perception to your advantage, even if you aren't actually a douche.

Don't fight it. Lets the nice guys call you that and play into it from time-to-time. It's not bad.



Like "pick up" or "being a player," being a Douchebag is you ARE, not something to "DO".

One guy from the Reddit crowd actually contacted me after watching the "douchebag" video of me scooping up that cute teeny girl. He was blown away by the website and the stuff the guys talked about here. He told me it was a complete breakthrough that shattered his universe, this was his initial reaction-

As usual, you are welcome to comment on this and ask questions.

Later this week look out for the fresh footage of Scotty being a douchebag [aggressively picking up girls] in streets of NYC.

Until then:

~Screen that pussy

~Be that douchebag

you have our permission.