B+ is Good Enough

As a "self-improvement guru" (that's what I told the IRS I am), I'm always supposed encourage guys to be the best they can be (MAX OUT).

Reach for the stars.

Big dream.

Be your very best self.

While that is certainly ideal, one of my slight knocks on just about all self-improvement communities is that it's often slightly exaggerated just how good you need to be.

At some point it's less about "learning", "improving" or "working on yourself" and simply just enjoying yourself (and repeating the benefits of your hard work). The positive experiences alone will lead to improvements.

Truth is, at least when it comes to nailing a lot of HOT girls, you just need to have 'above-average' fundamentals.

That means-

You need to be a decent looking guy, with above-average sex appeal (looks & style) who can talk to women and cool enough to be seen with/meet her friends.

And This is just with the hotter girls. You don't have to have all these things together for girls that don't have these attributes either.

The interesting thing is - very few guys are above-average in all these categories.

In fact, it's very rare.above_average_joe

Even if you aren't "Top 10%" in any ONE category, if you are above-average in all of them, you easily qualify as a Top 10% guy.

Like I said, it's pretty rare.

Most guys are skinny-fat (or slightly overweight), dress like they haven't had sex in years and can't talk to girls.

0 for 3.

Some guys have 1 of these attributes.

Few guys have more than 1.

As I explain a bit in this post - there a lot of guys that are "elite" but they don't believe it, so they behave like they aren't and don't have a solid sense of entitlement. The result is underachievement.

I've been there. Perhaps that was my biggest problem.

Elite guy on paper, average self-esteem.

I want you to give some consideration to that.

Maybe it's time to start getting loads of pussy instead of improving yourself.
(you'll improve yourself in the process)

That was one of the main reasons you wanted to improve yourself in the first place.

"You have to be a 10, to get a 10!"

A few months ago, on a different community, an enthusiastic guy was explaining what Good Looking Loser was all about (sorry no link).

He made some great points but he somewhat misrepresented our views on this issue.

He said (something to the effect of)-

"Good Looking Loser knows - to get the 10's, you got to be a 10."

I appreciate the enthusiasm but that's not quite true.

You don't have to be a "10" to nail the hottest girls.

You need to be above-average.
(so few guys are above-average at the ALL of mentioned fundamentals, so arguably a guy who is - is a "10 or a top 10% guy")

The vast majority of my friends (there are very few) that sleep with 20-25 quality girls a year are hardly "10's", some of them are average in some (usually just one) area of their fundamentals.

  • A lot of them don't have shredded abs (but they aren't overweight though)
  • A lot of them don't dress to stand out. (but they don't look like shit)
  • A lot of them are pretty timid until they slam down a few drinks. (but they get moving once they do)
  • A lot of them keep talking to girls when the girls are ALREADY DTF. (but they eventually move things along)
  • A lot of them don't believe they are elite. (but they don't have low self-esteem)
  • A lot of them don't even have jobs. (but they don't give a shit)
  • A lot of them have no ambition whatsoever. (but they don't give a shit)

(again it's usually just ONE of these)

Being a "10" or an "elite guy" plays a greater factor in retaining hot fuckbuddies and relationships, but not in having a quick fling with a hot chick that is looking for just that.

Trust me on this.Boxing
(Okay Chris...)

When I was getting the most results (and dedicating the the most time to) with hot girls, I had no job, had a little more body fat an I'd like and didn't have "total" social freedom.
(read my life story)

When Scotty was plowing 2 or 3 girls a week, he was living at home and hardly concerned about having a "career".

What we were is-


I was "hotter" in my early 20's but I was too scared to hit on girls.
"Good Looking Loser" is a reference to that period

I'm not as cute now but I'm able to hit on girls so I can get them.

I don't want you to think that I'm trying to pretend I'm the 'average guy' I'm not, far from.

Reach for the stars but realize that above-average will do, at least in terms of having a great sex life with quality women.

So Now What?

Hopefully reading this (and hopefully coming to believe it) will be a relief.

You don't have to be Superman.

In fact, Superman probably spends too much time being/staying Superman.

If you are average or below with one of your fundementals (looks, style, social freedom)- work on that.

In fact, shoot to MAX that out.

If it's your weakness, try to make it your strength.

Obsess over it. Work on it EVERY DAY. Make it your #1 goal and #1 priority.

Jeet Kune DoMake sure you define success before you chase it.

Maybe it will become your strength, maybe not.


If it's above-average, you'll be just fine.

You just need to believe it.