Mr. New Guy

This is a slightly more official writeup of an old post and video in our fourm and a video I made for one of the original members (who lost his V-card last summer with some help from us).

This is an extensive topic and I won't even attempt to cover it all on this page.

In the future- we will certainly discuss how to make friends. Unfortunately, the blog can only move so fast if we are going to give you quality information, so some subjects are less of a priority. I want to give you what I got, it will help some guys in the meantime. Believe me, my discussions on college and making cool friends will be bomb. The best stuff on the Internet like most of other stuff.



As mentioned in "About Good Looking Loser," I've lived in 9 different cities for periods of at least 6 months. I'd also spent some summers (usually periods of ~3 months) in a few different cities too. I have lived in all 4 corners of the United States.

Even before I got good at meeting women and having sex with them, I always was able to make friends with random girls. Often very pretty girls, who probably wanted to sleep with me, but I was too busy telling them my life story.

I transferred colleges several times and often found myself starting over in cities where I knew virtually no one.

In some situations, I put together/was invited into a social circle of cute girls (and some cool guys) in as little as 3-4 days (San Diego, Law School orientation) and in other situations I found myself alone in the gym at 11:35 pm on a Friday night, daydreaming of the life I was "going to have" once I had a pretty body.

I also learned a lot from moving to a city (Los Angeles) where there was no college community waiting for me.

The 'method' I suggest to make friends with random girls, I call-

"The New Guy"

... because that's what I was, every 1 or 2 years it seemed.

This type of thing also resembles what we call "basic guy game," easy techniques that just about anyone without moderate social anxiety can do. There's an element of screening in it as well.

But again, this discussion is to solely make friends with girls.

For more information about social skills, including live audios of me putting together a Hollywood Hills house party of 60+ girls, check this section out.

Why Have Girls As Friends?
(or Friends at All?)

I can see the majority of you guys, who aren't socially retarded, rolling your eyes.

Just give me a second, I'll be short.

Thanks to the authorities around the seduction community who don't have a lot (or ANY) cool friends that aren't Internet marketers that dress up like pick up artists, simply 'having social skills' isn't emphasized.

In fact, methinks- it's substantially minimized by so often suggesting that guys commit suicide rather than end up in a girl's 'friend zone'.

The net result is-

The same as they were when started.
(often worse)

Although we like to lump this entire concept into the 2 words- "Social Skills," the issue, necessity and effects are rather complex.

I dig into it in "Swag Factor", one of the most important posts on this entire site.

If nothing else, it is important to have girls as friends because your social skills will otherwise erode and not develop.

There's about 500+ reasons- including, a having a strong sense of self-worth, sense of entitlement, understanding the female psyche (no an eBook can't teach you that), being able to relate/sympathize to girls on issues such as popular culture, fashion trends and their own sexually.

I've never met a guy that had ZERO female friends that was a normal person or had much of a sex life.

Video - The New Guy
(again- the video is kinda raw, it's got good stuff but you'll have to do/think of 'your version' of Mr. New Guy)
I haven't done this stuff since 2009, I have enough friends.
Enjoy [Good Looking] Losers.

Table of Contents
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Basic Concept

You're the ENTHUSIASTIC new guy.

And Most reasonable humans (especially cool/nice girls) treat the new guy nicely.

He's new in town. A baby.

You wouldn't be mean to a baby.

It's acceptable for the new guy to ask basic questions. How else will he find his way around?

It's a good deed to help the new guy, maybe point him in the right direction, make his life a little easier.
Maybe Jesus, Allah, Buddah will hook you up with some drugs or you'll win a subscription to Dollar Shave Club.

It's not cool to be impolite to the new guy, how would you like it if you were new and someone was rude to you?
God frowns upon people that are mean to the new guy, the afterlife certainly doesn't not contain any people that were rude to the new guy. There is a LAKE OF FIRE for people like that.

Mr. New Guy doesn't have many/any friends, but he's not necessarily a fucking loser- he's just new.In fact, Mr. Social New Guy will have a lot of friends. Probably more friends than most people.

hint: People that aren't nice to the new guy ARE FUCKING WEIRDOS. YOU DON'T WANT ANY PART OF THEM.

Unless you are Mr. Super Creepy New Guy, the only way that people will appear impolite to the new guy is if-

* in which case- eventually a confident, but not necessarily hot, girl will relentlessly befriend you and introduce you to ALL of her friends while secretly "claiming" you.


Whether you are actually NEW or not, cherish your time as 'The New Guy'.

For some of you- it'll be the only time society cuts you a fucking break. (joke, sorta)

The rest is in the video, use the table of contents to find the parts you want to listen to.

Since this was a video for a specific GLL guy, it's not super organized (that's what the table of contents is for). I did it off the top of my head.

I still think it's really good.

So do you guys-


We'll expand on this further another time.

(honestly- now 99% of you don't have any excuses to have ZERO friends)