Asking Girls on a Date

I think everyone should be able to do this before they try any aggressive stuff.

Seriously, no screening, no thinking, no nothing before you can do this reasonably well.

If you CAN'T do it- hit up the AA program. You'll be able to do it with ease in 1 or 2 months.

Obviously is more about Getting Laid than "meeting women" or anything to do with dating.

That isn't about to change.

Sometime next year we'll talk about relationships and approaches to "normal guy" dating.

Couple of teenagers

Sometimes, however, I feel that guys can develop faster (and get better results) doing the "basic guy" stuff because it requires very little thought and it prevents long interactions which can be hard if you lack social freedom or basic social skills.

There's a lot of guys out there that haven't been on a date with a girl in years.

The solution they are given and most intrigued by is to try and pick up random girls and take them home to fuck them. If you haven't been on a date in years, picking up a hot girl and having the social courage and killer instinct to take her back your place is almost out of the question.

You'd be better off easing into things, doing some online dating and either the AA program or just doing what I describe below over and over.

Otherwise you may get discouraged and "quit".

I've seen it happen about 10,000 times.

If you want to go on a date with a random girl, I'll give you a method that literally requires NO THOUGHT and only limited social skills.

Eventually, with practice and a cool life, your social skills will improve, but it's no reason not to try and ask a girl out.

If you do this enough times on Friday and Saturday afternoon, there's no reason that you should be spending the night alone. While you might attract girls that are looking for boyfriends, it's better than sitting at home in denial.

My "lets go on a date" method is very much like a kid would do in high school.

Like any other "game", it will eventually work if you look equally good or better than the girl you are talking to.

After this, there's no excuse to not have a few girls in your life.

If this doesn't work- you have major changes to make in your fundamentals.

Couple in café

Even guys with approach anxiety will be able to use this approach and possibly Get Laid in the near future.

Even if this is a bit hard at first- most guys can get pretty comfortable when they are 1 on 1 with a girl on a date, even though they might have been scared to approach her initially. I know I was like that when I started.

Keep in mind, even though this approach is quite "nice guy" and appeals more to girls that looking for slower relationships, there's no guarantee that the girl isn't DTF.

This method arguably moves quicker than PUA, other approaches that advocate "working on" the girl.

I did this exact thing last weekend when I started these audios and I slept with a very very pretty Spanish girl the following night.

Some girls get really excited over this type of thing and find it quite romantic. So who knows what will happen?

Asking the Girl Out on a Date "Game"

Here is how it goes-

From what I've seen, and from what Mark (the ADMIN in the forum, he's done this 400+ times) and other friends have told me, the flake rate is significantly less if you make plans in-person for THAT SAME NIGHT. Don't be loose about the time/date.

Not always, but insisting on "TONIGHT" (or within 24 hours) part generally forces them in or out.

I suggest you try for the SAME NIGHT, but the following day (if you or girl already has plans) can work too.

You can keep the actual plan (where to meet up, what to do) pretty "loose" but the time/date should already be set.

If she commits, it can help to tell her what's going to happen and get a 2nd "yes"-

Couple in the BarThere's not many single (and looking) girls that will turn this down if you look decent and cool. It's an exciting low-risk offer for them.

Sometimes, if they are busy, while still in-person, they will try and pick another time/date.

It's up to you if you are willing to reschedule.

If you don't have many girls in your life. I suggest you do so since it's clear they like you.

Don't play "hard to get" on a girl that ALREADY LIKES YOU like some socially retarded pick up artist.

You don't have to act like you won the lottery, just pretend you're a normal human.

Set up plans and try to hook up with her.

If you have some weird insecurity about "if I ask the girl out on the SAME NIGHT, does it look needy?"

then say this-

"Hey I was supposed to pick up my friend at the airport tonight but his flight got cancelled. I usually never have a night open. I know it's last minute but- DO YOU WANT TO GO OUT/ON A DATE TONIGHT?"

You can Get Laid 25+ times a year just doing this.

How do I know?

My 2 friends (twin brothers) from New York (now in LA) do exactly this and they easily surpass 25 girls every year and have for many years.


Live Audios

These approaches were mainly to get some quality audios.

I only followed up with one of the girls, so I don't know who was IN and who wasn't.

I talked to 10 or 11 girls with this approach, here are the "successful" ones-

Maria (this was the girl from last weekend) - Yes on the date.

Hot girl. I got eye contact a few times from this girl and winked at her two times. That was obviously part of why she was so warm right away. She's a cool girl too and we hit it off. Since I look pretty "ethnic" I tend to hit it off with Latina/Spanish girls that like me. They are quick to say if they find me attractive, moreso than other girls.

Valerie (graduate student) - Yes on the date.

Slightly above average looking girl. This girl had about 6 huge textbooks and 30 pages of notes. She is a graduate student at USC. Not my 'type' of girl (you'll see what I mean).

Mariana (Polish Girl, International Student) - Yes on the date.

Average looking girl. I tend to make fun of girls with accents, I talk to them like they are babies. I don't know why. It doesn't have any effect on this interaction since she didn't realize it.

Ellie (British Who Knows, Another International Student) - Yes on the date.

Slightly above average looking girl, intimidating look that I dig. Probably looks mad hot when she dresses up. It occurred to me that a lot of students study/look for books here. Haha, funny part is- she had 2 pounds of makeup on and I told her she is 'naturally pretty', girls like her love to hear that.

Update 8/3: I think this was the girl that worked at the place would might have seen me doing this, I'm not sure. I looked at her weird when she said "comrades" because that's not a British term.

N/A -- this one was bullshit, the girl played me... haha

Saiyoun (Asian Girl, Another Student) - Yes on the date.

I'm not into Asian girls, but this is the 'type' that considered to be pretty hot by guys that are into light-skinned Asian girls. She was way more talkative than I thought she'd be - it's seems like she gets asked out a lot. But who knows. I sit down and talk to her (as I've done with all these girls).