Myths About Anabolic Steroids

By: Good Looking Loser

This is the second installment in our 3-part series on "25 Myths About Anabolic Steroids".

We originally were just going to list 10 myths.

That list (Part 1), written by DC7 (the lead moderator in our Fitness Forum) quickly turned into 25.

We want to make this one of the very best resources on the Internet for newbies to learn about performance enhancing drugs from other slightly older guys that have been there.

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The list continues...

#11 You can't do anything to prevent your balls from shrinking.

Speak to your doctor/endocrinology about this one.

Do not buy it from an online pharmacy.

Part 1 debunked the barely-still-breathing myth about how steroids can shrink your penis - the same holds true for your balls.

Under normal circumstances - if you use exogenous testosterone/hormones (steroids), your normal production of testosterone will be temporarily halted.

When your body sees that it is getting testosterone from an external source - it will shut down your natural production - causing your testes to become inactive and to usually shrink in size.

There's a way around this - you can use steroids and keep your normal testosterone and sperm count flowing.

The compound that does just that is called HCG.
(we are talking about INJECTABLE HCG - not fake oral bullshit like HCG "drops")

Speak to your doctor about it. Do not order it from an online pharmacy. 

Basically, it signals to your brain to tell your balls to produce testosterone, sperm and all the other hormones that you would naturally produce.

The "on-cycle" (and HRT) dose is usually 250ius every 3 days (or before and on the days of HRT injection) or similar.

This protocol was originally proposed by endocrinologist Dr. John Crisler, known in the bodybuilding community as "Swale".

Intelligent bodybuilders have followed this on-cycle protocol for over a decade. Most people will find that their balls are significantly bigger, hang lower and produce significantly more semen than they normally would.

My doctor and I have followed a similar protocol for the past 8 years. I've had absolutely no shrinkage and if anything - my balls (and testosterone production) are noticeably bigger (adult pictures) than a decade ago.

Prior to Swale's protocol, HCG was only used to "kickstart" testosterone produce after a cycle had concluded - the user would use 5000iu dose, followed by a 3000iu dose and then a 1500iu dose over a 7-10 day period to wake their balls up. These are MASSIVE doses and they are no longer recommended because large doses can mess with your body's ability to resume normal production. It is way better (and easier) to prevent testicular shutdown from happening the first place than to try and revive sleeping testicles.

We will profile this compound from HEAD to TOE; it is super useful to bodybuilders, adult film actors and guys who are just on HRT.

HCG is one of my very favorite compounds and I have some once-in-a-lifetime stories from the "results" of the compound on my sex life and the lives of a few friends I played hockey with. Like I said - it significantly increases your testicle size, sperm count, sex drive and the amount of cum that ends up in the back of a female's throat and tummy.

Until then, just use your imagination...

* Although injectable HCG is awesome - the "HCG Diet" (the starvation diet - is dangerous and awful).

For more information, check out -


#12 You can get just as big, fast and strong without steroids.
(it will just take you longer)

One talking point that the uninformed "au naturale" crowd uses is -

"Using steroids is cheating,"
"You can get just as big, fast and strong as a steroid user - but it will just take you longer."


This is incorrect.

Anabolic steroids will take you BEYOND your genetic potential in muscle size, athletic ability and strength numbers.

The anti-steroid crowd loves to cling to this scientifically invalid argument to explain why "steroids is cheating".

I would never have benched 225 x 28 times (and squatted 455 x 25, nearly to the ground - my best lift by far) without steroids - even if I had a Olympic training facility, world class strength coach, a perfect diet, 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night and the best supplements in the world for 15 years.

Steroids change what is humanly possible.

Giant Football player

#13 You will just "lose everything" after your cycle.
(so it's completely pointless to take steroids)

This one is popular too.

Ironically, this is the reverse argument of also popular #7 from Part I -

"You can take steroids once and you’re jacked for the rest of your life."


The truth is never so black or white.

Neither are true.

Anabolic steroids will take you (very quickly) to your genetic potential.

Any lean body mass that you have gained BEYOND your genetic potential will eventually catabolize if you do not maintain it by increasing your natural hormonal profile.

Like DC7 said, the rate at which the "chemical muscle" (lean body mass beyond your genetic potential) disappears is based on your genetics, normal testosterone/HGH output, physical activity, diet and about 100 other factors.

While you can't hope to retain 100% of the lean body mass you gain, it's simply NOT TRUE that you will "lose everything" when you come off.

The good news is - once you gain the muscle (regardless if it's beyond your genetic potential) you will have the "muscle memory" to recover it very quickly from training if your hormonal profile allows.

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#14 Steroids don't work.

This one is silly.

In the 1980's, however, anti-drug programs in the United States such as D.A.R.E. took this exact party line and relentlessly insisted that "Steroids don't work," "... and it's completely pointless to take them."

Sure enough, like any anti-drug campaign run by America's least brilliant minds who rely on falsehoods for their propaganda - curious teenagers tried them anyway and found otherwise.

The anti-steroid misinformation in the media and government's crusade against doctors that prescribe steroids has set science back 25 years.

In 30 years, your children's children will learn that steroids aren't "bad" (if administered under proper circumstances) and have far reaching medical value.

For the record - I DO NOT believe developing teenagers have any business using steroids.


#15 Only competitive bodybuilders and athletes use steroids.

As we mentioned in Part I, competitive (professional) bodybuilders and athletes only represent a small percentage of anabolic steroid users.

Steroid use is a lot more widespread than most realize. cites a Belgian study in which 1 in 4 gym-goers was using some type of steroidal compound that elevated their hormones to super-physiological levels.
(shouldn't 1 in 4 people be dropping dead from steroid use?)

While '1 in 4' (75%) seems a bit much, in my opinion - it all depends on which gym (or "fitness center") that you train at.

At some "hardcore" gyms, I'd be surprised if anything less than 100% of the people were using steroids.

My Estimations

Among "gym-going" males (78-35 years old), I wouldn't be surprised if '1 in 10' uses anabolic steroids or their precursors (prohormones).

While '1 in 10' might seem like a lot too - keep in mind that the vast majority of males (78-35 years old) don't have gym memberships and live a completely sedentary lifestyle.

That number would drop to '1 in 33' (7% or 3 out of 100) if we were to consider inactive males as part of the estimation.

The actual number is difficult to estimate, even the National Institute on Drug Abuse concedes that they really have no idea - but believe the percentage lies between 1 and 6%.

While 1-6% (or my estimation of 3%, made before I read any research) is hardly the "epidemic" as was presented in the media a few years ago - it's hardly as obscure as some people think.

Plenty of people use steroids.

If they have no prior health ailments and use them responsibly - they will be completely fine.

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#16 Steroids can and will rot your liver.

If you read Part I, you should know that injectable steroids are less dangerous than oral steroids because they enter the bloodstream without passing through/by the liver.

Injectable steroids, with less than a handful of exceptions, have absolutely no effect on your liver.

Oral steroids, like we mentioned, do affect the liver to some degree.

The people that have liver issues often have 1 or more of these issues-

  1. They had prior liver dysfunction that they did not know about.
  2. They irresponsibly combined oral steroids with other compounds that affect liver values (alcohol, acetaminophen (Tylenol), large doses of other oral steroids, etc).
  3. They irresponsibly used high doses of oral steroids for long periods of time (in excess of 3 months)

Mr. Tampa, the guy I trained with in college, considered this issue so overblown that he laughed at the idea of using dietary supplements to "protect" the liver - even when taking large doses of multiple orals.

I tend to agree, even though I have never taken more than one oral steroid at a time.

The ONLY supplement that I think might be worth taking to help your liver out is NAC (N-acetyl Cysteine). The same compound that emergency rooms give patients that overdose on acetaminophen (Tylenol).

The Thick man

#17 Steroids are a gateway drug to heroin and methamphetamine.

Although not as much as marijuana, critics have always tried to present anabolic steroid use as a "recreational gateway drug" that will lead to the user to desire more hardcore drugs.

The image presented suggests that bodybuilders will eventually trade testosterone for heroin and gather in small groups under a highway to repeatedly inject each other with a shared needle in their bulging veins.
(steroids are injected into muscle tissue because it is oil-based - heroin is injected into a vein)

This is obviously more ridiculous garbage.

The lifestyle of a committed bodybuilder and a committed junkie could not be more different.

The "feeling" and psychological effects are quite different too.

Anabolic steroids can perpetually deliver a sense of well-being (similar to exercising without steroids) but this state is nothing even close to an acute euphoric high that most other hardcore drugs provide.

I argue that steroid use (and the bodybuilding lifestyle) has been more of a savior than a gateway to drug addicts.

The new healthy lifestyle offers structure, goal setting, physical challenges, natural endorphin release and the 'sense of well-being' that being on super-physiological levels of testosterone offers. Most find they have very little motivation to get high and interrupt their highly active natural endorphins.

Bodybuilding has saved hundreds of thousands of obsessive, genetically prone addicts from returning to their former hardcore self-destructive habits.

There's so many stories of this -

The "fact" that bodybuilders share needles is a complete myth too. To a non-junkie, sharing a needle is akin to sharing a condom - that has already been inside a highly-active asshole that shits 3 times a day.

Despite what the media suggests - Anabolic steroids are not injected in veins. Despite what the media suggests - Anabolic steroids are not injected in veins.

#18 Steroids are harmless and anyone/everyone should use them.

Advocates of the anabolic lifestyle often present steroids as the polar opposite to the mainstream media's horror story and unintentionally suggest that steroids are for everyone.

They aren't.

Steroids are only for healthy, responsible males (by default, usually 21+) that have already experienced puberty and have fully grown bones, muscle and dick.

They are not for women, children or teenagers.

Introducing exogenous testosterone (and its derivatives) to maturing boys will STOP their natural bone growth and cause their growth plates to close.
(most people think that increased estrogen from anabolic steroids, rather than testosterone, is the catalyst growth plate closure)

Most guys under 21 years old are not responsible enough to run a cycle correctly and will likely lose the vast majority of their gains afterward since they are simply too irresponsible.

Furthermore - I believe that EVERYONE should train naturally for AT LEAST 18 months while eating a diet of at least 200 grams of protein and healthful amounts fats/carbohydrates tailored to their goals to exhaust 80-90% of their natural gains before even considering steroids. They should learn how to safely do heavy (7-rep) compound lifts - specifically the exercises demonstrated in THIS BOOK.

Do your research during this period.

Ask questions on our Anabolic Steroids Forum.

Though sometimes exaggerated by late blooming veterans that don't want "kids" on steroids -






I trained naturally for about 3.5 years, got a 6-pack and even a college scholarship from my church (totally unexpected, I only went there on Easter Sunday) for my bodybuilding pursuits.

Here is my log from my very first cycle.
(back when people on actually lifted weights)

I was very much a rookie to anabolics - but hungry as hell.

I was one of the first guys to run Patrick Arnold's 1-AD (precursor to 1-testosterone) and his 6-oxo for post cycle. Although people regard him as a prick - Pat guided me every step of the way and I am forever grateful to him.

This is 2000 and 2001 - started juicing in 2002. This is 2001 and Mid-2002 - started juicing in September of 2002.

#19 Prohormones naturally "boost" your hormone levels.
(Prohormones are not steroids)

If you've done a little research, you probably have come across the term "prohormone".

These days, it's more of a marketing term. Once upon a time it used to mean something.

The deceptive advertising and the endless misinformation from underage 'experts' on forums might lead you to believe that prohormones are not steroids and that they are "pills" that somehow boost your testosterone naturally - which is why they are legal.

That is not the case.

A prohormone, per definition, is a PRECURSOR to a steroid.

I'm going to oversimplify this for convenience purposes -

Outside the body, it is an inactive legal compound.

When you swallow it and it reaches your liver - it is activated and converted into a compound that is often not legal.


Methyl = Active Steroid (No Conversion Needed)

A recent wave of "prohormones" that began in ~2004 with M1T (methyl-1-testosterone), were not prohormones at all - they were active designer steroids.

These compounds did not have to convert to another compound at all.

M1T, Superdrol (77β-Hydroxy-2α,17α-dimethyl-5α-androstane-3-one), Ergomax LMG (desoxymethyltestosterone), etc. are all active steroids. They were only legal because they were new and Joe Biden and the anti-steroid save-the-children crowd in Congress had not heard of them.

Some of these compounds (M1T, Superdrol, DMZ, Epistane) worked GREAT and just as well as illicit compounds such as Dianabol and Anavar.

Any bodybuilder that tells you differently never tried Superdrol (or M1T, for that matter). Some prohormones were garbage (Methyl 1-D, Androstenedione) and gave prohormones a bad name among seasoned veterans.

Eventually most of them got banned.

These "methylated" compounds were never "prohormones" in the first place - they never needed to convert to anything. They were active designer steroids.

Either way, methyl (active steroid) or true prohormone (compound that converts to an active steroids) - these compound are not "test boosters" - they are steroids for which you need a post-cycle for.

If you are wondering, 99% of the "testosterone boosters" that are natural are complete fucking garbage. Your multivitamin has a greater effects on your testosterone levels than most natural formulas.

Not so ironically, the majority of ingredients in these "natural test boosters" are the same worthless ingredients that appear in the vast majority of "natural penis pills".

Here are my thoughts on those shitty supplements, the thieves that manufacture and falsely advertise them.

Some of these are good - some are not. They are all designer steroids. Some of these are good - some are not. They are all designer steroids.

#20 Steroids can and will make your arms explode.

Somehow this self-promoting jackass became the face of steroid use for a while.

His arms are the result of SYNTHOL use - not anabolic steroids. His arms are the result of SYNTHOL abuse - not anabolic steroids.

His name is Greg Valentino.

Unintentionally (and then later - intentionally), he became the poster boy for steroid use.

The mainstream loved it - almost as much as Greg did.

Greg got to go on talk shows to speak about his insecurities, getting bullied, emotional problems, steroid abuse and how he had the largest biceps in the world.

What he didn't mention is that his biceps are a product of using insane, completely reckless amounts of a compound called "synthol" and that even top professionals only use in low moderation.

Synthol is a oil-based compound that allows the user to restructure their muscle at the site of injection - almost like putty or clay. Most users use it on their arms (to enhance their bicep peak) and calf muscles (which many guys genetically lack).

In this video Rich Piana keeps it real about synthol-
(and why most pros don't lift heavy - something I learned from Mr. Tampa)


Hope you learned something.

We ain't done.

"25 Myths About Anabolic Steroids" continues here-