Improve Your Lifestyle and Sex Life
... if You Don't Have A lot of Money

By: Sam (w/ Good Looking Loser)

Sam is one of the original guys on Good Looking Loser, over the past year, he's steadily improved both his sex life, . He's a minority that grew up in a small European town and ditched it to go start the lifestyle wanted. He's 21 years old and "gets it," this is type of guy that will be getting laid a ton for a decade with hotter and hotter girls. There's quite a few younger guys that visit our site that are 'stuck' in small town, feeling sorry for themselves and allowing these negative thoughts to keep them living at half-speed and from putting together a plan to go where the action is.

Listen to what Sam says, his advice can help.

He's been making pretty helpful lists for us and this is one of them.


Here's what's been going on in his life recently-

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1. Get Your OWN Place in a Good Part of Big City and a Good Bed

I used to live in small town with only 6000 inhabitants.

I got laid, but I used too much time and money on traveling. I even got girls to travel 1-2 hours to my place, but it's the hard way.

Now I live in a big city with 1,500,000 inhabitants, easy transportation, and good possibilities of running the numbers game if that's your desire.

I pay 600$/a month in rent for my 40sqm apartment. My city is one of the most expensive to live in the world.

I bought my bed used for 40$. It's really great though, and big!

Good Looking Loser says:

I LOVE that guys 18-21 visit to gather information on how to become a creep... (I mean "player").

You guys in small towns- eventually you are going to have leave home to have the life that you want. I did. Washington DC was too small for me.

It can be at age 21, 22, 25, 30, or never. The chances that huge amount of people (hot girls), big corporations and sports teams randomly decide to move to a small town is pretty slim. You are going to have to bail and that should get you excited.

If you can put aside 2.5 months of rent and expenses, you can probably leave this year.

From what I've seen, from working with younger guys through the years (and more recently on the forum) it doesn't actually come down to money. It comes down to security. Security that they'll give up their "not-so-bad... some of the time" lifestyle for the unknown. These guys intentionally don't save their money so they justify living at home.

I'm not saying you NEED to leave home or hometown to have a good sex life, Scotty (New York) walks girls right part his Mom and right up to his room on a near daily basis.

I'm saying that most guys NEED to have fully develop a sense of independence as men. I sure as hell did.

There's something beautiful about leave old problems, stale relationships and the "same old" in different time zone.

2. Buy a Gym Membership

I pay 35$/a month for my gym-membership.

I used to be a very skinny and weak kid. Now I'm more muscular, and stronger.
Women have complimented me on this, and it's def. worth it.

You need to learn to squat, bench, and dead-lift. Those are the REAL compounds lifts that men do, they work your ENTIRE body and you can actually spend LESS time in the gym. Unless you are a legit bodybuilder (or trying to be one) just lay off the isolation exercises for the most part.

If you set aside a day to do wrist curls- cut off your balls. You don't need them anymore.

Good Looking Loser says:

Like Aaron Sleazy suggests-

"The average guy [that is on the Internet] looking for advice on how to meet women/get laid- would benefit more from a gym membership than some pick up workshop or information product."
(not a direct quote)

It's true.

There's a usually certain type of guy that turns to the Internet for "dating" advice, though our community is a bit of an exception- he tends to be out of shape and in some cases- against any sort of physical activity with the exception of jerking off.

Getting in shape (and beyond) is one of the best things you can do for your sex appeal, physical health, psychological health and your overall quality of life.

Here are our 2 sections on it (always developing)-

3. Buy Good Whole Foods and Don't Waste Your Money on Junk Food and Sweets

This goes hand-in-hand with your gym membership.

If you want to get a good body, you need to eat quality REAL FOOD.

Good Looking Loser says:

Understandably, this is usually where most guys try to save time and money. Or sort of do the "in-between" and live off "well-it's-healthier-than-McDonald's" Subway sandwiches which use the almost-lowest-quality meats they can find.

Eat REAL FOOD and supplement for the fruits and vegetables if you have to.

In the long run, if you go to stores (such as Trader Joe's) the food quality if MUCH BETTER and it's cheaper than eating out.

Having a good body is ~90% Diet and ~10% Training.

By the way- eat a good breakfast. You aren't an ignorant girl who is starving herself.

Here is the related section on this topic-

4. Buy 1-2 COOL Outfits That You Look Sexy In and That You Can Repeatedly Get Laid In

You don't need to waste 200$ a month on new outfits that are just going to sit in your closet.

Get 1 or 2 outfits and wear them every time you go out and hit on hot chicks.

New women won't know that you wore the same 2 pair of jeans for the past 6 months.

And Even if they see you with the same clothes on, you can still get laid.

Good Looking Loser says:

This is so true.

Having ONE outfit that you look great is 10x better than having a tons of random clothes.

Even though the "Guide to Style" gives advice on an entire wardrobe, you only need ONE (or two) outfits that you feel and look great in.

When I moved to Los Angeles, I had ONE pair of jeans which I just rotated cool t-shirts over. It worked great.

For more information on stores (with friendly return policies) to hit up, check this post out-

5. Buy Condoms

If you don't want sexually transmitted diseases like chlamydia you need to use condoms with casual sex partners.

You also risk getting her pregnant, and if you're very unlucky she will choose to have the baby.

You can also consider buying lube if you want to fuck the girl's in the ass or if you bump into a girl who's very tight.

Good Looking Loser says:


6. Create a Good Online-Dating Profile

You need to have 1-3 pictures that displays your: above-average body, above-average style, and overall sex-appeal.

Online-dating is good because you won't be very inefficient with your time.

You can message/screen 100 women, and then you can pick the one's who are very receptive. If you got a great profile women will even message you first from time to time.

Good Looking Loser says:


Check out these guides for FREE online dating sites-

7. Go to Night Clubs/Bars or Do Day-Game NEAR YOUR PLACE.

If you want to play the numbers game, go where the women are.

Many party-girls are wild, drunk and sexually available.

But if you aren't near your place or throwing an after-party, you are going to be just taking phone numbers.

That's fine, but that brings in a whole other element- don't always ways that girl who grabbed your crotch before you 'number closed' her to be the same exact girl when you give her a call.

If you don't like the club scene/nightlife scene you can choose to do day-game.

Good Looking Loser says:

The main reason I brought girls home so often from late 2009-2011, is because I could.

My place was 5 or 10 minutes and I'd start walking toward it almost immediately.

Even the bars/clubs I hit up on the regular- some were even closer than mall. This is huge.

8. Start to Invest in Your Passions in Life While You Are Meeting Women.

Pussy is only important when you aren't getting any.

When you have handled your sex life your priorities will change and you will find happiness in other areas of life.

So don't revolve your entire life and identity on getting laid.

But you will have an easier time focusing on other area's when you aren't living in involuntarily celibacy anymore.

Good Looking Loser says:

There's a lot to this and there's only so many hours in the day.

For starters, I don't suggest you try to live a totally "balanced" life.

I suggest POURING ALMOST ALL YOUR ENERGY AND TIME into your #1 goal.

Make your #1 goal your #1 priority.

That's what always worked for me.

I got a scholarship to college and Top 40 Law School, made the varsity hockey team my freshman year of high school, nearly made a Division-I football team after not playing in High School, built a $102,000 personal training business in a super competitive city less than a year, built an entire online community in about a year and probably by the later part of the year- I will have slept with over 200 girls (a sizable majority from Los Angeles club scene/social circles) when I had slept with a total of NINE by my 24th birthday. I'm 30 now, by the way.

When I was working on those goals- they had my FULL AND nearly UNDIVIDED ATTENTION.

Enough with the multitasking and the balanced-yet-I-accomplish-nothing-like-most-people lifestyle.

OBSESSION with ACTION is better.

With that said, you should have another COOL hobby (other than going to the gym) that you can devote a couple hours a week to.

You should genuinely ENJOY this hobby and and it shouldn't feel like it's more "work" or that you are doing simply to "meet women".

When you make meeting women more of a lifestyle, you can give a little more attention to your other hobbies until then.

~ screen that pussy.