Primary Goals For 2014

This is the first installment of our "Dominate 2014" two-part series.

Part II is here -


Below are several SPECIFIC PRIMARY GOALS that you should be considering, diligently working on or have already proudly completed.

I suggest you PICK ONE and devote >75% of your free time to it until it is DONE.

Goals 2014

Forward by Good Looking Loser

Success is never an accident.

In fact, even when "luck" legitimately plays a role - you created the luck. Or at the very least - got yourself to the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME.

I'm not trying to pass that off as prophetic insight, you'll find that on plenty of mainstream sites, but we sometimes need a reminder.

If your life turns the corner (or goes 135 mph down a highway) in 2014 - it's because you are in the driver's seat.

If it doesn't, it's your fault too because "Everything Happens for a Reason and It's Almost Always Your Fault".

Make sure you DEFINE SUCCESS before you begin.

And Remember -

A "long-term goal" is simply a bunch of short-term goals strung together.
So long as they are attainable, your short-term goals shouldn't overwhelm you.

A goal without a plan is simply a wish.

  1. Pick ONE GOAL
  2. Make it your #1 priority
  3. Make a plan of short-term goals
    (allowing a time frame that is longer than it should take)
  4. Work on it with at least 75% of your free time
  5. Achieve it
  6. Celebrate
  7. Repeat

goal plan

Primary Goals
(>75% of Your Free Time)


Overcome Depression *Varies*

If you have depression (or think you do) your FIRST GOAL and FIRST PRIORITY to be to beat depression.

Don't yet try to stop smoking.

Don't worry about "approach anxiety".

Don't even worry if you have a below-average penis.

That stuff is a small sideshow compared to depression that is destroying your life and hindering any effort to improve of it.

Unfortunately, we don't yet have a foolproof structured program where we can ~guarantee you results and success if you agree to follow the steps.

My understanding of depression isn't quite as solid as it is on women, health/fitness, male enhancement, performance enhancing drugs, etc. If we draw up a guide - it will definitely be something that I will have to think about and there will be a few people I'll need to speak to.

For many, addressing this goal WILL require a trip to the doctor and soon after - a psychiatrist.

You might have to see a few until you find one that you trust and respect.

This is where most people quit. Don't be one of them.

Don't let a couple disappointing trips to an out of touch doctor discourage you and keep you depressed.

Be open to medication, it's just temporary.
(if it works- who cares???)

Take a look at some of the legit natural remedies - Kratom was a blessing for me and so many other people.


The first steps are the hardest, once you get the ball rolling it will be easier.

Virtually nothing on this website will be possible if you have an ongoing battle WAR with depression.

You'll be in the same position a year from now - trying to get excited about another goal (distraction) for depression.

The steps to beat depression will vary from person-to-person.

Ultimately the process can involve-

Although there's not an official measuring stick to determine when you have "beaten depression," you'll probably know.

You'll be excited about your life - at which point your #1 GOAL can be your primary focus.

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Get Your Shit Together (Discipline) *30 Days*

You know if you have self-discipline.

You damn well know if you DO NOT.

If you don't, without any exceptions - that is what you need and the FIRST thing you should work on in 2014.

Without it, 2014 will just be another forgettable year of procrastination and underachievement.

Victor at Bold & Determined has got you covered.

DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to survive, adapt and dominate his program-

If you aren't successful at completing it in January - you'll know what your goal is for February.

Ambition without self-discipline is pointless and even self-destructive. Get your mind right.


Approach Anxiety Program *6 Months*

If primary goal is to get really good at meeting random women - I suggest that you devote the first half of this year to crush approach anxiety once and for all.

Stop doing half-ass approaches that ultimately just discourage you and result in nothing when they do "work".

Although the program theoretically only takes 8 or 9 weeks. Most guys need 3 months to complete it.

I suggest you take the unnecessary pressure off yourself and give yourself 6 MONTHS to complete it.

In the first few weeks you'll be doing some online dating and once you get to week 7 and 8, you'll be doing some 'basic guy' approaches. You'll be getting a little better every day and there's a chance you'll get laid.

Devote several hours a day to it but also take your time with the process.

Push yourself and promise that you'll complete Week 7 (having successfully done 95% of the drills) NO MATTER WHAT.

There's not guesswork to it, finish the majority of the program - you will no longer have approach anxiety and it won't come back.

Lets not be talking about "beating approach anxiety" this time - next year.

Finish the job in 2014.

Even if it takes 12 months (it won't if you are serious) - it will be worth it and you know it.

Young woman and man with dog

Stop Smoking Forever *3 Months*

A large percentage of smokers that are still concerned about their health, physique and overall looks will decide they will stop smoking in 2014.

Many pick January 1st and last until about 3pm when a nicotine craving comes calling after a night of heavy booze and cigarettes.

Very few actually follow through.

A lack of willpower is always the main culprit but most have no plan whatsoever.

Addiction, of any type, is rarely between without a plan.

Followed correctly, our "Ultimate Guide to Smoking Forever" will have you smoke-free in 6 or 7 days.

The remaining days will be designated on a calendar that you and your doctor prepare.

By Week 12, you will have long broken the physical addiction and hopefully it will be the last of the toxic nicotine lifestyle.

Check out the guide - we couldn't make it easier.

Cartoon Man Smoking a Cigarette

Get Ripped (7-8% Body Fat)
*However Long You Think + 45 Days*

Unless you've seen your all 6 of your abs before - chances are, you haven't seen all your facial features before either. Furthermore, you probably haven't experienced girls staring at you and asking to take pictures with you.

It is my belief that nearly every guy can present themselves with 'above-average' sex appeal which is enough to pass the looks threshold of the vast majority of girls.

Remember, although we are shooting for the 'Ideal Body' - your face is what matters most.

Unless you have neither work or school, concurrently doing the Approach Anxiety Program and cutting down to 7 or 8% body fat can be overwhelming. I suggest you only pick ONE as your primary goal (75%+ of your free time) and devote 15-20% to the secondary goal.

We'll have more resources on fitness and nutrition soon.

Until then, if you goal is STRICTLY WEIGHT LOSS check this out-

If you are more interested in building lean mass and getting bigger, check this out-
(not recommended if until you are 15-20% body fat)

However long you think it's going to take - add 45 days to that date.


Vector illustration of a boy running

Sleep with 20+ Girls *As Long As It Takes*

Provided that you-

I suggest making your primary 2014 goal - sleeping with 20+ women.
(doesn't matter how/where you get them)

If you haven't yet slept with 20 girls in a year - MAKE 20 YOUR GOAL.

Not 25, 30, 40 or 50.


There's a lot of different approaches to this but I suggest focusing in on QUANTITY in the first few months.

For the month of January and February 2014-

Do as many approaches, ask out any girls in your social circles you are interested in, message as many girls online that it takes to get 5 of them in bed.


Run the sheer numbers. Don't be super picky. Get rejected and keep these hypothetical numbers in mind.

If you can tag 5 girls by March 1 - you will be 25% of the way there and off to a fast, encouraging start. You'll be on pace for 30.

Even if you tag 3 or 4 girls, you are ahead of the pace, but lets shoot for 5.

You'll probably retain a few as bed buddies and your confidence will be sky high.

The guys that fail to achieve this "20+ girls" (or similar) goal ALL get off to a lousy start.

They are picky, procrastinating, think they have "plenty of time" and try to pace themselves for "1.666 girls" a month. Before they know it they are behind and already down on themselves. It trickles down and the entire year can be a waste.


Man With Two Women

Get 3 Fuckbuddies (Golden Age) *As Long It Takes*

My original goal with the whole "pick up girls thing" was to have 4 hot girls that I was messing around with on the regular.

I fulfilled it in November of 2009, which was actually before I slept with 20 girls (in a year).

For some guys retention/fuckbuddies will be easier than a 'one-night stand' goal.

There is a growth period that nearly all guys experience when they have 2 or more fuckbuddies and continue to hit on other women.

For many, it will be the very first time that they have almost ZERO anxiety and ZERO sexual or emotional neediness.

I call this the "Golden Age".

You truly feel amazing, liberated  and like your entire life is going to work out.

Not surprisingly, your results will SKYROCKET during this period of time. Too few guys take advantage of this period however. Most guys completely stop talking to new girls when they get 1 bed buddy and miss out on this period.

I would approach this goal in the same way as the "20+" goal.

Do whatever it takes to bring in TWO girls that you dig.

Your self-esteem will be sky high and bringing in the third girl will happen quickly.

This is how it goes for virtually EVERY guy that consciously or unconsciously fulfills this goal.


* If you are wondering why "Get a Girlfriend" is NOT among these suggested goals it is because - the goal should be "Meet # Cool Girls" or "Make the Hottest/Coolest Fuckbuddy my Girlfriend". Your girlfriend, ideally, is the girl that EARNS you after spending at least 6 months as your fuckbuddy and competing against other girls.

The goal of "Get a Girlfriend," with virtually no attention paid to the quality of girl and her emotional health - is a completely worthless goal if you have an self-respect.

If you are a virgin, however, I will have a plan of attack for you (in a few weeks) and it actually involves the 'Get a Girlfriend' goal. Your girlfriend will be strictly for sexual experience and not anything serious though.

Woman Broken Heart

Grow a 7" Penis *Varies*

Although 8" x 6" is the usual benchmark for a huge penis, 7" is all you need to throughly impress 99% of women - in my experience.

A healthy 7" dick is considered just "big" or "above-average" to guys.

Girls, however, will almost always qualify a 7" penis as HUGE. Especially if it's nice and pumped up from the Bathmate or Penomet.

Most women have no idea how to measure and or even what average is or looks like.

If you can reach 7" and pump it up before sex - you will likely be the biggest that any girl has ever had - especially if you are into girls in the 18-22 age group like I always have been

Any further pursuit of 8" will be more for you than for her.
(which is perfectly fine)

Although the sheer amount of hours you can safely devote to PE makes it more of a secondary goal, having the mentality of-

"It's not my first goal..."

"It's not the most important thing..."

... is a recipe for slower gains, procrastination and another year of underachievement.

Why did it take me ~8 years to gain ~1.75"?

Because I had THAT attitude. I wasn't serious about it.

If I could do it over, I'd set aside 10 or 12 months to get to 7+".

After I hit 7", I could easily maintain with Bathmate, which simply takes just ~10 minutes, 3 or 4 times a week.

You will gain a substantial amount very quickly if you COMMIT and INVEST your time in male enhancement just as if it was as important as building a business, getting your perfect body, getting 3 fuckbuddies or anything else that requires a significant effort.

Put your 6-12 months in.

Get to 7".

And Be done with it.
(maintain with Bathmate)

Here is a routine inspired by DoubleLongDaddy of that can help get you there-

To grow as quickly as possible, you will need some of the devices we recommend

Cartoon condoms. EPS10

Start a Business *Ongoing*
(and actively LEARN from REAL EXPERIENCE)


The "Get Paid" or "Get Rich" section will debut near to Spring 2014.

Unlike when I created Good Looking Loser 2012, I can discuss FROM LEGIT EXPERIENCE how to build a successful online businesses and inactive community from the ground up.

I do not know how to write code (can you tell?) and I still haven't figured out how to use the majority of WordPress.

It doesn't matter.

It took just 3-4 months until I was able to pay all my expenses and retire from personal training.

The vast majority of "How to Make Money Online!" websites are made by Internet Marketers have not made a single dollar online before they claimed expertise. Like the Seduction Community, many "gurus" have no prior inexperience with what they are discussing and a lot of their advice is inefficient, counter-productive in the eyes of Google or simply WRONG at every level.

We will discuss "niche sites" such as (this shitty site has earned upwards of $4500/month) that strictly earn passive income and huge interactive communities such as

My suggestion is to FIRST dedicate 12 months to building a niche site using my specific instructions that I will give to you in the future. You can always combine traffic from your various websites - I have.

My advice for 'Start a Business' is it make it your ONE AND ONLY GOAL.

Like the other sections, "Get Rich" will significantly change people lives and earn some a six-figure salary in passive income in a matter of years.

Most people should focus other goals for now, I got your back in the near future.

Rich Businessman Lie Around Cash

Still Clueless?

Here's what to do-

  1. Write out ALL your goals, wants and needs.
  2. Take a day or two to write/think if you need to.

Then answer this question-

If you could achieve ONE THING in 2014 and ONE THING only, what would it be?

Circle that goal.

Now you know where you should be spending at least 75% of your free time.

If you've completed all these goals - then you certainly don't need my help anymore.

Just decide what you want and go take it.

This 2-part series is continued here-

Year 2014 Target

If you could accomplish ONE THING and ONE THING ONLY in 2014...

What would it be?
(tell us below)