Come Party at Our Party

This article focuses on "party game" which first appeared in this article (at the bottom).

You can say-

"you should come to our party" (party)
"you should come party," code word for "do cocaine" in Los Angeles.


Summer has officially began for me, I'm completely single for the next few months.

I have some friends in town (not staying at my place) and we decided to kick things off.

There is a big designer house in the Hollywood Hills that is the ultimate party house that have used for the past 3 years. This is the place I lived when I was looking for my own place and intermittently thereafter when I moved to the Hills in early 2011.

There's a beautiful living room, driveway (significant), hot tub, deck that looks out over all of Los Angeles.

The first time I partied here, I was in love and knew that need to move back to the Hills, the "party" side rather than the quiet isolated "family" side of Bel Air.

* Just so you know- the majority of pictures in this article are meant to give life to this post and break up the text.
They aren't necessarily of girls we know.

hollywood hills backyards Similar, not the place

You can rent something similar for $550-900/night if you wanted to.

Just don't break anything or YOU WILL get a bill.
(we know that by now)

The idea is to pre-party with a few girls, meet up with other groups of girls at the club and then bring a whole bunch of groups back to the house for the after-party.

Everyone is better off not driving.

From there it's sex and drugs, not necessarily in that order.


The later it gets, the more that guys and girls are disappearing into the guest rooms either to pass out or have sex.

This is how you score in the club/party scene. A LOT.
(while the PUAs are running their opinion openers and analyzing their "sets", this is what the cool kids are doing.)

This approach is quite similar to "Promo Game" that is used by all 4 Los Angeles/Hollywood club promoters I know.

I'll have to write the full version of "Promo Game" and "How to be a club promoter" another time.


  1. You walk up to the girl(s)
  2. Give them a non-sexual compliment (I like your style/shirt/look)
  3. Introduce yourself
  4. Ask them what they are up to this weekend/that night
  5. Extend whatever offer you have (party at club/party at house/both)
  6. Take their info if they seem cool/interested
  7. Text them back saying "nice to meet you, text you later"
    (if they reply, generally they are legitimately interested and you'll probably see them at your event)
  8. Text them the following day in the late afternoon about the party/event
    (if they reply, generally they are legitimately interested and you'll probably see them at your event)

It's very much like 'Basic Guy Game' - IN AND OUT.

How to Invite a Random Girl to a Party from Good Looking Loser on Vimeo.

Either they are in party mode and have the time, or they aren't or don't.

Forget the "am I being a nice guy, if I invite the girl to a party?" shit and just put the offer on the fucking table and leave.

Either they hop on it or not.

Either way, if you do it a bunch of times, you'll collect a bunch of numbers.
(just like if you were doing "pick up")

And You'll have a whole bunch of girls (and their friends) show up at your party/event if you look like you are cooler (or equally as cool) as they.

'Normal' guys that get laid a lot do this all the time in Los Angeles, it's usually DURING the night however. I find that it works as good, if not better, when you do it during the day and you have a pre-party attached to it.

As you'll see from the audios, I invited most of the girls to the club (Villa at 11pm) because my friend gets money for it and can get them in for free, free alcohol and table for everyone. He (and his 2 friends) also host the pre-party and after-party.


-A Quick Word on Promos/Clubs-

It helps to know a club promoter because you can make sure that YOU and whatever girls show up - get hooked up.

Still, it's not completely necessary- if you show up at the club with 1 or more groups of girls- just walk up to the front of the line, ask "who's promoting tonight," whatever name they say - ask if you can talk to that promoter. They'll notice the girls around you and someone will page the lead promoter.

When he comes outside tell him, "I have a lot of girls with me and more coming, let me in and they are yours." He'll immediately let you in (he gets money for the girls). Tell him, "I always have girls to bring to these things, I want to be a regular in the scene, can you hook us up?" and take his information.

That will work 100% of the time unless it's some private party/event or the girls aren't very pretty.

Promoters consider this kind of stuff AMAZING-

You don't actually have to pay $1500 to sit here.You don't actually have to pay $1500 to sit here.

A cool guy walks up with a bunch of girls and offers to bring them in under their list. They make instant money and contacts.

It hardly ever happens to them.

They are always so busy trying to meet their quota by promoting their shit on social media to flaky girls that never know what their doing. Promoters understand the numbers game better than anyone.

This the equivalent of several hot girls coming up to you and saying, "we'll suck your dick, we just need a bed to lay on and a towel to clean up your mess."

Well, sort of.

In case you didn't know-

Promoters get several FREE tables at clubs and they can easily give it to you for free.

It's hilarious that people spend $1500 to get a table, you can get them for free if you just show up with a group+ of girls and tell the promoter that "you want to be regular, have plenty of girls and just need to be 'hooked up,'" that's code for I'll bring you girls - give me a table and free bottles.

Admittedly, 5 years ago I had no idea this is how it worked.

Back On Topic...

Here's what I did-

Although I don't expect you to believe me - I couldn't feel cocaine if I wanted to. Using Chantix (anti-smoking) compound blocks dopamine receptors. I learned that last year, imagine that. Although I don't expect you to believe me - I don't use cocaine very often. I couldn't feel cocaine if I wanted to. Using Chantix (anti-smoking compound) blocks dopamine receptors. I learned that last Halloween by mistake, imagine that. What a waste.

How'd it go?


Better than usual. Might have been because I was legitimately excited.

So 60+ girls between the pre-party, club, after-party is my estimation. At least 40 came to the after-party.

Gene says it was closer to 75 or 80 girls in all but he was drunker than anyone, including the girl that fell in the pool.

Point is- you can recruit 50+ girls for a party on less than 24 hours notice. In Los Angeles anyway, but frankly in other cities too.

Erik (and Keith, RIP) have done in Denver and even a small town in Wisconsin. Their parties more closely resemble a frat party, rather than a sexy and trashy Hollywood party.

We had tried to keep count of the girls but all we have is this mess. We had tried to keep count of the girls but all we have is this mess.

"We're Having a Party at Villa, We'd Love to See You (and Your Friends) There."


I uploaded the audios of the numbers I took, I'll tell you if they answered my text and came.

I was actually at a book store for much of this, but I went to other areas of the mall too.

Most of these girls were pretty cute- might I add.


Maria - Really hot Mixed Spanish/Italian chica.
Answered text. Actually took her on a "date" on Saturday before the party.

This is the girl I slept with 2 times on Saturday Night/Sunday morning.

Unlike the other audios, this isn't a "come to the party" approach.

I started doing the "lets go on a date this weekend" approach (that will be another article) late Friday.

This was the very first girl I did it on.

For some reason, Spanish/Latina girls are quick to tell me if they like me. This is a good thing, I like these girls a lot.

Unlike the not aggressive "lets go on a date" or "come to the party" approaches, I hold onto this girl's hand right after I introduce myself.

Everything goes really well and I actually switched up my schedule and went out with her before our Saturday party. We met up for drinks, went to the party house, drank, had sex, went to Villa, came back, had sex, hung out for a little while.

I originally just planned to ask 5-10 girls out on a date for the sake of the "lets go on a date" approach but this girl is one of types I'm really into.

Winked at this girl 2 times and she winked back 2 times, obviously that is a good sign and we get off to a fast start (it's impossible to know this from the audio). The other thing that is going on here is we/I/she is making fun of me for my poor Spanish.

Jessie - Answered text. Sick and didn't show up.

Cute girl at the book store, probably in her mid 20's.

Kelsi - Answered Text. Came with friends to pre-party, club, after party.

Cute and super cool girl working at the Barnes & Noble Coffee shop. Brought several girls to the house and club. She and her friends probably all had sex. One fell in the pool too.

Brandi - Answered Text. Didn't show up.

Nerdy girl, didn't think she was down.

Catherine, British Girl (Saturday Afternoon) - Answered Text. Came with friends to club.

Never can tell with these foreign girls, most of them like to get drunk. I didn't see her and her friends after the club.

Riley and Sam - Answered Text. Came with friends to pre-party & club.

College girls from out of town, surprisingly showed to the pre-party and club. Were coming to the after-party but either got lost or went home.

Beth (Saturday Afternoon) - Answered Text.  Came with friend to club.

Showed up with a hot friend at Villa. Didn't make the after party for whatever reason. Texted me Sunday afternoon with a "thank you," nice girl.

[audio broken]


Jenny - Answered Text. Didn't come but invited us to something.

Cool, cute girl. Didn't show up but invited us to some pool party on Sunday.

Mandy - Answered Text. Didn't show up.

Girl not in party mode, clearly.

Bridgette - Answered Text. Didn't come- tourist, visiting family.

Really hot girl, unlikely to show up because she was in Los Angeles with her family. Might ask her to fly out here sometime but probably won't happen unless we talk a lot more. Probably the hottest girl on this list, unless you like Spanish girls. The college I'm thinking of was "Washington & Lee".

Melissa - Answered Text. Didn't show up.

Dorky clothes, pretty girl though. Probably doesn't go out much.

party pictures

Leah (cute, likes me) - Answered Text. Didn't show up, probably meeting up with her next week.

Hot nervous girl, gigglebox/was high and liked me, didn't make it out but I'll see her Monday night I think. I winked and waved to her before I talked to her (she did so back), that is probably where all the initial laughing/nervous vibe comes from.

Taylor and Kellen - Answered Text. Came with friends to pre-party, club, after party.

Hot party girls, showed up at the house wasted. We don't know who had/if someone sex with them. They spent the night though.

Those some fly ass boots girl.

Kaci - Answered Text. Came with her friend to club & after party.

Hot teen, surprisingly showed up at Villa and the after party. She wasn't 21, but she got in anyway.Sweetheart, dressed like a "girl next door," sort of out of her regular environment. Will be a top .01% girl someday.


Giselle South American - Answered Text. Came with her friends to club & after party.

Erik slept with her. Muy bonita.

Casandra - Answered Text. Didn't show up.

Audio is dead, girl was a downer and we can't really hear her.

No audio.

Lacy - Answered Text. Came with friends to the club.

Lacy and her friends came to the club and didn't talk to anyone.


A part that is overlooked is- assuming they had a good time, the 60+ girls that showed up will want to party again in the future.

Even though we won't see them ALL again- 60+ girls is more friends (acquaintances) than most people meet in 1 year.

I know that my friends will score with a bunch of these chicks at future parties. They even talked about doing another party on Sunday night (pre-party -> club -> after-party) but we are all wiped out from last night.

Our friend Curtis, mentioned in "Sense of Entitlement,"  would do something like this in EVERY city he went to if he was there more than a month. He'd basically have a social life in about 48 hours. I've seen him do it. We had this competition to see who could bag the most girls in Huntington Beach (Summer 2005) and before I even arrived he already had about 20 girls partying with him. Needless to say, he won.

A lot of people seem to think getting laid from your social circle "doesn't count". That is dumbest thing I ever heard and is usually coming out of the mouth of an aspiring "pick up artist" that has no friends or circles.

If you learn nothing else from my website, if you have 1 or more cool friends, a place to party and can do my "come to our party" approach- you'll never need to "cold approach" a single girl again. You'll never go a month without getting laid either.

Arguably, it's better to learn this type of approach than anything else.

Invite me too.

Although I'm definitely not super active in the 'party scene' anymore, I'm willing to make a guest appearance for 25 minutes and be photographed smoking a cigarette and throwing on the ground for $55,001. I know that's a lot of money, but it's less money than Paris Hilton charges and I'm better looking than she is.