How to Put on SizeGenetics

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Hey, I should have done this video long ago, but I didn't know where I could upload it to. These types of videos aren't allowed on Youtube and most adult sites require me to pay.

Vimeo, however, is AWESOME. They allow non-sexual nudity and that's what this is.

If you have arrived from Google, I encourage you to check out my SizeGenetics Review.
I will tell you what to expect, how/why it works, my experience and provide before and after pictures.

This video is by request for the 3 guys that have asked for it in the past week. I think it will help newbie too.

Sizegenetics isn't easy to put on. In fact, it took me about 25minutes and I had own 2 other extenders in the past.

I can put it on in 10 seconds (or less) and I'll show you how in the video.

I usually have the added padding on my extender, but it's way easier to demonstrate this without how I set the padding up.

How to Put on SizeGenetics Video

Here are the steps, as demonstrated in the video.

  1. Get a semi-boner (if you are hung, you don't have to)
  2. Put your penis through the white ring
  3. Grab your dick with your LEFT hand
  4. Grab the extender with your RIGHT hand
  5. Push the extender t0ward your body, into your pubic bone as much as possible (the extender will contract) and HOLD IT there with your RIGHT hand
  6. Pull your dick forwards as far as possible with your LEFT hand
  7. Flop your dick over the padded area
  8. With your LEFT hand pull the strap over your dick, it should be just below the head of your penis
  9. Secure the strap into the LEFT side, with your LEFT hand
  10. Done

Remember, all the while your RIGHT hand is holding the contracted extender into your body.

My additional tips are-