Getting Laid in College - If You Are An Outsider
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I want everyone to know about a kid that I'm so proud of.

While his goals and success (30+ girls already in 2015, 12 girls in 30 days) are not for everyone, he is the perfect example of what I'd like to make you guys into.

You just need to give yourself a chance.

And Maybe this is the turning point for you.


The unintentional theme of this discussion became "How to Get Laid In College (If You Aren't Part of the Social Establishment").

If you've read my popular series on "How to Get Laid in College (Realities and Misconceptions)", you'll know that the college scene is status-heavy if you want to nail the hottest, most popular girls.

But what if you aren't part of the "in-crowd"?

What if you are an "outsider"?

What if you are a college transfer and know you can't really break into the social cliques?

What if you don't even like the party scene and just want to sleep with girls you see during the day?

Here's your answer.


Two years ago, "Hunk" was an entirely different person.

Before our very eyes, on his well-documented thread on the forum [sign in to view] (which includes 'creep pictures' of the lucky women that he's nailed), he has gone from a guy that couldn't Get Laid to a guy that is literally Getting Laid non-stop.

That is no exaggeration at all.

On August 1st, he notched his 30th girl of the year. He is averaging 3 girls a week in the past month - the beginning of his 2nd "Golden Era".

Most impressive about it is - he is a college transfer.

He's not part of the major social 'establishment' at his school - he is an outsider.

He's 25, older than the fresh underclassmen pussy that he's been sleeping with.

He's also at a major public university with over 64,000 students.
(it's harder to break-in socially as a transfer to a big school)

“Hunk” is an underdog.

A near perfect example of it.

Growing up, he endured emotional abuse from parents and the general self-image problems that come from not being part of the 'in-crowd' in high school or college or Getting Laid in his early 20's.

He's not supposed to be fucking 3 girls a week as an older college transfer at a major university where the Greek (fraternity) scene rules popular social life.

He's not supposed to have much of a sex life.

He's supposed to be sitting in his room studying in hopes of getting a job that might lead to a better life.

But he wouldn't accept that.

College Social Hierachy“Hunk” is a 'Good Looking Independent' per our definition

Why Did “Hunk” Succeed?

One of the major themes I want to highlight is WHY “Hunk” succeeded while so many guys (even guys that read Good Looking Loser) only achieve modest success, at best.

Here are the reasons -

#1 “Hunk” Bought Into Good Looking Loser 110%

This is the main reason he is fucking so many girls.

As I said in "How to Be Successful At Everything on This Site (What I Know That You Don't)", everything on Good Looking Loser "works" and your success almost entirely depends on how well I'm able to brainwash you to leave your house and actually follow our steps.

“Hunk” bought in 110% and put it into practice, little-by-little, day-by-day.

“Hunk” didn't come to Good Looking Loser to debate pick up theories, why feminism suppresses masculinity (it does, but who cares) or to bitch about his life and feel less sorry for himself.

He came to Good Looking to Get Laid. A lot.

While it is my goal and responsibility to brainwash you as much as possible (so you actually start taking action), he was open-minded and bought in 110%.

#2 “Hunk” Actually Wanted to Get Laid
(and NOTHING else)

Although most guys who seek out "how to meet women" or "pick up" advice think they want to have a hot sex life, this isn't actually the case.

Whether they admit it or not, the vast majority of guys that say they want to "Get Laid a lot" simply want to feel better about themselves (get validation from women) and ultimately find a safe girlfriend.

That is fine, but that is not the type of guy that succeeds like “Hunk”.

“Hunk” ACTUALLY WANTED TO FUCK A TON OF GIRLS and simply finding an attractive sweet girlfriend and shutting it down would be failure to him.

“Hunk” wanted to Get Laid and know that he could Get Laid before even considering a committed relationship.

He didn't come to Good Looking Loser with the general goal of "improving himself", he came here to learn how to fuck a lot of pretty girls.

That is a big reason he has achieved Top .01% success.
(yes, top .01% success - he has already fucked 30+ girls this year, most guys have never approached 30 girls)

Getting Laid wasn't just his #1 goal.

It was his ONLY goal.

#3 “Hunk” Was Consistent and Didn't Take "Breaks"

Over the past year, “Hunk” made sure he hit on at least some girls everyday and never took extended "breaks" for weeks or months like most guys do.

Aside from some lousy days (that everyone who is inexperienced will have), picking up girls can be emotionally draining with a lot high and lows, “Hunk” never stopped trying to move forward.

He did at least a little bit each day -

He really tried to eat right, everyday.

He really tried to work on his body, everyday.

He really tried to look good when he left his place, everyday.

He really tried to hit on some girls, everyday.

He really tried to be accountable (see journal), everyday.

If you were serious about trying to build a better body, trying to build a profitable business or trying to get better at anything - would you randomly stop trying for weeks or months at a time?

No, you wouldn't.

You'd try do a little bit EVERYDAY and be pissed at yourself if you didn't.

Getting Laid a lot is a lifestyle.

Getting there is a lifestyle too.

Although you may not want to be like Scotty (hit on/fucked girls nearly everyday for 7+ years), if you really want a hot sex life, I do suggest that you take at least a year to hit on girls on a regular basis.

related -

#4 “Hunk” Prioritized Sex Appeal and Got In Great Shape

Although I'm highly against guys adopting the 'no life bodybuilder lifestyle', I can't overemphasize how important it is to LOOK GOOD.

Although others believe that "looks don't matter", the reality is that sexual attraction (girls noticing you and liking you) is highly based on physical attraction.

It is my opinion that EVERY GUY can look 'above-average' or good enough to pass the 'looks threshold' of most women.

“Hunk” took this to heart and gained upwards of 30 lbs. of lean mass on a previously small, but ripped frame.

Hunk Before and AfterThis is NOT "Hunk".
This is a physical transformation that closely resembles his.

In our podcast below, “Hunk” also discusses his meticulous daily grooming, updated style and height increasing shoes he wears (he is 6'0" and picks up girls at 6'3").

Those are the 4 main reasons that “Hunk” is able to smash hot pussy as an 'outsider' at a huge university where Greek life and college athletics dominate the popular social scene.

As always, college or otherwise, it always comes down to -

You can beat the social establishment.

Podcast "How to Get Laid in College (If You Aren't Part of the Establishment)"

Table of Contents

0:00 Introduction - Welcome “Hunk” "Hunk" from Good Looking Loser
1:45 “Hunk”'s Background (starting in 2012); Didn't have "permission" to talk to girls
3:00 When did “Hunk” get off his ass and put himself out there?
"Asking 17 Girls At the Mall For Their Numbers Super Quickly (Bare Minimum Approach)"
5:50 Is “Hunk” a "Zero to Hero?" (untapped potential, but still "Zero to Hero")
7:20 Why did you nail 12 chicks in July? Why was July your 'breakout' month? (screening - "I think you're sexy...")
10:10 “Hunk” is Getting Laid a ton as an older college transfer "outsider"
13:40 Why doesn't “Hunk” hit on a ton of chicks on campus? (Where does he meet girls?)
15:20 Story of him picking up a sexy girl (What did he say?)
18:30 Emulating Good Looking Loser & Scotty and then developing your own style
20:00 Story continues (and how “Hunk” takes girls from "dates" to his place and after)
26:15 The magic pussy button to end resistance
27:05 “Hunk”'s commitment to physical fitness (at home), grooming, appearance and sex appeal
31:00 Good Looking Loser's "Above-Average Guy" Theory
32:55 Give yourself a chance - get in shape and go talk to some girls (you'll be surprised how well you do), it won't take you years. You might be the next "Good Looking Loser" or "“Hunk”". Seriously.
34:50 How did “Hunk” start doing well with women so quickly?
38:20 How did “Hunk” go from sleeping with average girls to really hot girls? (Sense of Entitlement)
41:30 Chris' closing thoughts
42:40 “Hunk”' closing thoughts (How many girls has he hit on in his life? Answer is lower than you think)

Pour Conclure

Keep this in mind -

“Hunk” has only really been in 'the game' for about 2 years.

He is on pace for 50+ girls this year while being a college student who doesn't benefit from the social establishment. He's largely done it without the bar scene, where most guys pile up their numbers.

To put that in perspective -

In my 2nd year (~2008), I tagged 12 new girls and I still had approach anxiety.
(interestingly enough, he nailed 12 girls in his first year and is currently on pace to get close to my biggest year of 67)

“Hunk” is living proof that you can LITERALLY accomplish what Scotty and I have in half the time if you really want to.

I'll happily take the credit for it, but the truth is - it's his dedication is the sole reason for his massive success.

My final thoughts are -

Why don't you give yourself a chance?

I mean seriously.

Get in shape and tell every hot girl you want to sleep with that she's "sexy".
(and ask her to meet you for a drink later that night)

Just do that and your whole fucking life will change.

That's all I'm trying to get people to do.

Maybe you are the next "Good Looking Loser", "Scotty" or "“Hunk”".

You don't really know.

A year ago, “Hunk” would never have dreamed that he'd do 12 attractive women in a month.

A year ago, Scotty never thought he'd be sober after 15+ years of hardcore drugs.

A year ago, I never dreamed that I could make well over $100,000 in a single month.
(I own 3 businesses, soon to be 5 - income is not solely from Good Looking Loser, obviously)

A lot can happen in 365 days.

You need to give yourself a chance.