Podcast #1
(August 22 2012)

This is the first of many GoodLookingLoser.com podcasts.

Eventually/hopefully we'll get on iTunes as well. I'll probably do one every 2 weeks or so.

Video briefly discusses the content in our 1st podcast.

Good Looking Loser Podcast I

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-Part 1 of 3-

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My ghetto self-introduction, can't afford professionals yet. 8-)
1:20 GLL is happy with GLL
2:10 I've designed nearly all of this website, recently I hired a guy to do the super technical stuff (you notice the place has been looking better?). A few guys have asked me about where to hire a some to build a website- hire him. Less expensive than ANY good web designer in the USA. We are talking 10-15$/hr. at the moment.
2:25 Short history of GoodLookingLoser.com
5:30 Thank you guys
5:45 GoodLookingLoser.com history continued
9:35 Everything on with GoodLookingLoser name on it- is and always will be- FREE
16:30 Status on live pick up videos (~2 weeks hopefully, I already have them but have to conclude the legal stuff)

Beverly Hills Hotel Beverly Hills Hotel from my Perfect Day

-Part 2 of 3-

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0:00 Welcome to part 2
0:30 The "Perfect Day" self-improvement exercise
2:00 What is your Perfect Day? Write it on the forum for us. Be complete, DIG DEEP.
3:10 The quick goal of the "Perfect Day" exercise
3:20 About my Perfect Day
4:50 My Perfect Day written July 4th 2009 (see below to read the entire thing I wrote)
10:30 Planning out your Perfect Day
13:20 Me pulling off ~90% of my Perfect Day(s), Starting February 2010
16:00 Think about then go post your Perfect Day on [Perfect Day] Sub-Forum

The song playing on the car ride to breakfast at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

House in Bel Air Hills (90077)

-Part 3 of 3-

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0:50 Message for the younger guys on GLL (18-27, or just losers like me)
1:30 Perspective on your self-development- measuring, understanding and appreciating progress
9:40 A lot of people on GLL are fucking hungry, it's awesome. More hungry than I went I first started
11:40 We are going to really push the limits on Good Looking Loser. Just wait, you haven't seen anything yet
12:35 Threshold: How I decide on what to share on GLL and what not to share
14:10 Phenibut example
17:15 Training with Scotty, what to expect, what it do

Chris' Perfect Day

Word-for-word, in its original format, changed only out of its previous uptight 'times new roman' font- is my Perfect Day that I wrote following the July 4th 2009 weekend seminar.

~7 months later, I executed 90% of it, several times with various bed buddies. The sense of accomplishment is unreal.

Obviously- it was fun too.

 My Perfect Day (Map) My Perfect Day (Map)

The Perfect SUNDay 2009 written July 4 (Saturday)

I want to wake up at 8:30am with some model/actress (preferably not completely America) in my bed in my own apartment in Bel Air, Beverly Hills or the Hollywood Hills. That’s earlier than usual. I have to start waking up earlier.

From there, both of us, on an empty stomach, we’ll pop 1-2 10mg Percocet tabs* with some grapefruit juice and a DIET Monster Lo-Carb (the BLUE one). From there we’ll head over to the absolutely beautiful church “Bel Air Presbyterian” for about an hour. The girl should wear WHITE. In the car, Phil Collins will be playing but just for the ride to church

From there, we’ll drive East on Mulholland Drive, past the mansions and celebrity houses and down the hill to the Beverly Hills Hotel to get breakfast (the brunch buffet??). The time going to church, at church and equally important – the drive East on Mulholland Drive, around Skyline Drive, is to be spent in TOTAL euphoria. I want something like Andrea Bocelli (Time to Say Goodbye) playing in the car, it reminds me of my Dad and Sunday’s in general. Its important that the girl shuts the fuck up and doesn’t try to put on some POP garbage on the radio. I don’t have much problem with that stuff though.

I don’t want to show up any later than 9:59am. We need to get a seat by the window so we can watch the tennis players. It’s okay if we sit outside too, so long as it’s a little windy. Just a little. After we get there, the girl will take a minute to freshen up—no really I insist. Haha. I want a second alone to just appreciate the universe.

On Sunday the Lord said- Thou shalt not avoid carbs. So I’ll help myself to some FRESH FRESH OJ. Don’t mind if I do.

Me and Miss’ will step outside again, preferably after putting in the order (again, unless the buffet is happening) and smoke a cigarette. On an empty stomach with Percs it basically feels like God is hugging me. Just 1. Then back into the BHH to eat.

I’m sure the food will be fucking amazing.

I want to leave BEFORE 12pm, there’s something I’ve always had “finishing” breakfast after 12pm that upsets me. From there we’ll drive over to my favorite little park in Beverly Hills (Coldwater Canyon Park) and play on the swings.

I figure it will be about 1:30pm at this point. At this point it’s time to drive back up the hill to the apartment, freshen up, and have sex. This is the toughest part of the day, here’s why- because I never eat sugar, there’s a good chance that I’ll be sorta groggy at this point. Potential energy drink crash, perc crash (even though that doesn’t really happen to me). I’m making an effort to avoid syrup, although how the fuck can you eat waffles/pancakes/French toast without syrup?

Note (7/12/09): you can bring sugar free syrup to the restaurant,  dummy.

Sex isn’t gonna drag out. It’s not supposed to. It’s important that the windows are open and the nice air is rushing into the apartment. Music will be whatever I’m feeling. Being DONE by 2:30pm is GREAT… but 2:45pm works too. After sex, within 5minutes it important for both of us to pop more percs. The afterglow of sex combined with some oxy is bliss. Once it starts kicking, itd be nice to watch the girl smoke a cigarette, I’m into that, so long as shes ‘smokin’ hot.

At that point it’s 3pm (hopefully not past 3:15pm). Grab some Evian water. I’m not real particular about water but this is still the best water ever. The ‘mouth’ on the bottle is so big and swear its so refreshing. I will open the door to the balcony and let the air in, sit down in front of the flat screen TV and turn on football and catch up on the scores. I used to be obsessed with football, it seems like I haven’t watched it in 2 years. Again I should be in PURE EUPHORIA. During commercial break, I’ll step out on the balcony and just stare into the distance… think of the shit I’ve done in my life, the lives I’m going to impact and journey that I’ve walked. I’ll think of my brother who died when I in 5th grade, and purposely try to make myself cry… it’ll be hard to cry though, I’ll be in complete euphoria. I’d also like to call some friends, its fun to call your friends when you are on top of fucking world.

I think the NFL games will finish up at 4:30pm PST… from there I’ll help the chick prepare the 2nd half of dinner, Red Hot Chili Peppers music videos blasting on the TV and ramble on about nonsense. At 5:15pm (hopefully) we’ll sit down to dinner. If the sun is still out… on the balcony, I guess it wouldn’t matter either way though. Btw- dinner is ideally shrimp, cocktail sauce, maybe with Caesar salad. Some stuff of kobe beef, no carbs. Dessert is optional, I’m not going to pound down food just to fucking eat.

At 6:30pm its fucking IDEAL to jump in the hot tub. Either I’ll have one or my apartment will have one (I hope). Turn that bitch up high. I just want to sit in it. High. Maybe smoke cigarettes with la chica bonita, more water. It would be nice to have  done squats at the gym the day before, sitting the hot tub with your legs hurting is one of my favorite things to do. Not like im going to feel any pain though.

If the girl wants to smoke weed, I’ll watch and probably not do any. It just seems like every girl jumps at that chance to smoke weed and sit in the hot tub.

The rest of the night is less clear. I’ll probably end up watching Sports Center or highlights from the NFL that day. I want to remain a little colder than warmer, the whole day. I don’t know, I hate being too warm. Fall in Los Angeles is incredible, perfect temperature all the time… it seems like I’ll be ready to fall into a deep sleep by this point (9pm?). I want to hold this chick as fall deep deep asleep and awake Monday morning… on top of the world. At the same time, if she had work Monday morning, I don’t care if she left after I fell asleep.

* that we legally have an Rx for.