All About Penis Stretching to Make Your Dick Longer

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Everything You Need to Know and Slightly More

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men's health problemIntroduction

If you are going to MAXIMIZE the size of penis and the speed at which you grow it, it is absolutely mandatory that you do at least some form of penis stretching.

The guys that only use the devices will get good gains, but never hit their genetic potential without manual stretching.

It will also take them longer to grow.

Penis stretching, sometimes called "manual stretching," is an exercise largely meant to improve the length of your penis, but stretching can encourage some girth development as well.

Penis stretching is exactly how it sounds-

"Basically - you just pull on your dick and it gets longer if you do it on a daily basis."

Pretty simple.

There are three popular ways that this can be done -

  1. Generating significant controlled tension, carefully manually pulling on your penis while following a specific routine.
  2. Generating low/moderate tension, using a "penis extender" to automatically keep your penis stretched for hours at a time.
  3. Generating significant controlled tension, carefully using a "hanger" device to hang specific increments of weights from your penis.

Beginning in the year 2000 and over the course of a decade, I have personally tried all of these methods. I recommend MANUAL STRETCHING and using a HIGH-QUALITY penis extender.

Both are easy, safe and productive.

Hanging, however, was the least productive of the three. While it was "hands-free," adding/remove weights and constantly adjusting the "hanger" was a hassle for me and didn't make it convenient to use. Hanging was seemingly unnecessary because I've grown over 1.75" in length without committing to hanging for any significant amount of time.

Jelqing and penis pumping will also promote length gains, but both methods are largely considered "girth" exercises. If you are new to male enhancement, however, both methods will add length to your penis.

Whichever methods that you use - the key is to be consistent and it takes some commitment.

Penis/testicles diagramHow Does Penis Stretching Work?

Penis stretching devices or exercises function in 2 ways -

  1. Expanding and rebuilding the spongy bodies of the penis which are known as the corpus spongiosum and the corpora cavernosa.
  2. Lengthening the ligaments in the penis, the prominent one is the suspensory ligament.

An example of ligament stretching may be seen in the females who are part of the Padaung tribe of Myanmar. Called "Giraffe Women," they are commonly known for having extremely elongated necks. From childhood, these females wrap metal coils about their necks. Over a long time, as ever more coils are included, their necks are stretched to 10 inches or even more in length.

Theories About Penile Stretching

There are 2 commonly accepted theories which try to explain the mechanism of stretching of the penis that eventually lead to increased girth and length of the penis.

The basic principal in both theories is the same -

"If you apply an action toward any living tissue; those tissues will respond, changing automatically to accept the challenge."

This is not unlike how muscle tissue responds to resistance training. Penile (spongy) tissue is not identical to muscle tissue - but IT IS SIMILAR. If you stretch the penis at an intensity strong enough to safety stretch (and fatigue) the tissue, your penile tissue will go through these three processes -

  1. Hypertrophy, a process by which you existing cells will get larger and stronger.
  2. Hyperplasia, a process by which your body will generate new cells, increasing the amount of penile tissue you have.
  3. Ligament extension, a process by which your tendons/ligaments become more pliable and flexible.

Hypertrophy From Penis Stretching

The gains you get, similar to natural bodybuilding, will be a product of hypertrophy. When you stretch your penile tissue with adequate resistance to near fatigue- the tissue will breakdown and sustain a significant amount of painless "micro-tears". This is the exact same thing that happens to skeletal muscle tissue when you lift weights. With proper nutrition and rest, these micro-tears heal (usually within 24-hours) and the tissue becomes both STRONGER and BIGGER. Consistently repeat this process will lead to a noticeably longer penis. This is the exact same way that you penis grows from jelqing as well.

penile hypertrophy explainedHyperplasia From Penis Stretching

Though most of your natural gains will be made via hypertrophy, there will be also be some degree of hyperplasia when your penile tissue regenerates after a workout. When the tissue is stretched, your body will also generate new cells to aid in repair. You can visualize this by imaging new cells literally attaching or filling in the micro-tear gaps. Like hypertrophy, the new cellular growth will result in a STRONGER and BIGGER penis. There is some debate of whether a significant amount of hyperplasia occurs when subjecting a tissue to resistance (penis stretching, lifting weights, etc.). I know from over a decade of experience that some does occur. My penis literally weighs more than it did when I started PE. A girl that I have had sex with over a decade even asked me if I "put something in my penis," since it is heavier and significantly fuller than had been. Again, the majority of your gains with be from hypertrophy and existing cells getting bigger, but you should experience some degree of natural hyperplasia.
*Scroll to the bottom for an extended discussion on hyperplasia, genetic ceilings and performance enhancing drugs.

Thai Giraffe Woman, result is similar in principle to penis stretching Thai Giraffe Woman, result is similar in principle to penis stretching

Ligament Extension From Penis Stretching

This is the most obvious and easiest to understand.

If you properly warm up and stretch your penile tissue, the ligaments surrounding the tissue and supporting your penis will also be stretched. Over time, like a rubber-band, they become more flexible and longer. These tendons and ligaments tend to be untrained and stubborn- most people can gain an inch or more just from extending the ligaments. You can put a significant amount of tension on your ligaments, it takes A LOT to tear or strain a ligament. As a rule of thumb- there shouldn't be any pain when you are stretching. Unlike jelqing which mainly works your penile tissue, manual stretching puts resistance on your penile ligaments.

How Do I Do These Exercises to Lengthen My Penis?

Before you do these exercises, you need to warm up. Warming up significantly reduces the chance of injury and also makes your penis ligaments looser and easier to stretch further. You would be certain to warmup before significantly stretching your legs- so don't treat this any different. It's just as important to warm up for penis stretching as it is for jelqing. Getting in the shower and letting the hot water run on your penis while you massage the area for 5 minutes gets the job done. Putting hot water on a towel and holding it on your penis for 30 seconds at a time, for about 2-3 minutes can work too. You penis should be elastic with a reasonable "hang" before you start. Make sure there's NO water or oil (from jelqing) on your penis, you want to have a nice solid grip and no slippage. Some people like using baby powder to enhance their grip. take a showerRemember, penis stretching is done in the FLACCID state but it's not a bad idea to have a ~10% erection so that you are stretching warm tissue. Every 4 or 5 minutes, restore some blood flow to your penis.

Basic Stretching Videos
*These videos are Not Safe For Work*

There's a few different grips you can use and several different angles you to stretch toward. Each stretch is quite similar (this is not brain surgery - you are just pulling on your dick) but the variations will target different tendons. You are encouraged to stretch in all different directions to ensure the maximum gains.

Basic Double-Hand Grip Stretch

The most basic drill is to pull your penis outward/wherever and hold it for 30 seconds. Grab your penis with your dominant hand, with your thumb and index finger just below the head. Put your other hand on top. Now stretch your penis in the desired direction. Add pressure as feel you comfortable. You can pull it upwards, downward and sideways just the same.

Click white video screen to start the video.

Single Overhand-Grip Stretch

This is simply an alternative to the basic stretch above. It puts resistance on the same ligaments. I do this stretch sometimes but I prefer the one above.

You can stretch in all different directions.

Click white video screen to start the video.

Sideways Stretch (Usually Very Effective)

Pulling it sideways is valuable for working the side and lower ligaments. These ligaments are usually the most stubborn and untrained. Even if you own a penis extender or have been "hanging" weights, it is unlikely that you are putting much resistance on these ligaments. Arguably, this makes the sideways stretches the most beneficial and important.

Click white video screen to start the video.


Behind the Legs Stretch

This stretch targets the upper and side ligaments. Giving flexibility (and additional length) to these ligaments will help your flaccid size and your overall hang.

Click white video screen to start the video.


The Overhand V-Stretch

This stretch puts resistance on the upper ligaments. Some guys consider this an advanced stretch. I don't and think you can do it so long as you are careful about it.

Click white video screen to start the video.


Rotating "Windmill" Stretch & Restoring Blood Flow

After every 4-5 minutes, you'll want to restore a little bit of blood flow to your penis. You can do this technique as a stretch or simply to restore blood flow. This is what "cranking" your penis means.

Click white video screen to start the video.

Frequently Asked Questions

How hard should I be stretching my dick? I'm afraid I'm going to hurt myself...

First off- you NEVER WANT ANY PAIN.

If you feel any acute pain then you are either NOT WARMED UP or PULLING TOO HARD. Or both. Think of how you stretch your arms or legs- you don't stretch it to the point where it is painful. If you are just starting out, it's a good idea to start with a moderate stretch, just to get the "hang" of it. You can slowly incorporate some resistance you where you feel the tissue and ligament pulling a little bit. As you get more familiar with it, you'll want to stretch to the just before there is any pain. Again- you DON'T WANT PAIN, but you'll be stretching to the point just before it. Large banana and measuring tape on white backgroundHow quickly will my penis tissue recover?

Most veterans, including myself, feel that penile tissue recovers faster than skeletal muscle tissue. The time frame is 24-48 hours, but it also depends on what other training (jelqing, pumping, extender, etc.) that you are doing. As a rule of thumb- if you can't get a good boner, take the day OFF. I have always followed that rule and I have had NO injuries and my erections are as powerful as ever. Also remember- like weightlifting, growth happens during your REST periods, not during your training periods. Taking days off, so long as you consistently training - will only help you. Unlike skeletal muscle tissue, however, don't expect your dick to be "sore" the following day. So long as you did a good workout at a tension that was both STRONG ENOUGH to feel a stretch but SAFE ENOUGH to produce pain- you did just fine. If you follow this beginner's routine- you will be fine.

fruit packageShould I stretch my penis before or after jelqing?

This is up to you. I personally like jelqing before stretching because my tissue seems more flexible and my "hang" is already established. I make sure I get all the oil off from jelqing first.

What if I like one grip/stretch but not another?

In my opinion, it doesn't matter that much if you stick to one grip/stretch over another. The main thing is to do ALL the different angles.

How long will it take to see gains? This is my guess-

Regardless, you will get gains. And You will continue to get gains if you remain motivated, patient and dedicated. I encourage you to check out "Keep Perspective on Penis Enhancement: How Much Will I Gain?" before you start.

Some of us are lucky enough to have other people stretch our dicks for us... or something like that.

Additional Penis Stretching Tips

Please don't overthink this!

This is not rocket science (or brain surgery).

When you pull on your dick - it grows. Slowly.

The guys that are most successful are the guys that JUST DO IT.

It is also important that you have realistic expectations (1-2" over 12-24 months) and not think that you are going to increase your size 3" in 3 months.

* Hyperplasia (Quick Advanced Discussion)

The amount of hyperplasia (new penile tissue) you can generate will largely depend on your genetics. This is mainly relevant to experienced guys who have seemingly MAX'ed out their gains and would likely need hyperplasia-induced compounds such as insulin growth factor-1.

The interesting thing is- the amount hyperplasia you can experience isn't necessarily related to your starting size. Sometimes naturally smaller guys have penile tissue that responds extraordinarily well to growth compounds such as IGF-1 and actually have a greater growth potential Disclaimer: The contents of this page, such as text, graphics, images and other material are intended for informational and educational purposes only and not for the purpose of rendering medical advice. Please view our Medical Disclaimer that you agreed to upon clicking [x] I agree, when entering this site.