Everything You Need to Know About Jelqing
(and Slightly More)

by: Big Bad Dong (Good Looking Loser contributor)

All About Jelqing
(Milking Your Penis to Increase the Size)

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Disclaimer: The information about Jelqing is from our personal experience. The contents of this page, such as text, graphics, images and other material are intended for informational and educational purposes only and not for the purpose of rendering medical advice. Please view our Medical Disclaimer for more information.

What is Jelqing?

Jelqing, also known as ‘milking’ is a penis exercise which can increase the size; specifically the length and girth of your penis.

When I started male enhancement way back in 2001, I did NOTHING BUT JELQING on a infrequent basis and gained over an inch in length and an inch in girth.

According to Wikipedia:

Jelqing is a physical-therapy technique, intended to achieve "natural penis enlargement" by increasing blood pressure and circulation. It is performed by repeatedly stroking the penis in a squeezing motion from the base of the shaft to the corona of the glans; devices have also been created to achieve this same effect.

Does Jelqing Work?

It absolutely does and it won't cost you a penny.

The key is to consistent with your training, patient, understand how it works and what to expect.

The majority of guys that "fail," either have unrealistic goals or aren't committed.

You should be able to gain over an inch in length and girth just from jelqing. I have exceeded both.

If you are curious about who succeeds at this and who does not, I encourage you to check out this article-

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How to Jelq?

Lets talk about how to do this.

There's a video below that takes you through the process.

The Jelq technique is performed by forcing blood through the penis shaft to increase the internal pressure while maintaining that pressure with consistent strokes.

Similar to resistance training or lifting weights- this pressure results in controlled damage or micro tears in the structure of the penis. This damage mostly heals overnight however overworking or many continuous days without rest will slow the penis enlargement process.

The Jelq exercise is performed by making the ‘OK’ hand gesture, by joining your forefinger and thumb together. With these fingers joined, grip the base of the lubricated, partially erect penis firmly restricting the blood flow, and then slide your hand forward towards the tip of the penis to create pressure. Once your hand has reached the top of the penis, perform the same motion with the second hand. Continue with this process continuously swapping hands for a number of strokes with each stroke taking approximately three seconds.

It is recommended that before jelqing is started with and followed by a warm wrap, to relax the tissues and minimize chances of injury.

How to Jelq: Step-by-Step

  1. Using either hand, make the ‘OK’ hand gesture and grip the base of the penis while semi-erect.
  2. Stroke forward towards the tip and stop just before the top glans.
  3. As the first hand reaches the top of the penis, using the free hand make the ‘OK’ grip and lightly squeeze the base of the penis.
  4. With the second hand stroke forward toward the glans, stopping before the glan at the top.
  5. Continue stroking and alternating hands to create pressure along the penis shaft.

My Jelqing Video

NSFW (added January 2013)

Jelqing, Penis Enhancement Exercise Demostration (Nudity, Non-Sexual)

Video and commentary demonstrating and describing the jelqing process. It's not hard!

(Older video of me jelqing pre-Bathmate session. closer to 7" than 7.5" year - 2011)

Things to Consider When Jelqing

Jelqing to naturally increase penis size is a simple task; however there are some key concepts that can take time to master, which can really help with the process.

Erection Level

Before you start jelqing it is important that you have the appropriate erection level.

If you jelq with too low of an erection or too soft of a penis, you won't be forcing enough blood/pressure through your shaft to expand your penile tissue which gets your penis to grow.

If you jelq with too high of an erection or too hard of a penis, the same true as well- your penis will be to hard to create tissue expansion. Jelqing with a full erection is more like masturbation than jelqing.

As a general rule; your erection level should be at least 50% to 80%, with 0% being completely soft or flaccid, and 100% being highly stimulated and rock hard.

It is thought that jelqing with moderate blood flow (60-70% erection) will lead to greater LENGTH gains, while jelqing with high-moderate blood flow (70-80% erection) is better for GIRTH.

Other experienced veterans suggest the reverse is true. Either way, I suggest that you use a combination of both, naturally throughout this process you will jelq with varying levels of blood flow.

Initially your penis will need to become accustomed to the pressure levels and jelqing with erections higher than 80% should be avoided. Over time as you progress, aim to increase intensity and duration of the penis exercises for optimum size gains.


As shown in the video, Jelqing is preformed with an 'OK' grip.

You can use you index finger and thumb or your entire hand.

The 'OK' grip can be applied in two ways, palms up (standard grip) and palms down (overhand grip).

The ‘OK’ grip as previously mention is done by joining the forefinger and thumb together which creates a circle. Your fingers do not need to actually join provided it can trap the blood efficiently; this is known as the pinch grip or U grip. The U grip applied vertically is most effective for working the corpora carvenosa (CC), encouraging girth gains.

Effective penis enhancement comes from thoroughly working the entire penis by varying the grips throughout the jelq exercise; It is important however to maintain the grip strength and style during the stroke, only introducing variations at the start of a stroke. It is also best to start with low intensity for at least a minute, working towards full intensity (grip strength) to avoid spots and injuries.

okay sign

Proper Jelqing Grip

Angle and Position

We suggest you use a variety of angles, based on your goals.

The upward angle (penis pointing towards the ceiling) which generally indicates a high level of erection can be used to stretch the Tunica; which is harder to stretch then the ligaments in an effort to minimize length gains and increase girth gains. A standard OK grip should be used, however keep in mind that it is harder to grip the base of the penis at this angle.

Alternatively, the downward angle will place more strain on the ligaments promoting length gains. Using the overhand OK grip with a semi-erect penis at a downward angle, it is easy to grip close to the base of the shaft and create a great pump effect from each stroke.

To enhance penis length gains, pull to the left with your right hand and pull to the right with your left hand; using the standard OK grip, or pull in the same direction as the hand with the overhand OK grip. This stretches the ligaments with a focus on each side with each stroke to promote length growth.

Body Positioning

We suggest you do whichever is more comfortable for you.

Many find jelqing while standing up is effective in increasing the initial blood pressure in the penis.

If standing does not prove comfortable or practical, sitting with legs raised above the level of the penis should also help both in terms of blood pressure but also ease of access to the penis.

Time for jelqingStroke

The speed of each stroke is very important and should not be less than 3 seconds. It is very easy to start at a good pace but then increase speeds if concentration is lost. Timing each stroke is a great way of minimizing this issue either by counting ( ‘one-one thousand, two-one thousand, three-one- thousand’), using a watch or metronome to ensure speed is consistent.

Good Looking Loser says: I use this website to easily keep track of time- www.onlinestopwatch.com; if you are watching porn or YouTube, you can use the progress meter on your videos.

To further encourage length gains, a short light stretch at the end of each stroke can be used; similar to the JAI stretch.

When starting perform 200 strokes per day for the first week with a medium grip; increasing to 300 to 500 the week after, with a medium to strong grip. Once your penis is conditioned, use around 500 strokes per day with a medium to strong grip. Take a rest day once a week or every other day as needed.

Benefits of Jelqing

Potential Side Effects and Dangers

Red Spots and Discoloration

Good Looking Loser says-
I like the discoloration. Girls say my dick has character. :)

Techniques for Reducing or Preventing Jelqing Discoloration

Warm Wrap and Massage.
Before and after you exercise, take a warm washcloth and massage your penis. Wrap your penis with the washcloth and use your two thumbs to massage it. Apply cocoa butter and massage that in there as well (after your jelqing session).

ace-bandTheraband/ACE Wrap.
To prevent (or reduce) discoloration wrap the discolored area your penis with a theraband or ACE bandage wrap after your workout. The wrap should be tight enough to SLIGHTLY reduce blood flow but in no way to significantly reduce blood flow to your penis. This is make certain that your penis isn't full of blood while your tissue is recovering. In my opinion, however, you shouldn't restrict blood flow to your penis unless you are using a penis extender to lengthen it in the process. Restricting blood flow slows the recovery process.

Your penis needs all the red blood cells, hormones and nutrients it can get to get bigger and stronger.

The above methods are effective for most guys, they are not an overnight solution however. Both take time.

Other Jelqing Considerations

Warming up.
In my opinion it is a good idea to warm up. Getting into the shower for 5-10 minutes and letting warm water run on your penis is the easiest way. You can also use a warm washcloth, warm water bottle, heating pad or just put your warm laptop on your dick (we've all felt how nice that feels). Warming up before jelqing is not necessary according to seasoned jelqers. Their penises are strong and used to the training though. If you are new, I suggest warming up, especially if you are going to do manual exercises when you need your dick to be elastic. It certainly can't hurt.

Good Looking Loser says-
I once tried the "warm rice sock in the microwave" suggestion but I set the sock on fire and it smelled up my entire college dorm. Don't do that.

Warming down.
This is optional, a lot of guys do to prevent discoloration with the 'warm wrap and massage' method that is listed above. It won't impact your gains either way though.

Jelqing with Coconut OilJelqing lubricants.
Although some guys do dry jelqing, I suggest sticking only to 'wet' jelqing and using a lubricant. The lubricant is up to you. Many guys prefer water-based lubricants like KY-Jelly and Astroglide, while others prefer oil-based lubricants like baby oil or Vaseline. Emo oil is thought to help prevent discoloration, but neither I or Chris can confirm this.

Whatever you do- don't use soap. Not only does soap hurt if it gets into your penis head, the sodium laurel sulfate (in 98% of soap) is bad your for skin in prolonged exposures.

Good Looking Loser says-

I've gained about inch JUST from jelqing and infrequent stretching. I started at 5.5" (probably more like 5.25) and made it 6.5". It definitely works, the best device best device to mimic or supplement jelqing is obviously the Bathmate.

I use either extra virgin olive oil or extra virgin coconut oil. Both are amazing for your skin. Pour them in a glass (coconut oil is solid at room temperature) and put them in the microwave for :30-1minute. It will be nice and warm. It feels wonderful and erections are very easy to keep.

Resources and Pictures

If you have arrived from Google, Vimeo and especially if you are new to penis enhancement (PE), I encourage you to check out-

It will save you time and money because a lot of the industry is simply scams and garbage.

If you've simply come for picture proof or entertainment, you might be more interested these pages-
Not Safe for Work! ~if you are on this site, you probably aren't at work though :)

It's a good idea to educate yourself and start slow.

Like anything else in life- there are "risks" involved.
And Like most everything else in life- you can avoid 99% of the risks by simply KNOWING WHAT YOU ARE DOING.

I will give my best effort to help you understand this process, what to expect and tell you what the quickest way to get there is.

If you have any questions, ask me.
I'll get back to you as soon as I can.