The Phallosan Forte

The PE Device You Can Wear While You Sleep
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In my review of the Phallosan Forte, we shall discuss-

Starting in July 2013, I decided to give the new Phallosan Forte a try since there has been a decent amount of buzz around the device.

I wanted a device that fulfilled 2 main criteria-

  1. I could recommend it to guys that are 6" (or less) - since our extender is most comfortable for guys that are slightly longer than average.
  2. You can wear it while you sleep.

This device does both.

It's a solid device and is a good solution for guys that want LENGTH but don't have the time/willpower to do 4-6 hours of manual stretching a week or just don't like the idea/hassle of wearing an extender in public.

You comfortably and SAFELY wear the Phallosan while you sleep and for that reason - this device will be a homerun for a lot of guys.

To be clear, this is the exact device I'm talking about -

coupon phallosan(If you order via GLL - you will receive an additional FOUR free condom sleeves)

I'm going to keep the "product information" section short, since most of you guys understand how this PE stuff works.

Official Phallosan Forte Video

What is the Phallosan Forte?

It's a male enhancement device that targets LENGTH.

It attaches to your penis and comfortably and safely keeps it in a moderate stretch.

How and Why Does the Phallosan Work?

By keeping your penis in a moderate stretch, a conservative resistance slowly breaks down your penile tissue. If allowed adequate recovery time, your penile tissue will heal (and regrow) bigger, stronger and in the case of this device - LONGER.

The concept is the EXACT same as manual penis stretching, however the pressure is less but the duration is significantly more. You are basically doing a low-moderate manual stretch - for hours at a time.

If you are still confused, look at it this way -

It's like lifting weights. Though penile tissue is not identical to skeletal muscle tissue, it's response to resistance training is pretty much the same.

When the Phallosan fatigues your penile tissue (and you let it recover) it will get bigger.
(For more information, look here - "How Does PE Work?") Phallosan Forte

Good Looking Loser's
Phallosan Video Review
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Table of Contents

Table of Content *Click to Enlarge*Table of Contents *Click to Enlarge*

Who Might Benefit From This Device?

There's 4 groups of guys that may want to consider it -

  1. Total Newbies
  2. Lazy Guys
  3. PE Veterans (that HAVEN'T focus on length)
  4. Smaller Guys

newbie-signNewbies (Never done PE)

While I'd love for newbies to get this device (or do one of our Penis Enhancement Routines), gain size and give me credit, the reality is-

If you have NEVER DONE PE, just about ANYTHING will give you size.

It's true, the first half-inch is the easiest one to get.

You can easily do that for free with Jelqing and Stretching. That's where I generally recommend guys to start.

A device like this one will just speed up the process and make it easier because you don't have to do anything other than wear the device.

Newbies, specifically looking for length, will certainly benefit.

It's not a "sexy" or super fun device like the Bathmate (mainly for girth) but it's comfortable enough that wearing it every day, for hours at a time, isn't a hassle.

Homer_Simpson-LazyLazy Guys (Can't stay committed to PE)

Lazy guys will really like this device.

To be honest, I fell into this category from when I started in ~2001 until when I got serious about it again in 2008 since I was sleeping with a lot of girls.

Though PE is therapeutic for some, most don't enjoy the endless hours of tedious manual exercises and barely noticeable gains.

The Phallosan makes the process hands-free so you don't have to put in any/as many hours into manual training.

The big advantage, particularly for Lazy Guys, is that you can strap on the device and safely sleep in it. You can't even feel it.

While wearing an extender during the day is pretty easy and certainly less demanding than daily manual stretching, you still have to readjust it/take it off to pee.

Wearing it while you sleep is a Lazy Guy's dream.

This is the autopilot that we've been waiting for.


Veterans (1+ Year of PE, but limited length gains)

It's hard to "promise" gains to experienced guys that have already achieved the standard 1.5 - 2 inches in growth.

I will say though -

Like myself, most experienced guys usually have put most of their time into Jelqing and fun, quick-to-use devices such as the Bathmate.

Both are just more fun and less time-consuming than their respective counterparts - stretching and extending.

There's a chance that their length isn't MAXED out (if you haven't gained 1.5", I'd bet you have more to grow) even though their girth is.

If you have done PE for a year or more - but for whatever reason - you haven't given a FULL and CONSISTENT effort toward gaining length, this might be something to consider.

Average/Smaller Guys (At 6" or Below)

I recommend the Phallosan (over Sizegenetics) to guys at or under 6" in length.

It simply will fit a 6" dick better than Sizegenetics.

The Phallosan Forte condom sleeves are more on the average/smaller side as compared to Sizegenetics bars and strap.

Sizegenetics works great but can give guys that lack the adequate length and girth trouble if they are unable to snugly fit into the device.

While our suggestions to fit in the Sizegenetics penis extender usually solve this problem, the Phallosan is just better made to work for guys that are average or below.

Conversely, if you are well hung or big (beyond 6.5") - I recommend Sizegenetics instead.

The Main Reasons I'm Recommending This Device

Beyond the obvious "it works", there's a few reasons that I'd like to highlight.


I keep repeating this but -

This is big - especially for guys that rather not wear the extender during the day.

For that reason alone, I think it's a worthwhile investment if you are looking for length.

Obviously the BEST combination is wearing it both day and night (and doing manual exercise) but that is not always practical.

As any seasoned veteran will tell you-


It is a marathon, not a sprint.

It requires almost daily commitment and needs to be a top priority in your life and not just a weekend hobby.

Otherwise, it's honestly not worth doing.

The Phallosan, hypothetically, can let you take advantage of the 8 hours (sleep) that would otherwise be wasted or meant solely for recovery.

While wearing it, it's best to sleep on your side or back. Some guys are able to sleep on their stomach but that's harder. I've never had it fall off in my sleep; the times you need to watch for is when you are getting up from your bed or naturally rolling over.


To describe how it feels (once you have it setup properly, which takes some trial-error), this is what I'll tell you -

You don't.

You don't feel much at all.

I'm not saying, "once you get used to it, you won't feel anything,"

I'm literally saying - YOU WON'T FEEL ANYTHING (for the vast majority of the time).

You can move around, get up, sit down without much worry.

I can't emphasize how important 'comfort' is.

No matter how ambitious you may be about your male enhancement goals, you need to wear these length devices for HOURS at a time.

A device that isn't comfortable will end up on the shelf, in the trash or on eBay for some poor soul to buy.

I've gone through several devices (2 extenders, 1 hanging device, 1 'rope' device) that were less-than-comfortable and I abandoned all of them within about a month.

Once you figure it out, slippage is rare and pinching is non-existent (the device can't pinch you).


Although not as simple as the other devices, the Phallosan is pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it.

This is important if you are wearing it during the day, need to pee and have to take the device off.

In my experience, I can put on Sizegenetics faster (10-20 seconds) but the Phallosan isn't hard.
(see the video below)

My Experience and Veteran Perspective

Dr.-MarioStarting early July 2013, I started testing the Phallosan Forte.

Since I've been doing PE for a number of years (pictures here), I've pretty much maxed out my natural growth. Although I still plan to inject IGF-1 into my penis to see if I can achieve further growth, I'm not counting on any device to give me any additional natural size.

I can't quantitatively measure how a device/exercise works and take legitimate before and after pictures since I'm at my natural ceiling and any "growth" is generally from losing weight.

I'd love to tell you - this [device] gave me 1 inch in 5 weeks! But I'd be lying and misrepresenting what the average PE veteran could get.

I have to go by how a device "feels" (resistance, comfort, easy-of-use, etc.) to properly evaluate it.

I know how good devices feel and I know how shitty ones feel.

This one is really good one and most guys will be able to wear it for hours (if they are serious about gaining length).

I can confirm that it's comfortable and you can sleep with it without worrying about the blood-flow to your penis.

Perhaps the most telling observation was-

When I don't use the Bathmate (or Penomet) for 7 days, my flaccid size goes from 5.75" (close to 6") down to 5.25"
(or closer to 5").

For the first ~3.5 weeks, I used the Phallosan and NOTHING else.

My flaccid size never fell below 5.75" and was to close to or over 6" most of the day and always in the morning.

This tells me that there is certainly adequate resistance to stimulate growth (if you haven't hit your ceiling) or at the bare minimum - preserve all your length gains.

Also notable -

I also gained some garbage weight (6-8 lbs) which usually takes .1 or .2" away from me.

During that time, my erections were the regular 7.25-7.3". (no loss in size whatsoever)

I can't confirm that Phallosan was the ENTIRE reason why. I was surprised by it. I have no doubt that this device will be solid for a lot of guys, it's just like the extender - but you can wear it to bed.

What Does the Phallosan Look Like?
How Do I Put It On?
This is me putting on the Phallosan on.

(try a different browser if you see no video)

It's pretty simple after you figure it out.

Phallosan has it's own 'resistance gauge' that show you with how much force that you are stretching your penis.Phallosan has its own 'resistance gauge' that show you how much force that you are stretching your penis.

Comparisons to Sizegenetics (Quality Length-Extender)

The devices are quite similar -

√ I consider the comfort of these devices to be EQUAL or insignificant. If you are considering a length device, it should be the one that better fits your lifestyle.

√ I consider Sizegenetics the 'Day Time' Extender and Phallosan the 'Night Time' extender.

Keep in mind - to REALLY get good results, you'll want to wear one or both for 8-10+ hours a day.

small-phallosanPhallosan Advantages

The big advantage to Phallosan is you can wear it at night.

While you can wear Sizegenetics at night, you need to do so on the lowest tension possible and even still there's possible lack-of-blood-flow issues. Regardless, Phallosan will be more comfortable if you are lying on your back or your side.

Phallosan is more 'boner' friendly. If you get an erection it won't be painful like it might be in an extender (erections are rare in extenders).

I recommend guys under 6" take a look at the Phallosan Forte if they want to add length.

small-sizegenetics-extenderSizegenetics Advantages

Sizegenetics is slightly more discrete than the Phallosan, so if you are going to wear it during the day (and you are out in public), Sizegenetics is probably the one you want.

Sizegenetics, the full system, has more comfort options than the Phallosan - but both are ultimately equal in comfort.

Phallosan (because of the condom sleeves) is more delicate so most guys will be able to put on Sizegenetics faster, which is important if you are hitting the bathroom a lot.

This is why I wear Sizegenetics during the day; I can take it on and off in about 20 seconds.

I recommend guys at or over 6" take a look at Sizegenetics if they want to add length.

Here's a picture of me wearing the Phallosan, it's slightly more visible than Sizegenetics, but not significantly.

 Click to Enlarge (Adult) Click to Enlarge (Adult)

Which Is Better? Phallosan or Sizegenetics?

They are both good and will work if you really wear them.

To be clear -

The device that is "better" will be the one that you WEAR FOR THE MOST HOURS.

Neither device "gives you more gains".

How much you wear is it is the one and only factor.

What If I Own Bathmate or Sizegenetics Already?

Again, you don't NEED any of these devices to gain size.

They will make the process faster and more fun.

The Bathmate is primarily for girth. If you have already gained beyond 1" in length, it's unlikely that the Bathmate will help you gain significantly more length and you may benefit from a length device.

If you already own Sizegenetics, ONLY consider the Phallosan if you plan on wearing it at night. There's no point to buying it for the daytime if you already own Sizegenetics.

While it's nice for me to make some money on these recommendations - I only want to do so by being straight up with you and not misrepresenting any of these products.

If you DON'T have the money - DO NOT buy any of them.

How Does "Hanging" Compare to the using the Phallosan?

If you are new to male enhancement you might be surprised (or not) to hear that guys buy different devices to hang weight plates from their dick.

I only suggest this for advanced guys that have already gained their first inch or more.

It's fairly safe IF you know what you are doing (and have built up strong dick ligaments and tissue), but it's absolutely not something I suggest for beginners.

If you haven't yet gained your first inch or are completely new to male enhancement, you will gain quickly from Phallosan and don't need to do jeopardize your safety.

How Will It Be Delivered?
What Will My Bank Statement Say?

It will be delivered within 3-5 business days in a brown UPS box that looks like this -

Brown UPS Box Click to Enlarge

Neither the mailman or your mom/housemates will know what's in the box unless they open your mail.

You credit card statement statement will not say anything that indicates the nature of the product.

It will say -

Orbisan Ltd.

Other real person feedback -

Here is our coupon -

coupon phallosan

Just so you know-
AT NO EXPENSE to you I receive a commission if you purchase the Phallosan Forte. I am recommending the device because in an industry full of trash, this is one of the good ones. It is safe, effective, comfortable, well-made and I feel the majority of guys will like it. Thank you if you purchase through my link; this is how our community makes money.

4 Free Condom Sleeves Included
(Exclusive Good Looking Loser Offer)

If you order through our link - you will get 4 free condom sleeves.

You will need these. The condom sleeves hold you in a stretched position, they are soft and make the device comfortable - but they can rip.


Approved by the Food and Drug Administration

I'm not going to make a huge deal out of this but on November 4th 2013, the FDA approved the device and currently lists it on their website.

I'm not sure what the process is for getting a male enhancement device approved, but I do know that 99% of the other device/pills in this industry wouldn't stand a chance at receiving FDA approval.

 Click to Enlarge - FDA Approval Click to Enlarge - FDA Approval

Additional Tips for Using the Phallosan Forte

Here is our complete Phallosan FAQ -

Phallosan Condom SleevesCondom Sleeves

If you have questions, leave feedback or check out other reviews, join us -