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(Recommended By Hollywood Adult Film Actor "Boomer")
Crazy climaxes, harder erections, spray big loads, sex training, get used to condoms, etc.

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*There are a whole bunch of models, this Fleshlight review covers the 'Stamina Training Unit'.

Here is the specific device that I am reviewing -

My Fleshlight Review (Video)

How I Discovered the Fleshlight

On an unseasonably busy weekday in April 2011, I struck up a conversation with "Boomer," at Nordstrom Rack. Turns out, Mr. "Boomer," also a professional [non-NBA] basketball player, had come to Hollywood to do some adult gigs for the Summer. One thing led to another and I was given an impromptu audition for a quick scene in a "college co-ed's" series. I went to the audition and had an insider look at the mid-level Hollywood adult movie scene.

 Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit

You can read entire story here, go on, I encourage you-
"How Chris found 'LAXxx' and the Fleshlight"

Long story short- several guys at the gig had these devices that looked like flashlights that they were "warming up" with before their scenes. Later, I found out that these things were called "Fleshlights" and they were a sex toy / stamina builder hybrid. Boomer swore by it to control orgasm and significantly increase ejaculation volume. There must have been 40+ of them there. I was offered one, but I didn't want get a "pre-owned" one. :)

Boomer and a guy known as "Big Jack" were telling me how the Fleshlight really helped them increase their stamina and cum shots. That's what the majority of guys in the industry use it for. I only saw a handful of scenes over the 90 minutes I was there but nearly every guy absolutely sprayed their orgasm EVERYWHERE.*

*What I witnessed was probably a combination of a strong PC muscle that could "shoot on command" and various "performance enhancing" drugs. But like I said- most of these guys absolutely sprayed their cum EVERYWHERE. It was pretty crazy. (see long story)

What Is the Fleshlight Used For? (What to Expect)

I've seen a lot of bizarre shit in my life, this one is definitely up there. The Fleshlight literally is a pussy that is coming out of flashlight case. It looks like a vagina, it feels just like a vagina (ESPECIALLY with warm lubricant), and you can use it to have crazy orgasms and sex training. The Fleshlight is outstanding for both. It's actually the #1 sold male sex toy in the world, I was surprised I hadn't heard of it...

Sex Toy For Crazy Orgasms

The Fleshlight can give guys toe curling, body shaking orgasms.

I have had a few, and nearly every time with warm lube and a girl running it up and down my shaft. Although "hands-free" Fleshlight orgasms are best, if you get yourself off it is just about ALWAYS more powerful than jerking off.

Check out these Fleshlight reviews from some guys on LPSG-

In the 1st thread, some guys actually claim its better than intercourse with a woman. In terms of sensation, with warm lubricant- it's the closest thing being inside of a young, excited, wet pussy. In terms of experience, it's more fun to have a real woman. :)

Since the sensation is very close to real intercourse, a lot of guys use the Fleshlight for 'sex training'. Although I don't specifically use it for this purpose, it would have been nice in my early 20's when I needed experience and couldn't "get some," if you know what I mean.

Added Stamina / Orgasm Control / Strong Erections / Shoot Big Loads

 Fleshlight Assembled Fleshlight Assembled

I have the Fleshlight that is specifically for stamina training.
That's mainly why I bought it, more on that later...

It's good.

Using the Fleshlight, guys can significantly improve their stamina by intentionally delaying orgasm when they are near climax. With daily training, this develops orgasm control, stronger erections and a sizable increase in the volume and distance of ejaculate. Since the Fleshlight experience is pretty intense, you can really put tension to your PC muscles to hold back orgasm.

Similar to resistance training, the Fleshlight can strengthen your "mind-dick" connection and your overall PC muscle development. Developing your PC muscle is pretty important if you are also increasing the size of your penis. Most guys, including guys have well-developed penises, have significantly underdeveloped PC muscles. I certainly did.

Sex Training / Practice with Condoms (Sexual Anxiety)

Needless to say, the Fleshlight doesn't have to be used in any sort of way other than simply masturbating.

My main suggestion for sexual anxiety (other than experience), is developing a big penis. Just after that, however, I feel "knowing what to expect" and "practicing" can significantly help. The Fleshlight gives you that opportunity since it is the closet thing to being inside a hot, wet pussy (in terms of SENSATION).

Most guys, even guys that have slept with 2 or 3 girls, don't perform that well when it's their first time banging a new girl. They either climax SUPER FAST or NOT AT ALL. It's not that big a deal and most women don't hold it against you since they are mainly into the foreplay and emotional lead up. But it's definitely not something that you want regularly happening, or even worse- WORRYING ABOUT IT.

I don't use the Fleshlight for this purpose since I'm pretty experienced these days and I don't have much sexual anxiety. 4-5 years ago, however, I definitely could have used this thing to reduce my anxiety and certainly get better acclimated with condoms, different lubricants, positions etc. Yes, even I have had sessions where I climaxed within 45 seconds and sometimes not at all. It happens to all of us. Guys stress about this WAY MORE than they should, but it definitely something you want to get control over.

My Personal Experience with the Fleshlight

As I discussed in "How I found the Fleshlight & LAXxx," previous to March 2012, I hardly ever shot my cum. Maybe 1 out of every 30 orgasms. Maybe 30 times in my ENTIRE life. I was the stereotypical 'dribbler'. I never really cared but the Hollywood "scene" had left an impression on me.
(Literally- I can still see this nervous Korean girl getting hosed down) haha

As a New Year's resolution and in an effort to force myself to take male enhancement seriously in 2012- I made the commitment to return to the 'scene' in May of this year. Highly ambitious, I planned to be larger (7.5"), in better shape (6% Body Fat) and to spray two cuties I knew on camera. *I often decide to sort of put myself "on the line" in order to reach a goal that I might otherwise slack on.

I got my Fleshlight in mid-January 2012 and I've been using it for stamina training.

The basic routine consisted of doing kegels (see Fleshlight routine), bringing myself close to orgasm several times and finally climaxing after the 4th or 5th time.

After about one month- I noticed I was having stronger erections, particularly in the morning. But it wasn't until March 2nd (I kept a log) when I finally got 2 medium cum shots in-a-row. I was happy, and really hoped it would continue.

By sticking with suggested daily training (7 days on, 1 day off) my cum volume, cum distance, erection strength and mind-dick connection really improved. My orgasms were stronger too. Seemingly noticeable on a daily basis.

By the end of April, I was delivering sizable loads. I had the ability to control my orgasm and literally "pull back" orgasm 3 or 4 times, something I've never really been able to do more than once.

It took me a while to finally believe that my PC Muscle was stronger and I didn't have to think "am I going to spray?" At the start of May, two, super awesome, very supportive girls let me unload on them night-after-night until we all agreed it was a sure thing. Thanks again :)

On the night of the scene, I was 7.4", 6.2% BF and delivered an impressive cum shot, definitely the best one I've ever had on camera. Not bad! Just narrowly missed my lofty goals.* I was completely satisfied, a happy ending overall. Even though my scene the year before when fairly well, I actually looked and felt the part this time.

Looking back on it, my PC muscle was so fucking weak it was pitiful. Through the years, I have increased my dick about 2 inches from doing PE. At 7+ inches I'm surprised I could even get a decent boner given how weak it was. I had been relying on Bathmate and Cialis too much.

* Keep in mind, I was also using SizeGenetics, Bathmate and doing manual exercises and losing weight throughout this 4 month period as well. Admittedly, the Fleshlight was probably not responsible for ALL my results. But again, prior to 2012, I had shot cum 1 out of every 30 times and maybe 25-30 times in my ENTIRE life. Now it is pretty much EVERY time, with or without delaying orgasm.

Fleshlight Action Pictures

Here are some recent pictures of me with the Fleshlight.

Yes... I actually own it. :)

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