Does PE Actually Work?

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Does PE Work? (Keeping Perspective on Male Enhancement)

PE does work.

Perhaps not to the degree that those sleazy "gain 4+ inches on your penis in 2 months!" advertisements say.

But it does work.


The most important thing is to stay committed, even if you just do 10 minutes a day.

That's where the psychological element to penis enhancement come into play.

The guys that quit are usually expecting too much, too fast. Might be on and off with PE for years, just as I was before I got serious about it for the LAST TIME.

The guys that gain and persevere generally understand how this stuff works a little better.

Common questions are-

I'll try to give some perspective on this so you can understand where I'm coming from when I have to say "it depends," and perhaps figure what the answers to these question actually are.

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Newbie Gains (Fitness Analogy)

Even though penis enhancement involves 3 different types of tissue (mainly: smooth muscle tissue and organ tissue) the growth process is similar to skeletal muscle hypertrophy (aka working out/lifting weights). You break down the tissue, with proper rest, it comes back bigger and stronger (and longer in this case).

Just like "working out," an untrained dick will adapt and grow very quickly. With regular exercise, both your body and dick will see significant tissue growth in the first 1 to 12 months. It is sometimes thought that after 12 months of regular exercise, you are probably at 80-90% your genetic capacity for total growth. Your rate of growth will be very fast in the first year. After that, it is much harder.

If you have no prior PE experience, with regular exercise, you can probably expect .5" - 1.25" of growth in 9-12 months.* Yeah, I know, that's a large range.

* This estimation is assuming you do just manual exercising (stretching, jelqing) and not using Bathmate or SizeGenetics.

Will I Ever Be Hung?
(Assessing Your Genetic Potential)

October 2013 Update/Clarification (as posted elsewhere)-

I started at ~5.25" - I've gotten as high as 7.4" (very low body fat).

I don't, however, think I can get much beyond 7.5" naturally which I had originally thought in the video (I don't know why I said that actually, I never thought that, I was probably talking about with chemical enhancement).

On any given day, as of October 22, 2013- I'm about 7.2. I have taken HGH (prescribed to me after a knee injury) which probably has helped too.

I do feel most guys can naturally gain 1.75" to 2" inches in length if they commit to a PE routine (and lose any excess weight). For most guys, it will put them significantly above the average penis size.

Girth gains will vary, probably from .75-1.5" but devices like Bathmate and Penomet make it possible to gain significant amounts of girth pretty quickly. Much more than just jelqing alone can offer. Jelqing was all we had when I was in my early 20's and it's quite helpful for size.

Genetic Ceilings

Both your dick and your body have a certain "genetic ceiling."

With manual exercise, you'll only get so big. Add the devices, you'll get a little bigger.* Then you'll kind of hit a wall and you'll need certain synthetic growth factors (HGH, IGF-1) to [create hyperplasia, additional cellular growth] continue growing.

This isn't unlike working out. Train naturally and eat right, you'll only get so big and strong. Toss in some supplements, you'll get a little bigger and stronger. Eventually you'll need to alter your hormonal profile so your body can continue to grow and support additional muscle.

It's my thought that the average guy that starts with a dick 5-6" probably has about 2" of growth in them. Perhaps more.
I started at 5.25-5.5", I'm about 7.3-7.4" right now.

Guys that start at 7-8" might have 2.5-3" of growth in them (you better be make horse noises and going DEEP inside these girls!!). Perhaps more.

Guys that start at 4-5" still probably have still have potential for 2" of growth.

* Using the devices is a good idea regardless if you've hit a plateau, they speed up your gains.

How Gains Happen - Keep Perspective and Motivated

I often tell guys that it takes 4 or 5 months to see gains. This is mainly because I don't want to get yelled at. Truth is, you gain a little bit from just about EVERY workout.

The only this is- you can't see it.

Literally- you can't see it. You will gain ~.005" per day, if you're lucky.

Lets put it this way and attach a frame of reference-

In the SizeGenetics clinical study, guys grew an average of 1 inch in 6 months. That's a lot.

It's unlikely that these guys "saw" gains on a weekly basis however.

Lets break it down-

1 inch : 6months = ~.16" a month. = ~.04" a week = ~.005" a day

They probably didn't "see" gains until after the second month. In fact, it wasn't until month 3 that results were considered "statistically significant."

So just keep this in mind.

Progress is made ONE workout at a time, but it ADDS up.

My cock isn't huge, I have gotten the ~2" growth that I think everyone can attain. It's the product of 100s of workouts though. I probably could hit 2" faster if the devices were around several years ago. But they weren't and even if they were- it still would have taken 100s of workouts.

This isn't to discourage your from starting PE. In fact, the newbie gains in the first 6-12months are exciting and you should totally go for it.

Just know that - it's working.

A little bit at a time.

* This too isn't unlike working out, although people can "see" changes in their body composition easier because your muscle are bigger than your penis.

In the first year you might grow ~.0025" per workout, after that- it might be ~.0005". Try to enjoy the process, use the Bathmate to inflate your dick to superhuman proportions, nail some girls, do your exercises, just don't look for daily changes, get disappointed and quit.