Does Size Matter?

Don't try to base your opinion on what women "claim".
Don't base it on lesser endowed guys.
If it matters to YOU- then it matters.

If it doesn't- then it doesn't matter as much.

If you've found this page, then it probably matters.
Cool, do something about it :) Good Looking Loser: Get Hung

Does Size Matter? AND Various Sexual Anxiety Issues/Concerns.

Does Penis Size Matter?

On some other forums, I've taken some criticism from guys with sexual anxiety & WOMEN that say I shouldn't encourage guys with sexual anxiety to increase their dick size because it will make them more self-conscious. I think that is ridiculous. You either like/satisfied your current size or you don't. Whether they know it or not, a lot of guys have sexual anxiety that prevents them from getting physical with girls. Penis size isn't exactly/always the cause. But it's definitely more rare that a well-endowed guy has sexual anxiety and is scared to take out his dick than a guy with an average/small penis. From personal experience, I absolutely love the moment when I show my penis out to a hottie that I just met. When they look at me like they won the lottery, it's priceless. That didn't happen 6-7 years ago.

As you know, I regard this penis enhancement simply as self-improvement. If a guy overweight and isn't maximizing his appearance- I'd be an AWFUL mentor if I told him "you shouldn't care about your body/looks, ONLY superficial women care about looks." I'd also be LYING.

I'm not comparing the importance of looks/body to cock size- but they matter. Everything matters and enhancing and feeling good about your looks/body/style/cock/everything can HELP.

So why not increase your penis size if you can?

But if women TRULY didn't care (AT ALL): is it a coincidence at all the dildos and sex toys are 7-8" long and 5.5-6" in girth? No. Girls loved being filled by a hung cock, whether they admit it or not. In some cases it hurts, but they will get used to it and enjoy it more- simply because it hits spots that she's NEVER even felt before. Girls picture their lover with a above average/big dick. They don't picture their lover being small. Some guys will be too big and some girls will be too small to take a big dick, but that's a SMALL minority.

I think skeptical guys (who aren't yet big) underestimate what a positive effect it can have on their sex/overall life. When I decided to improve my size, I didn't predict or picture myself getting blowjobs in hot tubs while 5 or 10 people watched silently, how some of my hockey teammates politely asked me if they could sit quietly in my closet to so they could watch me have sex with a hot girl later that night, or how girls and guys in my social circles would talk about my size to each other. It's was so reassuring when I'd (get the impression) that my fuck-buddies would often ditch their other, previous fuck-buddies after we banged a handful of times. I'm not even THAT fuckin big! Needless to say, I walk around "like I have a huge dick," and it was worth the effort. I put the time in.

If you wonder "does size matter?" then obviously it matters to you- so do the exercises and get it bigger.
take action
i started out completely average with slightly (barely) more girth than average
it can be done and its not overrated

Here's some basic clinical research-
A study published in BMC Women's Health surveyed women's preferences concerning penis size and concluded that width rather than length is a more important factor of sexual stimulation.

Similar results were found in a cover story published in Psychology Today, which surveyed 1,500 readers (about 2/3 women) about male body image. Many of the women were not particularly concerned with penis size and over 71% thought men overemphasized the importance of penis size and shape. Generally, the women polled cared more about width than men thought, and less about length. "...the number one reason women preferred a thicker penis was that it was more satisfying during intercourse."

Another study, conducted at Groningen University Hospital, asked 375 sexually active women (who had recently given birth) the importance of penis size and concluded: "Although clearly in the minority, a nevertheless considerable percentage of the women respondents attached substantial importance to the size of the male sexual organ."

The term size queen is slang for a person who prefers their sexual partner(s) to have a larger-than-average penis.

Not necessary women that HAVE TO have a huge penis to even enjoy sex.

cow brown

Numerous Physical and Psychological Benefits of Being Endowed

I have big penis, I didn't always have one though. Unlike some stuff in life, being well endowed is not overrated.

There's more physical and psychological benefits than I even realized.

Here are my recommendations to "Get Hung".

Having a big penis probably more important to ME than her, but it certainly doesn't "hurt" (usually).

In no particular order, lets discuss these:

Nearly all girls love the feeling of a big penis inside of them.

Excitement and preference for a well-endowed partner isn't just for "size queens." Nearly all women really like to have sex with a well hung man. We're talking about a big cock- upwards or at of 7 inches in length and 5.75 inches in girth. We're not talking about some insane 'BangBros' 12 x 8 inch horse penis. While some girls, when asked, say "penis size doesn't matter," they often tell their close friends about a boyfriend, fuck buddy or a random encounter with a hung stranger with excitement and a smile on their face. Most girls I've talked to about it get turned on by the idea of feeling 'full'. Even if they aren't totally into the guy, they often go back for a couple more sessions, even if they initially thought the guy was "too big." If given the choice between being big, average or small- women, just like men, would prefer to have the big penis. While this is the reality, it's not often talked about and not mainstream "information" because women that express their urge for a big penis (or any size penis) are called 'sluts' and 'whores'.

I'm close friends with two girls, Blake and Audrey, both of these women are "top 1%" women in the looks department and have even modeled swimsuit and high-fashion for prestigious labels. They are also beyond highly selective when it comes to who they date and sleep with. One morning, Audrey was asking Blake how her experience was with the guy just she met the prior night since she almost never goes home with anyone. Blake said she wasn't too impressed by what the guy did for living and how nice his apartment was. Audrey asked her, "So how was it?" Blake glowingly said, "He was huge." Both Audrey and I smiled. We both knew that Blake got a good bang didn't regret it. Blake said that she might not want to see him again but she might call him for a 'booty call' and he was "just what she needed," since she had been so stressed out earlier that week. I'm pretty sure Blake got together with him a few more times. This wasn't surprising at all to me. I've played the role of the guy for plenty of times for stressed out horny girls.

Big Penis, Less Sexual (or Performance) Anxiety

A lot of guys have sexual anxiety. Being well-hung decreases that significantly, especially if you've had an average penis your whole life. A lot of guys struggle to "pull the trigger" with chicks because they have sexual anxiety. Unscientifically put, if your mind is racing, you won't be able to get blood flow to your penis necessary to have a good boner. If you want to have one-night stands with random girls it is particularly important to be relaxed so you can give the girl a good bang and enjoy yourself in the process. I never really dealt with a bad case of sexual anxiety, but I'm to the point where I almost have none whatsoever. I know when I drop my pants, the girl will be impressed and usually get even more excited. Most guys that have a big dick have no shame about whipping it out for a girl to see, similar to a hot chick with big breasts being really confident when she's naked. Sometimes you actually need to slow yourself down. I wasn't that way before I had a big penis. I've had sex on beaches, in parks and even gotten blow jobs several times while people I knew on my hockey team watched. If I still had an average penis, I don't know that I would have taken advantages of these opportunities.

Big Cock Sex/Power

Being hung can add a unique "dirty talk" or an authentic "big cock" power element to your sex life. For one, you are naturally more dominant and the chick is naturally more submissive. Before meeting up with a fuck-buddy I'd send her a generous picture of my cock and tell her to try and not to masturbate ahead of time. During foreplay, I've have her compare my cock to her wrists and forearms (I don't know if this turns me on more than her haha). I tell girls to blow me using two hands for added pleasure. It's cool to make your dick inflate and watch your chick struggle to get her little lips around your hung penis. Before sex, there's a exciting silence for you and her when you pull out an XL gold-wrapper condom and she is just laying on the bed staring in anticipation. During sex, hearing a girl say "You're so big." or having her brace herself in fear by putting her hand on stomach (missionary position) to make sure you go in and pump her super slow is just about the best thing in the world. I can tell chicks, "You feel so tight!" or "You haven't gotten laid for a while, I'm gonna stretch you out!" and actually mean it. It's pretty amazing to watch your chick time her desperate gasps for oxygen between your repeated thrusts from your huge penis. It takes sex to a totally new level. Women, even the more "alpha-type" girls, love to be submissive to guys with a bull penis.

For guys that like to tape themselves with chicks, the bigger your penis is, the better it looks on camera. For guys that are legitimately turned on by "destroying her pussy" or "hurting" the girl, you are one pump away from having your chick wince in pain as she feels your plump sausage crash against her defenseless not-quite-wet-enough cervix. It's cool to think or fantasize about these scenarios, it's another thing to have them be a frequent reality.

Appearance While Clothed

This applies mainly to guys that are "show-ers" and have a large flaccid size moreso than the "grow-ers" that have a big penis only when they get excited. I'm somewhere between. Still, I've had girls approach me after noticing my crotch. The first time I can remember was during Furman University's "Beach Week" in Myrtle Beach. I was tossing a football with some of the football players when the ball went in the water. I was just wearing shorts and I went into the water to grab the ball. I came out and all eyes were on me. Even the black guys were noticing. I liked the feeling but was still sorta embarrassed so I went to get a towel. Two cute Kappa Delta sorority girls, Claire and Allison (they went to the school too), approached me nicely but couldn't stop giggling. I pretended to not know what they were talking about. Allison ripped my towel off of me and started running. I chased after her with my penis swinging in my shorts. Needless to say, it was a pretty big scene. One night later, Allison gave me a blow job at the Sigma Chi beach party. It was pretty amazing, I'll never forget it. After I got back to campus, I started doing penis exercises nearly every night.  I wasn't even packing a large penis through most my college years (6.5"ish with good girth), I wish I had been though.

Though not very often, I've had similar experiences when girls would approach me and give compliments when I wore tight jeans. If you're hung, I suggest that you don't hesitate to show the outline of your penis in your clothes (mainly at night). I'm not saying you'll Get Laid but who knows what will happen. There's actually a lot of attractive girls that stare at guy's crotches. It's hard to tell though. If nothing else, it will make the non-sexual girls "Get Lost."

Social Circle Benefits (From Experience)

There's definitely some truth that have hung guys Get Laid because of their cocks. It's mainly a social circle thing though. It's particularly true among college guys. Also true for guys that hang out in social circles that go to clubs and regularly have a pre-party and an after-party with the same group of girls. First- college guys. For on-campus dorm life and Greek life (fraternity or sorority), girls generally have an idea of which guys on their hallways, dorms or social fraternities have large penises. Simply put, word gets around after a girl on the hall or in a sorority hooks up with a stud.

I once had a super cute bed buddy named Molly, she was a sophomore at UCLA and we slept together the first night. I was the second guy she'd ever been with. The next morning she showed me a checklist that her best friend and she made. On the list (at #5) was to sleep with a hung guy during her time at college. Like I said, Molly was really inexperienced but super curious how a large penis would feel inside of her and her friend was a virgin. They were just two curious college girls. She liked it and even though it wasn't easy for her to take and she wanted to sleep with me again. This is pretty common among college girls, most are pretty inexperienced and very curious about how a well-endowed man really feels. Molly wasn't a sorority girls or social butterfly though.

Among sorority girls that like to drink- it's actually pretty common that some of them make sure they "just happen" to be hanging around during an after party if they've heard and are curious if a certain guy is hung. For any hung guys in college, definitely make sure that people know you have a good cock. There are a TON of curious girls. It's totally awesome to give an inexperienced college girl her first experience with a big sausage. Just use a condom and make sure you have lubricant for her. Like I said, it wasn't until toward the end of college that I was packing good meat. I've been with a lot of younger college hotties since and it's a great time.

For social circles that go clubbing, it's basically the same thing. A group of friends, guys and girls. The guys and girls have sex but aren't necessarily having relationships or commitment- they are just having fun. They get to know each other during the night and the girl share and text gossip during the day. After clubbing, there's an after-party at somebody's house. People are too drunk to drive home so they "just happen" to sleep with each other that night. The sex isn't often great since it's so late and a lot of alcohol is involved, but if you have a big cock the social circle will find out and the girls may seek you out the next time. Vintage Los Angeles-Hollywood club circles.

Physical Size Advantage

This one is pretty easy. You will simply be able to touch areas of a girl's vagina that other guys haven't and areas that she may not have even discovered (chicks have small fingers and most don't know their own bodies too well). If she becomes a regular bed buddy, you'll be touching and training her deep "pussy receptors" that give a chick that opiate/dopamine rush when you decide to give her a deep thrust. This isn't unlike the "G-Spot" or an engorged clitoris, but it produces a different, more 'full-body' feel girls have told me.

Among mainstream thought there is this repeated nonsense that "size doesn't matter, it's the motion in the ocean." While that's a cute phase, that hasn't been my experience or any of the 40+ chicks that I've talked to about size. I don't think I'm doing anything special during intercourse, I simply take up a lot of space inside of her.

There's also some thought that "guys with big penises don't know how to fuck well, they just jam their cock into the girl, over and over." While this may be true, it generally seems that this is coming from some emotionally unhealthy girl is just talking crap about her ex-boyfriend. And Second, jamming your big cock into a girl (who really turned on from foreplay) over-and-over is amazing for her. I really don't understand the perception that "big cocks don't provide better sex." It's not true as far as I'm concerned.

Naughty/Naked Cell Phone Pictures

You definitely don't need to be packing elite meat to get chicks to send you hot cell phone pictures, but it definitely doesn't hurt. You've probably noticed my collection of cell phone pictures on the right side of Good Looking While I didn't sleep with all these chicks, most of them I casually texted, "send me hot pic of u & ill send u a hotter one back," (exactly like that) most were happy to oblige. In return, I sent them a picture of me 'hanging' out or a picture of me excited by their picture. Most chicks would tell me that they showed their friends too. Good stuff.