Phenibut in the Bedroom

If you've hung around for a little while, you may have seen us talking about a dietary supplement called "Phenibut".

In fact, I did a whole review of it here-

Quite a few of you have just arrived from this post, Ladies and Gentlemen- Keep Reading.

It's good stuff, but not something you or your partner want to take everyday because of the potential for dependency/tolerance issues.

I'm pretty knowledgeable about how "performance enhancing compounds" work in the bedroom.

I will admit that I underestimated Phenibut when Lexy and I discussed how different compounds affect her libido and vagina earlier this year. (scroll to the bottom)

Among the benefits that include- relaxation, a drastic decrease in general and social anxiety and high-quality sleep (only at higher doses), there exists another benefit-

Intense, Sometimes Mind-blowing Orgasms

It's true.

Particularly for girls, although some guys say that sex is incredible too.

For Him

For me, personally, Phenibut makes sex and my eventual climax slightly better.

Almost all girls will LOVE it though.

Other guys, however, report that their experience is INCREDIBLE-

Like any compound, if you take too much it can negatively effect you in bed.

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For Her

Rather than eloquently writing about how Phenibut effects women in the bedroom and demanding that you to believe me, perhaps an easier, more convincing means would be to simply let you hear to girls in action with me.

Each girl had 1-1.5 grams of Phenibut, by all means- a very modest serving. I didn't have any.

This particular girl tried it for the very first time with Diet Dr. Pepper.

In addition to feeling "nice", "floaty" and "relaxed", she also felt like this-

This particular girl uses Phenibut a couple of times a month, sometimes before her auditions (she's a dancer) and sometimes when we hook up-

In addition to feeling "amazing", she also felt like this-

Both girls (and all the other ones that have used it and had sex with me) report that both the initial sensation (sensitivity) increased as well as their climax.

This is different than some other compounds (for example, alcohol) that may provide a significant increase in initial stimulation during foreplay but can make it harder to [focus and] orgasm.

If you are curious why/how my orgasms are so strong - it actually has nothing to do with Phenibut. From countless Kegels (and experience) my PC Muscle is quite strong and when I finish the job... it's absolutely insane most of the time.

Wait So Just Phenibut is Making Them Scream in Ecstasy? 

No, not necessarily.

As much as I'd like to tell you, "This is 100% Phenibut, You need to buy some from our friends at Happy Hippo and your chicks will never want to sleep with another guy!", there's other things in play.

For one, foreplay.

Those 5 or 6 minute audios are just some highlights of what was probably a 50 or 60 minute session, which included a good 15 or 20 minutes of foreplay.
(I watched a movie with the 2nd girl and was teasing her the entire time)

As most women will confirm, the foreplay is what leads to the quality of the orgasm. To women, sex and her orgasm is just a culmination of foreplay.

Although I'm told that I'm "good in bed", I realize a huge part of taking girls to new heights, with or without other compounds, is the foreplay.

For two, my dick.

Maybe you are getting sick of hearing about my penis but in my early 20's I definitely wasn't able to make girls scream in pleasure for 5 to 10 minutes straight.

Once I beefed up my penis (literally, the girth) these type of climaxes became regular sounds from my bedroom.

It totally makes a difference, in the 2nd audio - I'm literally just lying on my back doing nothing while the girl is enjoying the girth like she'll never find a thick penis again.

For three, the girls.

Like I mention in "You've Got 99 Problems But Her Orgasm Ain't One," a girl is mainly, if not almost entirely responsible for her orgasm.

Most of what makes "her experience/pleasure" with you is based on her own sexual health - something that you have virtually nothing to do with.

- If she's never given herself an orgasm in the privacy of her own home, chances are- you probably won't be giving her one either.

- If she doesn't masturbate on at least a bi-weekly basis, chances are- her mind-pussy connection is pretty weak and she's unlikely to have an orgasm with a partner, no matter how endowed he is.

Although the majority of girls I've slept with through the years lean closer to "more-experienced" than "less-experienced",♥ these two particular girls both masturbate, do kegels, eat a healthful diet, are physically fit and know how to orgasm.

♥ The majority of girls/guys having sex on ANY RANDOM NIGHT will tend to be more experienced rather than less experienced. That's why they are having sex in the first place. These 2 girls and myself are not unique in this manner. For more information please see, "Chris Only Gets Sluts???"

It's not a challenge for them to orgasm off a thick penis, especially after foreplay and Phenibut.

Don't get me wrong though, Phenibut will be tremendously beneficial for lesser experienced girls too, if not more beneficial since they've probably not been fucked by a thick athletic male after pussy-wetting foreplay.

Unless she's tried something really hardcore such as MDMA before sex - a gram or two of Phenibut will provide for the most insane experience and orgasm she's ever had.

You'll be the one to thank! All of those sensations (and emotions) will be transposed onto you! Wooo!

How to Use Phenibut for Sex (Males and Females)

Use it as directed. (it will come with directions)

Timing is important though.

As I mentioned, through the years, my girls generally felt that 1 to 2 grams was perfect. Some insisted on taking upwards of 2.5 grams if we were going to a club earlier in the night.

I don't recommend that you take any more than 1 gram at a time. And Definitely don't take more than 1 gram at a time if you are a girl or weigh less than 150lbs.

If you take 1 gram, wait an hour or two and take another serving if you feel it is necessary.

Also - the "Phenibut sensation" is not something you "feel" until your a getting busy and in the moment. This is unlike something such as Cialis, which you can feel or notice just by touching yourself.

Happy orgasms Ladies and Gentlemen, hopefully you are sharing the moment.