Hippo Kava

As I mentioned in "All About Kava," my experience with commercial (dietary supplement) forms of Kava has been quite disappointing.

At best, these forms have made me tired/groggy.

More often, these forms would just do absolutely nothing, besides making my mouth numb (something that I hate).

This stuff, however, passes the test in a big way.

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I've used Happy Hippo Kratom for years (before they had the name "Happy Hippo," they had no name at all) and I'd almost always receive a sample of their Kava with my orders.

Since Kava did virtually nothing for me, even from other reputable vendors, I didn't even try their product.

I had about 30 samples in a box.

Just ~3 weeks ago, I was getting some general anxiety and decided that I'd give it a shot since I don't want to be taking Phenibut on a daily basis.

I dumped a full sample bag (1/3oz. ~10 grams) in this inexpensive Organic Carrot Juice (not an affiliate link) and I could not believe the feeling that came over me.

Not only did the anxiety go away, but I was super happy, eager to talk to people (bummer it was 4am) and smiling from ear to ear. I didn't feel tired and the carrot juice masked the taste fairly well.

I immediately told Scotty and he tried it the following day and reported the same thing.

BOTH OF US didn't have much faith in Kava and were completely surprised.
(we discuss Hippo Kava in the first part of our August Interview)

As I've gone through the rest of the sample, the result has been basically the same each time.

What Can I Expect? 

Word cloud for HerbSince I'm fairly new to this specific Kava, I haven't had the chance to give it to all of my friends to try.

I'll do my best to tell you what you can expect though.

The fact that it's worked so well for Scotty and I, however, means it is REALLY PROMISING.

We've tried just about everything on earth and the vast majority  "natural" compounds usually do NOTHING for us.

I'm confident that the average person will really love this stuff, it's so much better than regular Kava that we both were skeptical that it was actually Kava.

At a dose of 8-12 grams, you will feel-

It works like Kava is supposed to work, and arguably better.

The noticeable effect will last 30-90 minutes, with sometimes of an 'afterglow' for a little while after.

Kava is decent for sleep, if you took more- I would supposed it would make you tired. At a 8-12 dose (one of their 1/3oz. sample bags), I don't get tried, if anything it wakes me up.

Again, I never thought I'd be recommending Kava to anyone, let alone to the readers of my blog.

I take all my recommendations quite seriously and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised, especially if you've tried other forms of Kava before.

Just so you know- "Hippo Kava" and what you can expect is much different than the "Stress Relief Kava Tea" that I also recommend, the Yogi Kava tea is MUCH LESS powerful and is just a little super inexpensive helper to 'take the edge off'. It's not in the same league.

Why Is Hippo Kava Better Than Other Forms?

Most Kava products are simply ground up Kava root and contain very little juice. Most Kava products are simply ground up Kava root and contain very little juice.

I got the 411 on this Kava today.

Their product is dehydrated organic Kava juice that is extracted from fresh Kava plants.

You are straight up drinking the juice from the center of the plant, the part that produces the vast majority (if not all) of the effects.

Most Kava (certainly everything I've tried) is simply Kava roots (little brown sticks) that have been shredded up. The roots don't do much, I've chewed them for hours and it did nothing for me.

The juice is where it's at, literally.

Their Kava is "instant Kava", a lot of it will mix with whatever beverage you are mixing it in, but their will be some clumps that you'll just have to break up with a spoon.

It doesn't mix perfectly, if you wanted- I suppose you could put it in a blender with a protein shake.

Tips on Preparing Hippo Kava


8 to 12 grams (or 1/3oz.) seems to be a solid dose that has worked every time.

Eventually you'll be able to 'eyeball' a dose that works for you and just use a spoon and toss it in there.

Like Kratom, there will be a little bit of trial and error. This stuff is easy to figure out though.

Masking the Taste

Even though some people don't care and even like it- I'm not a fan of how Kava tastes (or how it numbs your mouth).

Unfortunately, Hippo Kava is no different.

The organic carrot juice powder I mentioned earlier is a solid way to mask the taste. 1-1.5 tablespoons of carrot juice, 12+oz. unsweetened almond milk and stevia. Stir it good. This stuff is the best stuff I've found for masking the taste.

Either Barlean's formula, the Chocolate Silk or Superfruits (Strawberry-Kiwi), is pretty good too.
(not affiliate links)

You could mix it with protein powder too.

Making it Last Longer

The duration of the effects has seemed to vary.

On an empty stomach it tends to last 45-60 minutes.

With food in the stomach it tends to last longer and the potency doesn't seem to be effected.

I'd suggest having a little food in your stomach when you take it.

Mark (the ADMIN on the forum) seems to like it better and says it lasts just as long on an empty stomach.

You'll have to find what works for you.

Final Thoughts

It's good stuff.

Try it out sometime.

No, it's not as good as their Kratom, but nothing is as good as their Kratom.

It offers some advantages over Kratom because there's no potential for dependence or addiction.

Unlike Kratom, if you take too much in any one serving, you won't feel like crap.

At worst, you'll probably just get tired.

With that said, while you are figuring out how to dose/mix it, you can be a little more liberal with the amount you use.

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