Frequently Asked Questions About the Fleshlight 
(by: 'Z69' - Good Looking Loser Contributor)

Forward by Good Looking Loser

This FAQ was written by a long time member of the Good Looking Loser community - I appreciate his work very much.

The Fleshlight FAQ is meant for the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit or 'Fleshlight STU'. This device is designed to help your build stamina in the bedroom, combat erectile dysfunction and increase the volume and distance of your cum shot. The actual process involves 2 natural techniques that are EXCELLENT (and highly underrated) for men's sexual health - Edging and Kegels.

Although meant for the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit, you can safely assume that the FAQ is applicable to the other Fleshlight units - for which you can train for sexual health as well.

If you have never heard of the "Fleshlight", here's what it is and an interesting story about how I came across the "pussy in a bottle".

you have a question that is not covered in the FAQ - I encourage you to ask it in "Good Looking Loser's - Get Hung Forum".

It most cases, you'll receive the answer to your question in under an hour. We are quite a supportive bunch of intelligent losers.

The Fleshlight FAQ 

I’ve been using the Fleshlight STU since 2008, long before Chris ever recommended the product.

Part of the FAQ is copy, pasted and appropriately cited from the Fleshlight site, but some of the other parts are strictly from my own six years of experience.

The text that appearing "in quotes" and/or italics below is found on [source:].


What is the Fleshlight Made Of?

“The Fleshlight material is a company secret covered by a series of US patents.”

How Do I Use the Fleshlight?

“Warm your Fleshlight sleeve by removing it from the case and running warm water through the sleeve for about 5 minutes Do NOT boil or microwave your sleeve! Shake off the water and re-insert the sleeve into the Fleshlight case, adjust the tightness of the cap at the bottom to control the suction, and finish by applying a liberal amount of lubricant to the orifice and yourself. If the Fleshlight still feels too cold to you, then next time try warming the lube in the sink/tub at the same time as the sleeve.”

Warming up isn’t entirely necessary. What I do is grab the Fleshlight sleeve out of the closet and turn on the shower. I don’t even use the tube, I just use the sleeve since I’m too lazy to want to clean the tube after my session. I let the water hit me in the back as I play with my Fleshlight.

Afternoon Quickie Method

  1. Warm up some water-based lubricant in the microwave. (70 seconds)
  2. Pour most of into your Fleshlight.
  3. Pour the remainder on your penis.
  4. Get a boner.
  5. Start fucking it.

What is the Best Way to Clean the Fleshlight?

“Simply rinse your removable Fleshlight sleeve with warm water from your sink and allow time for it to dry before storing. Do NOT use soap to clean your Real Feel Superskin sleeve. For tough cleaning, we suggest using a little isopropyl alcohol. To maintain that soft feel, sprinkle a liberal amount of corn starch on the sleeve and shake off the excess powder. We do NOT recommend the use of talcum or baby powder.”

I suggest using a high powered stream of water to remove the semen lodged inside the Fleshlight.

To dry it out, I use a hair dryer to dry the outside and as much of the inside as I can.

Here's a little trick I have to clean the inside the unit -

1) Grab one lip with one hand and press the other lip against my body.


2) I then push the Fleshlight up my body to expose the canal.


Some Fleshlight users that have used coat hangers to dry out their Fleshlight but I have never personally tried that. As for storage, I have a Rubbermaid container containing generic shirts and sweat pants. I just toss the dried out Fleshlight underneath the pile.

Putting the sleeve in the washing machine (without other clothes) with cold water on a delicate cycle can work too. 

That's WASHING MACHINE... not dishwasher.

The above method is better however.

Air out or clean your Fleshlight or it WILL get moldy... or whatever happened here... "Air out or clean your Fleshlight or it WILL get moldy like Chris' Fleshlight"

What is the Best Way to Dry the Fleshlight Masturbation Sleeves?

See the method above.

You can set it in front of a fan - if you don't have to put the thing away.

Can I Use the Fleshlight in the Shower or Tub?

“Yes, you can use the Fleshlight in the shower/tub. While there is no problem with soaking the fleshlight in water, make sure soap does not come in contact with the removable masturbation sleeve. The soap will damage your Fleshlight sleeve. The soap will also burn if you are using your Fleshlight and it enters your penis.”

Although I’ve never tried it, something fun that might be worth trying is to draw a warm bath and put xanthan gum inside the water. It will take time for xanthan gum to thicken.

Why is My Fleshlight Sleeve Sticky When I Rinse and Dry It?

“Your masturbation sleeve is NOT defective. It may be stored in its tacky state.”

Just make your give your Fleshlight sleeve some air - Chris' Fleshlight above was loaded with semen, coconut oil and left in it's case. 

What Type of Lubricants Can I Use with my Fleshlight?

“We recommend the use of water-based lubricants only. Oil-based lubricants should NOT be used, since they will slowly destroy the Fleshlight material over time.”

Silicone lubricant is also not recommended.

Astroglide is a perfect choice - there is also a recipe for "Z' Homemade Astroglide" below.


My Masturbation Sleeve Has Developed Black Spots, What Do I Do?

“This occasionally occurs when the sleeves have been stored in non-ventilated places while wet. Use a liberal amount of isopropyl alcohol to clean your sleeve.”

Another alternative is to pinch the spots off.

Am I Too Old to Use the Fleshlight?

“Men of all ages are discovering Fleshlight everyday! Reported ages vary from the early 20s to late 50s. The reasons for joining vary as much as the ages and Fleshlight welcomes all over the age of 18.”

Stop worrying about about what other people think.

If you are in your 40's and you had this question - the problem has less to do with the Fleshlight and more with trying to fit in to an asexual society.

I Keep Hearing About the "Shoe Method", What is That?

The "shoe method" is a style of hands-free Fleshlighting.

Stick the narrow end of the Fleshlight into a shoe, on a flat surface. You can optionally put a pillow over the shoe to rest your hands on, while you continue the "missionary" position.”

What Does the Package That Is Shipped to Me Look Like?

It has nothing on the box that suggests it's a sex toy, Fleshlight or anything of that nature whatsoever.

In fact, will look exactly like this -


“All orders are shipped in a plain, cardboard box. The shipping label will identify the shipper as "ILF, LLC." and will not reference "", "Sex Toy" or any other identifying description related to products designed for adults.”

Which Insert/Type is Right for Me?

“When choosing your perfect Fleshlight, consider your girth as equally important to length. When erect, the average penis length is approximately 5-6 inches with an average girth (circumference) of approximately 4-5 inches. Refer to the illustration on the left for an explanation of measuring length and girth. Use of a measuring tape is suggested for taking measurements. The correct measurement can make the difference between an enjoyable and non-enjoyable Fleshlight experience. Choosing too small of an insert diameter will result in discomfort during use, while too large of an insert diameter will be a less sensational experience. Ranked from most tight to least tight: Super Tight, Wonder Wave/Speed Bump/Super Ribbed, STU, Original.”

The STU sleeve is roughly 9 inches from end to end. For guys over 9 inches, you may not want to use the tube or if you do, you may not want to use the removable lower portion of the tube.

As for girth, Fleshlight representatives have told me that all Fleshlight sleeves can accommodate up to roughly 7 inches. 


I Am Uncircumcised. What Do You Recommend?

“Many uncut men have expressed their love for the Fleshlight, with little to no problems at all. While using an adequate amount of lubricant is crucial for everyone, uncut men have stressed the importance that the more you use the smoother the experience. Uncut men tend to favor the STU and the Original Fleshlights. The STU is favored because it's texture is less pronounced and it feels gentler on the foreskin, especially on the way out.”

As you can see - being circumcised, or not, doesn't matter.

Any unit or sleeve should be just fine.

What Should I Do if I Have Uptight Parents, Nosy Roommates, and/or No Privacy?

My suggestion is to hide the Fleshlight inside a towel when moving from your room into the bathroom. As for storage, I have a Rubbermaid container full of generic clothes. I store the Fleshlight in the bottom of the container. If this isn’t enough, then maybe consider storing the Fleshlight inside your car or purchasing a small safe. When contacting Fleshlight’s customer service, they told me storing the Fleshlight on a hot day is a bad idea. The heat is unregulated and can deform the sleeve. This is different from warming up the sleeve with running tap water because that heat is more controlled and limited.

I Know Vaseline is Oil Based, but It’s a Different Consistency Than Other Kinds of Oil, Can I Use Vaseline?

No - it's not good for the Fleshlight.

Read this thread for more information:

I Understand the Fleshlight Comes With a Stamina Training Guide, What’s In It?

See for yourself:

Click to View/Download the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit Field ManualClick to View/Download the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit Field Manual

I Accidentally Used an Oil-Based Lubricant on my Fleshlight, What Should I Do?

Follow this procedure:

Removing-Oil-Based-Lubricant-From-Fleshlight Originally posted on the Fleshlight Forums.

Should I Use the Tube or Not?

I personally don’t because I don’t like the extra step of running water through the tube and drying it out.

I suppose guys who are new maybe should use the tube to get a handle on this experience. Otherwise, the Fleshlight will feel somewhat slippery.

I’m a Virgin, Does the Fleshlight Feel Like Sex?

The Fleshlight feels like vaginal sex. Of course there isn’t hair to pull or jiggling tits but it does feel like vaginal sex. I don’t know what a good blow job is so I can’t say if the Fleshlight feels like a good blow job. However, when the bottom cap is screwed tight, it makes slurping noises.

I'm a Virgin, Is It a Bad Idea to Use the Fleshlight?

Good Looking Loser says:

So long as you aren't obsessed with pornography, I don't see a problem with jerking off with the Fleshlight or using it to building stamina, better your sexual health and just build a "mind-dick" connection.

It can help you get used to condoms too.

If I had the Fleshlight before I lost my virginity - I probably would have performed better my first time around. 

Don't think for a second that using the Fleshlight will "make you stay" a virgin.

Not being in shape and not talking to girls, however, WILL.

I see nothing wrong with jerking off with the Fleshlight on webcam while a girl is watching - that is one of our old school sexual anxiety drills. 


Help! I Want Some Cheap Lube That’s Similar to Astroglide...
'Z69's Homemade Water-Based Lubricant'

I’ve tried Astroglide gel and the lube I’m about to share is just as good in my opinion.

All you need is -

I don’t have any exact measurements, and I usually just dab the xanthan gum from its container. You will be surprised that you don’t need much xathan gum to make this lube.

I personally like my lube a little runny but mostly sticky, which takes roughly 5-6 days for the lube to reach this stage.

Depending on how much lube you make and how often you use your Fleshlight, mold will eventually form on the lube. I’ve seen recipes calling for grapeseed extract as a preservative but I never bothered with that. I suggest either using a refrigerator or covering the container with aluminum foil.

Hopefully my advice can help anyone who wants to make some cheap lube. It’s a very small learning curve, but I understand that everyone has different preferences.


What is DGS (Death Grip Syndrome)?
And/Or Why Doesn't My Fleshlight Feel Amazing on the First Try?

When lubed and used correctly, the Fleshlight feels very very close to real vagina.

There's still a learning curve to get the fully experience, albeit just a small one.

Fleshlight - DGS - Death Grip Syndrome

Help I Can’t Get Erect!

If you can't achieve an erection, in the privacy of your own home while using the Fleshlight, see a doctor.

That is not normal and usually not a sexually anxiety thing.

If you get erectile dysfunction with a partner - that is a different story.

Have a look at these 3 discussions that are key factor in your erection quality and overall sexual health. 
(in order of relevance and importance)

How Do I Add Heat to the Fleshlight Experience?

I’ve tried soaking the Fleshlight in hot water and putting it near a heater. Both methods retain little heat. I have asked customer service if Tabasco is recommended, but the representative said no because it would physically hurt and harm the sleeve. Consider reading this source, but also note that some of the warming ingredients in warming lubricants may damage the sleeve.

How Do I Edge With It?

Check out the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit Field Manual posted above.

Edging is masturbating and stopping before you ejaculate.

You can then repeat this process as many times as you want.

If I was working on stamina, I would start a timer, and then stop everything when I’m about to ejaculate.

Once my urge to ejaculate has subsided, I start the timer again. When I do ejaculate, I record my time.

Check this out too: