Live with Victor Pride 2
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Losers - here is the second podcast in our 2 part series.

All four audios will be posted on

Next week - look out for an article on Bold & Determined that covers Victor's in-depth perspective of the subjects that we covered, as well as select podcasts and some other surprises.  

In this episode we cover 'How Chris Started Good Looking Loser' and got into "blogging" - something that I have not discussed in-depth with anyone yet.

Sometime in the future, after we get Good Looking Loser 2.0 going, "Get Rich" by Good Looking Loser will premier.

"Get Rich" (or Get Paid) will show you, in detail, how I created Good Looking Loser (and other websites), how much each website makes and more importantly - how you can do something similar and where to begin. 

I'll show you my tax return and bank statements. I might make myself available for private consultations too. I want to see you guys succeed. 

Until then, I suggest you check out Victor's discussions on the subject. He's been at this longer than I have and is easily living off income from Bold & Determined.

As a rule of thumb - only take advice on this subject from somebody who SHOWS PROOF (or you know deep in your heart/head) that he or she is making a significant amount of money online.

Like most internet marketers teaching pick up/dating theory without getting much pussy, the vast majority of "how to make money" gurus have not made a significant amount of money from any other projects aside from their "how to make money" websites. Some haven't even made a dime before they claimed expertise on the subject.

I call them "Internet Marketers". 


Bold & Determined - The Website For Winners


Good Looking Loser - The Website For Losers


 You can download the Podcast here.

Table of Contents
(again, this is meant to appear on Bold & Determined - that's why Victor is leading the show)

Introduction - Good Looking Loser and It's Roots

0:00 Victor introduces Chris

0:30 About the Good Looking Loser community and About Chris.

3:10 Chris was "boyfriend material" in his early 20's.

4:20 Perspective on Nice Guy Syndrome and definition of "Alpha Male" (B&D: A Life of Choice) and "Being in a Douchebag" discussed.

6:45 Chris and Victor on "Dress Like You Are a Someone, Not a No One".

8:40 Quick talk about Good Looking Loser and "Get a Life" (Lifestyle by Good Looking Loser).

10:00 Chris has never had a full-time job.

Chris' Very First "Practice" Website -

11:00 History of Good Looking Loser and getting into online business. First website (ghetto, but effective).

13:00 RU58841 - new compound that can keep DHT almost totally off your hair.

14:50 So you're new and you want to write an eBook? (Please listen)

15:55 Here's the current Hair Loss From Steroids Video/FAQ Section. (the YouTube page was sabotaged and deleted)

17:40 Rolling blogs/community (traditional/passive income) vs. Static websites (99% passive income).

18:40 Chris' goal = Try to make $50/day on Good Looking Loser after 3 years of work.

19:55 Your expectations and your definition of success will largely determine your attitude and the outcome.

21:00 About Happy Hippo LLC.

21:40 Good Looking Loser's Guide to Kratom and the purpose it serves. (2008 = Anxiety & Now = Productivity)

25:20 Which of Chris' websites are actually passive income?

28:00 Why Chris started Happy Hippo. (not planned)

Advice to Aspiring Passive eBusiness Professionals

29:55 My advice to newbies - Victor puts me on the spot (and doesn't tell me, haha).

31:40 Advice #1: Sell a product online (learn a lot, make a few bucks), Chris' 1st business venture in college.


36:10 Advice #3: When you should consider writing an eBook. 

38:40 Advice #4: Concept of Trust. (Don't be an Internet Marketer - Be genuine and up front with people)

41:30 Chris on his college experience and "Is college worth it?"

44:10 What I respect about Los Angeles, despite the superficial scene.

45:45 Can you get rich quickly? (Yes - you just can't get rich easily, there is a difference)

47:00 Conclusion - Thanks!

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