Kegels Exercises For Men
(The Underrated Natural Erectile Dysfunction Treatment)

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You feel me?

Kegels for Men: Not Overrated. Works. Please Listen.

Though hardly consistent, I've done penis enhancement (PE) since about 2001.

I remember the first time I read about male enhancement. While normal high school Seniors were partying with pretty girls (growing their social skills), I was in my room on a Friday or Saturday night reading and thinking, "Wow! I can grow my dick!"

While I started at meek-but-supposedly-average ~5.25" x ~4.7", I eventually reached my current size of ~7.3" x ~6.1+" (post-Bathmate session). Although it took me over a decade (admittedly, I wasn't too serious about it), I'm still pleased with my results.

It probably should have taken me just 2 years though but the devices made the past 2-3 years super fun, easier and productive.

Despite my respectable gains and highly-active sex life (largely beginning late 2009) the muscles surrounding my larger-than-average penis weren't actually in great shape. In fact, the were very poor shape. This was bought to my attention in one of the most unlikely places- an random adult film scene- that I agreed to be in, discussed here- "How Chris Found LAXXX, 2nd Craziest Story Ever."

While I didn't have erectile dysfunction (PE has made my erections stronger), I also didn't have much control over my fairly weak orgasm. I also couldn't SHOOT my cum. While that's not the worst thing in the world, it was pretty crazy/intimidating to see equal to and larger penises absolutely spray like sprinkler systems, hosing down any unfortunate members of the opposite sex that were at the wrong place at the wrong time.

We have all seen it online (and been somewhat skeptical), but it was crazy in person. Regardless of the other "stuff" that my "co-workers" might have been on, the orgasm display was impressive and very real. My meager effort was done in a condom, much to the relief of myself and my pretty-classy-for-this-trashy-stuff partner who was getting sore as the lubricant was fading away.

Talking to some of the other guys afterward, there wasn't a huge secret behind their controlled, yet body and bed shaking climaxes. Kegels, Kegels and more Kegels. Kegels with a capital K. Some of them used the Fleshlight to encourage near climax.

I previously thought "Kegels" were overrated but I was in no position to speak, I was lucky my under-developed PC muscle could even support my over-developed dick.

Long story short-

I started doing Kegels. Lots of them. I needed a lot of work. After about 10 weeks, I got my first signs of "life," little consistent spurts every 1 out of 2-3 times I would cum. My orgasms also seemed stronger, especially a hands-free climax with an attractive partner. I kept up the Kegel training for another 2.5 months and I was shooting nearly every time and had much better control over significantly more powerful orgasms. I've kept it up to this very day.

The longer version of the story is discussed in "My Experience with Fleshlight," you can build your PC Muscle just fine without the Fleshlight though. But it makes it a little more fun.

I didn't know what I was missing and how much simply squeezing your pelvic muscles daily on a basis could have your orgasm and mind-penis connection. Like anything that worth-a-shit, it doesn't happen overnight.

"Kegels - The Pornstar Necessity"

What Are the Benefits of Kegels?

The November 2004 "British Journal of General Practice" detailed a randomized controlled trial assessing the effectiveness of pelvic floor exercises (Kegels) on adult males. Divided into two groups, the subjects who were instructed to perform Kegels showed promising results. Some of the benefits recorded were: Improved quality of erections, delayed ejaculation (specifically for men suffering from premature ejaculation) and a bigger ejaculate volume. Other than the direct sexual benefits, Kegel exercises were linked to a healthier prostate.

Researchers at the Somerset Nuffield Hospital concluded-

"Pelvic floor muscle exercises and biofeedback are an effective treatment for men with erectile dysfunction."

In layman terms- Kegels make your dick, orgasms and climax control STRONGER (and possibly LONGER).

More clinical studies that document the effectiveness of kegels can be found here-


Here's a little audio of me in action, insanely euphoric orgasms (for all involved) are the norm-
(both of us squirt all over the place, you can hear it too)

Are You Sure These Are Worth My Time?

Absolutely. These are REALLY underrated, I wish someone told me in my mid-20's.

I neglected my PC Muscle for YEARS and didn't know what I was missing. Seriously, do them consistently for a few months and you'll be more than convinced.

Unlike bench press or doing squats, there's nothing dynamic about "Kegels" but they are so effective for improving your sexual health. You will need the extra blood flow if you are increasing the size of your cock. I was barely getting by.

PC Muscles in REDPC Muscles in RED

How Do I Correctly Perform Kegel Exercises?

These aren't hard. You just have to locate your PC Muscle, both with your body and your brain. It might take a little practice though.

Just like any other exercise, maintaining good form is essential while doing Kegels.

First you need to identify the right muscle. Pubococcygeus muscle (PC) is found between the pubic bone and the coccyx, responsible for the contraction during the orgasm among many other things. The easiest method to locate the PC muscle is by stopping the flow of urine mid-urination. That muscle that you squeezed to stop your piss the PC muscle.

It's also the same muscle you will squeeze when you are holding in a huge fart... but coincidentally the same muscle you'll squeeze when you are dropping off a load of shit to the bowl (or victim) below.

Now that you located the muscle, there are two methods or approaches to perform the exercise-

A) Imagine the process of cutting the flow of urine and perform it while keeping your back, abdominal and leg muscles relaxed.

B) You may also try squeezing the area of the rectum to tighten your anus just like when you’re trying not to pass gas.

Both of these methods will help you target your PC muscle. It is crucial to keep your other surrounding muscles relaxed (back, abdominals and legs). You shouldn't be doing these "squeezes" while you are using the toilet, those are just ways to locate your PC Muscle.

When and Where Can Do My Kegel Exercises?

Kegels can be performed anywhere. YES ANYWHERE. They don’t even need any equipment or setup. If you’re really short on time to allocate some free time during the day or at night, you can do perform them while sitting at the desk at work, stopping at traffic lights or waiting in line at the grocery store.

Do them when you are inside the Bathmate and if you are wearing Sizegenetics.

It's funny, the majority of women that know that know [non-compulsive] masturbation is healthy and are sexually active do Kegels all the time. I tell that I'm doing "some Kegels" if I don't hear something they say.

Two of the guys from that "movie" reiterated just GETTING IN THE HABIT of doing Kegels so you just start doing them and don't even think about it.

I've been doing them now, have you?

This can take a awhile because chances are- your PC Muscle isn't too well developed and you will fatigue quickly.

I’ve Never Done Kegels Before, How Often Should I Do Them?

Your PC muscle is a skeletal muscle, just like your pectorals, quads or biceps. You will need to exercise and rest your PC muscle in order to achieve control and strength. There’s no need to perform Kegels daily, remember that more is not always better, especially in the initial stages.

If you've never done Kegels try this Newbie Routine-

Week I (7 or 6 Days)

When you have 15 minutes free- Quickly SQUEEZE your PC muscle and quickly release 10 times. Rest for a minute or two. Repeat this an additional 9 times, for a total of 100 squeezes.

Feel free to do them throughout the day thereafter.

Week II (7 or 6 Days)

When you have 20-30 minutes free- Quickly SQUEEZE your PC muscle 10 times but hold it for 4 or 5 seconds between repetitions. Rest for a minutes or two. Repeat this an additional 9 times, for a total of 100, 4-5 second squeezes.

Feel free to do them through the day thereafter.

Week III (7 or 6 Days)

When you have 25-35 minutes free- Quickly SQUEEZE your PC muscle 10 times but hold it for 4 or 5 seconds between repetitions. After you set SQUEEZE and HOLD your PC Muscle for 60 seconds. This will get pretty hard actually. Just try your best. Repeat this an additional 9 times, for a total of 100, 4-5 second squeezes, with a 60-second post set squeeze.

Feel free to do them through the day thereafter.

We'll have a few more Kegel routines up later. I'm going to ask one of the guys (Boomer) I stayed in contact with if he suggests anything specific. It's not actually rocket science though. SQUEEZE, HOLD and SQUEEZE some more. :)

When the routine becomes easy, try gradually upping the intensity (speed or hold) or either performing more sets or reducing the break time between them.

before-after-kegelsHow Long Until I See/Feel Results?

It took me about 10 weeks. It will probably be less for you though.

Unlike my past efforts, I stayed consistent and continued to do them (something about watching a human hose soak a girl, makes you pay attention) and eventually I saw changes in orgasm strength (7st), climax control (7nd) and cum shot volume and distance (7rd). Again my penis was over-developed but the supporting muscles were quite weak, I had a long way to go.

Most guys will see subtle differences in a month and more obvious differences at 8 weeks.

Consistency is essential with Kegels.

Just like any other muscle- if you use it, it will get stronger- if you don't, it won't.

I Hear Kegels Can Help Controlling Orgasms/Premature Ejaculation in Bed, Is This True? How Do I Do This?

Yes it's true, it's discussed above.

For better controlled orgasms- by developing a stronger PC muscle, you will literally have more STRENGTH to PULL BACK your load cum that ready to shoot out of your body. As you get better at it, it won't feel like you have to make a huge effort to pull back and control the load. It's pretty hard at first.

For premature ejaculation control- by developing a stronger PC muscle, you will simply have more CONTROL. While regular pre-cum and premature ejaculation is a result of hyper-stimulation (you're super turned on) it's also usually evidence that you likely don't have a lot of control of your voluntary (and involuntary) pelvic muscles. But developing this control, you won't have leakage or hit the "point of no return" as quickly.

Orgasm Control

Bring yourself near orgasm (during masturbation) and SQUEEZE YOUR PC MUSCLE AS HARD AS YOU CAN and bring back your load. Try to do it another time. Don't be surprised if your load is bigger than usual or shoots a little more.

Every week, try to add one more "NEAR ORGASM," just get used to developing a mind-dick connection and building your PC Muscle.

This was pretty helpful for me but I was never a "1-minute man," who couldn't control his load or couldn't just back off. By strengthening my PC muscle, I just felt like I had an "extra-gear" (or 2). I could slowly approach my "point of no return," and not worry about getting their too quickly.

Still, every once in a while (7 out of 40?)- I'll get off quicker than want. But that's usually because a cutie has been teasing or turning me on for hours rather than a PC muscle deficiency.

Can I do Kegels While Jelqing, Using the Bathmate or Sizegenetics?

Please do.

If you are completely new to PE, wait a month before building kegels into your routines.

Kegels and Jelqing

Kegeling while jelqing shoots blood toward the head of your dick. If you time it with your stroke pattern, you will put more tension on your penile tissue, especially the tissue at mid-shaft extending to the head. Experienced guys claim that this builds girth. It also a good idea to Kegel while jelqing because it encourages blood flow.

Once you get some experience under your belt, I suggest longer, slower jelqing strokes accompanied with a 3-5 seconds Kegel, rather than quick, short strokes.

Kegels and Bathmate

Like jelqing, it's a good idea to use the first month or so to get your penis used to training before you incorporate any further tension.

The idea behind this one is simple. While you are in the Bathmate (ideally with a full erection after 1 month) do Kegels and it can help maintain the erection but slightly increasing the blood flow. Eventually, like all Bathmate sessions, you'll lose the boner than 3 or 4 minutes - and this is no big deal. Just keep Kegeling and picture yourself "shooting" through the Bathmate.

Following a routine of 1 minute on (70-60 squeezes), 1 minute off, 1 minutes on (70-60 squeezes)... is a good way to start. It's hard!

I've gotten to the point where I can Kegel in the Bathmate Hercules (the smaller one) with a FULL erection and water will shoot out of the front. This is only in the first 1 or 2 minutes of the session though.

Kegels and Sizegenetics

If you are using Sizegenetics correctly and wearing it for hours on end, when you take it off your dick may be 'cool'. That's normal. You should restore the blood flow before putting it back on though. Get a boner and Kegel 30-40 times. Watch your penis PULSATE and expand, let your dick fall to a semi-boner and put Sizegenetics back on.

You can also Kegel while your have your Sizegenetics extender on. This can encourage blood flow and keep that "cool" feeling away for a longer period of time. Just do 30 of them every 5 or 10 minutes, you'll be able to wear it longer while improving your pelvic muscles as well.

Are There Any ‘Side Effects’ from Doing Kegel Exercises?
Will My Penis Fall Off?

If performed correctly and with proper rest, Kegels are perfectly safe. It's just like exercising any other muscle, you have to do it with proper form, fatigue it and let it recover so it becomes stronger.

Remember, we are just squeezing our PC Muscle/Buttholes, this isn't brain surgery.

There's 3 signs of fatigue, if you get these - take at least 48 hours off of all PE-

  1. Weak Climax / Dribble Cum (even less powerful than usual); Moderate fatigue, 24+ hours off
  2. Can't seem to SQUEEZE PC Muscle for more than 20 seconds; Moderate fatigue, 24+ hours off
  3. Can't get a solid erection (might be related to jelqing, other PE); High-Moderate fatigue, 48+ hours off

None of these are serious. They are all part of building up your PC Muscle, in fact- more often than not, it's a sign that you have exercise the muscle quite thoroughly. If these problems persist beyond 72 hours, talk to your doctor.

An indication would be for people who had recent prostate surgery, to wait at least 4 weeks before performing a Kegel exercise or routine. If that pertains to you or if you have ANY reproductive or cardiovascular condition - speak to your doctor.

Do Men and Women In the Adult-Film Industry Do Kegel Exercises?

Yes and yes.

A lot of them.

Kegels for men and women who are active in the industry is just like stretching/jogging for athletes or smoking weed for potheads. It's part of the lifestyle.

Besides "drugs," it's a big part of how they build up and release of voluminous loads.

It also plays a role in allowing over-sized genitals to receive timely and adequate blood flow.

Notable also- both also masturbate on a fairly regular basis.

Do Kegels Prevent Prostate Cancer?

Although Kegels can help keep your prostate healthy, cancer itself affected by many genetic or environmental factors that Kegels cannot offer protection from.

On the other hand, training your Kegel exercises before a prostate therapy or surgery can help shorten the recovery phase.

Are Kegels a Legit Alternative to PDE-5 Medications such as Viagra, Cialis or Levitra?

For people without severe neurological or tissue damage, Kegels can certain improve the quality of erections and sexual performance.

It will vary though- some might see major improvement with Kegels alone, and others won’t. It doesn't hurt to try.

Speak to your doctor if you are interested in erectile dysfunction medications.

Do not buy them from an online pharmacy.  

For more information, please see-

I Don’t Do Anything Unless There’s a Clinical Study or Academic Research to Verify it, Are Kegels Clinically Proven?


In the 2009 "Journal of Physiotherapy," a team of researchers developed a plan for pelvic muscle training to improve urinary inconsistence and sexual dysfunction. The consensus is that such exercises are safe and clinically proven to work.

Furthermore, "British Journal of Urology" compared surgery vs Kegels for the treatment of impotence, and the results showed that-

“Surgery was not [necessarily] superior to the pelvic floor training program either subjectively or objectively. Moreover, a significant improvement was found following the training program; 42% were satisfied with the outcome and refused surgery.” and "Pelvic floor exercise is a realistic alternative to surgery in patients with mild degrees of venous leakage."