Podcast 2 - 2014

Just finished Podcast #2 with Scotty.

He tackled all the questions you guys asked in this forum thread.

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Table of Contents

0:00 The guy(s) Scotty is training. Here is Scotty's training page - you hit him up with questions.

How Scotty Learned the "Bathroom Pull" Stuff, Scotty's Beginning

5:55 Scotty and the "Pheromone Kidd" (Pulling girls into bathrooms mentor)

Scotty's 'Decision' to Get Past Approach Anxiety in 3 Weeks
(Going Out 6 Days a Week for 4-8 Hours)

13:30 q: Could Scotty talk about the 3 weeks where he basically beat AA: How he felt during the first few and the last few approaches during that time, how many hours per day did he put into approaching, how many women did he approximately approach per day, after how many approaches did it feel significantly easier (social freedom), did he also use the baby steps model etc. Basically a rough outline of how this phase was. (GLL Remedy)

Beating "Oneitis" (sweating one girl too much) and Over-Analyzing 

25:15 q: Did you ever have oneitis/compulsively over-think anything about girls? What changed it for you so that you started to go out there and just do it?
(and by "just do it" I mean just hitting on girls/talking to them/not caring about any specific girl anymore) (GLL Situation 86)

First Girl Scotty Tags from "Cold Approach"

29:10 q: Tell us about your first lay from cold approach Scotty De Flamingo. (GLL McSolar)

Screening, Aggressiveness and Environment/Culture

33:50 q: More specifics on how to fit the GLL principles so that it is more congruent with you and your environment. For example, I see a lot of guys who don't get results by screening as aggressively as Scotty and Chris and need to screen less hard to get results. People who don't live in metropolitan areas are not able to put in as much volume, is there any way around that? Etc. (GLL Repsej)

What the WORST Thing that Happened to Scotty?

40:15 q: What's the "worst" thing that happened to Scotty, approach-related (due to being aggressive) that he wants to confess? (e.g. trouble with police, security guard etc) (GLL SSKO8)

What's the #1 Reason that Guys Fail?
What's the #1 Reason that Guys Succeed? 

42:00 q: He has coached ALOT of guys ---- why do many guys fail? and why do some guys succeed at a high-level after his observation? (GLL SAM)

Physical 'Fight or Flight' Reactions to Approach Anxiety

56:00 q: Does Scotty maintain any kind of specific feeling in his body when he goes? Like, for instance for me when I kinda feel and go from my *gut* its way different than any other time. (GLL WET)

What Was the Most Brutal Rejection?

58:55 q: What has his most brutal rejection been and what was his quickest lay. (GLL KingKong)

How Important is Race? (for those that want girls of a different race)

1:09:42 q: Since you bang a lot of black chicks, how important do you think race/ethnicity is when cold approaching?? Like going after chix out of your race type thing. (Sorry - Audio fades a bit) (GLL Cesar)

Scotty's Face Tattoo
Verbal vs. Physical Dialogue?

1:13:10 q: Thought I heard a comment about how you "used to" have a face tattoo....did you get it removed? Do you think the ink helps you out there or freaks a lot of broads out? I've seen Chris' vids and I know he's a smart guy but I feel he kind of dumbs himself down to the level of the young girl to relate better to them.....  I know looks and style are more important but dialogue has to matter a certain degree..........are you pretty sexual in dialogue or you let your hands do the talking? (GLL Scifen) *GREAT QUESTION BTW*

How Long Until Approaching Becomes Normal?
(& Good Looking Loser's Guarantee)

1:25:45 (sound slips but then gets better) q: Let's say you were to approach 10 girls per day. How long do you think it should take for most people to develop the habit so that when they see a girl they find attractive, they automatically go and talk to her (in a second or less), as opposed to staring from afar and having to force yourself to make the approach? (GLL - Balaclava Blogger)

He is one of the most thoughtful guys I know. (that's not a joke) He is one of the most thoughtful guys I know. (that's not a joke)

Efficiency: Where is the Best/Most Efficient Place to Pickup Girls?

1:32:15 q: How do you and Scotty maximize your efficiency?  IE: most lays per minute of time invested.  I'm thinking about comparing things like online dating, vs. in person cold approach and where is the best place to get the most lays per time invested. (GLL FS-Ronin)

What Should "Average" Beginners Do?

1:40:15 q: I know that Scotty probably co-signs everything on the GLL website, but if he had to "coach" or advise a guy that was a complete blank slate. Like a dude in his early twenties for instance, completely average at everything...

I'm curious what he would advise the guy to work on first? Like in what order should a "beginner" focus on, providing he is the average joe at everything when he starts and he wants to achieve the most success with the hottest possible girls in the shortest amount of time?

Good Looking Loser areas of expertise-