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Hey there, if you've arrived from Google, I encourage you to check out my comprehensive review of the Bathmate Hydropump.

It includes the following (in detail)-

There's actually not that many decent videos about the Bathmate on the Internet. Most are uninformative and fake because they are put together by Internet marketers who have never even used the Bathmate and are simply trying you to buy it.

I actually own this device and I have done 20+ videos on it over 3.5 years of experience.

We also have an active Bathmate Forum where I and other experienced guys give suggestions based on our personal experience.

Here's a few decent videos that I made and a few that are scattered the Internet and might otherwise take you weeks to find.

If you have ANY questions, don't hesitate to post below, we'll try and help you out.

Disclaimer: The information about the Bathmate is from personal experience and the experience of others. The contents of this page, such as text, graphics, images and other material are intended for informational and educational purposes only and not for the purpose of rendering medical advice. Please view our Medical Disclaimer.

The Ultimate Bathmate Video FAQ (YouTube)


Video: The popular video of the Bathmate spoof from Comedy Central Tosh.0-

Click on the video screens to make it start playing (requires Quicktime).

Using the Bathmate

Video of a guy using the Bathmate in the tub. You can use it in the shower just as easily.
*I don't own this video nor claim any rights to it-

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Immediate Gains (Pump) After Using the Bathmate

Video of a guy impressed with his pumped dick after taking off the Bathmate. The pump (immediate gains) is one of the most exciting parts about using the Bathmate. With regular use these gains become more and more permanent.
This isn't me, I have the similar [harmless] discoloration on my dick however. It looks like I'm the same thickness after but he's longer.
*I don't own this video nor claim any rights to it-

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The Bathmate FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Contents of video-
00:30- Does it work? Permanent and Immediate Gains
01:40- Where should I get the Bathmate? Fake Bathmate pumps are everywhere.
04:05- Should I get the Bathmate Hercules or the Bathmate Goliath?
04:55- If I use ONLY the Bathmate will I increase my penis size?
05:30-Should I have an erection when I use the Bathmate?
07:35- If I'm uncircumcised can I use the Bathmate?
08:20- Should I get the Bathmate or just doing manual exercises?
09:00- Should I buy the entire set (shower strap, cleaning kit) or just the pump?
10:10- Should I do manual exercises before or after using the Bathmate?
10:25- Can I have sex or jerk off after using the Bathmate?
11:30- What underwear should I wear using the Bathmate?
13:30- What are the red dots that 20% of guys get when first using the Bathmate?
15:15- How do I clean the Bathmate? How often?


Does Bathmate Encourage Length Gains?

Video discusses how to use the Bathmate for length gains by stretching your 'internal' penis.

The whole process (with an adult video) is discussed in-depth here-

If I Use ONLY the Bathmate, Will I Gain Size?

Video discusses the potential results of JUST using the Bathmate Hydropump and not using manual exercises such as stretching or jelqing.

If I Stop Using the Bathmate Hydropump, Will I Lose All My Gains?

Video discusses the common question about how permanent / temporary Bathmate gains are.

How Do I Make Bathmate Gains Permanent?

Video discusses how to retain your gains from the Bathmate.

Can I Use the Bathmate Before Having Sex?

This video discusses the instant PUMP and size increase and using / timing your Bathmate prior to sex.

Contents of Video-
0:00 Introduction
0:25 There's not a lot of good Bathmate information out there since the majority of guys are Internet marketers that have never even used the Bathmate
1:15 Instant gains, instant pump- your dick with be really thick right after you use the Bathmate
1:45 Pump is about 1/4" in length, 1/2" - 1" in girth. that's a lot.
2:10 Pump lasts 4-24hours if you've been using Bathmate for a while, if you're new the pump will last ~1-4hours. Just keep using it consistently to have an all day pump.
2:30 Your instant pump will depend on a few things- erection strength, how long you use it, suction strength, etc.
3:30 Temporary gains/pump will become permanent gains with repeated, daily use.
3:45 Timing your pump and size prior to sex... pretty important. (my experience)
5:20 A little girth goes a long way. If you add 1" of girth to your dick, you are significantly bigger... you'll see it in the mirror too. Huge.
7:00 A story from a guy at, uses the Bathmate for a week and nails his ex-girlfriend who is shocked by his cock size (see link below for the full story)
8:40 Add a 'Big Cock Sex' element to your sex life (my experience)
10:20 Things girls do when they are hooking up with a hung guy
10:50 Issues with having a big dick and suggestions to overcome (extended foreplay, water-based lube, keep a little bottle in your car if need be)
12:30 Summary on 'timing' Bathmate use for sex
12:55 Big Cock = High Quality Problem haha
You are always welcome to read and participate in our Bathmate Forum, there are guys of all experience levels.

How to Replace the Valve on the Bathmate x30

There's no stupid questions, it's pretty easy to use anyway :)