The Ultimate Bathmate Guide

The Ultimate Guide to the Bathmate Hydropump from 4+ 5+ 6+ years of experience

Everything you need to know, everything you want know and if you have a question- Just Ask!

If you are curious about what you can expect from the Bathmate Hydropump- I encourage you to check out my comprehensive Bathmate Review.

Update May 2015

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Good Looking Loser's Bathmate Guide and FAQ

Contents of Bathmate Guide & Faq Video-
(all this stuff is in the text below too)

00:30- Does it work? Yep. Permanent and Immediate Gains
01:40- Where should I get the Bathmate? Fake Bathmate pumps are everywhere.*
04:05- Should I get the Bathmate Hercules or the Bathmate Goliath?
04:55- If I use ONLY the Bathmate will I increase my penis size?
06:35- Should I have an erection when I use the Bathmate?
07:35- If I'm uncircumcised can I use the Bathmate?
08:20- Should I get the Bathmate or just doing manual exercises?
09:00- Should I buy the entire set (shower strap, cleaning kit) or just the pump?
10:10- Should I do manual exercises before or after using the Bathmate?
10:25- Can I have sex or jerk off after using the Bathmate?
11:30- What underwear should I wear using the Bathmate?
13:30- What are the red dots that 20% of guys get when first using the Bathmate?
15:15- How do I clean the Bathmate? How often?

* My link below (the place I suggest to buy it from) is the original North American retailer. They aren't necessarily the ONLY legit place to get it. I, however, recommend getting it from them simply because it will DEFINITELY be real. Truth is, I don't know 'who's real, who's fake', I don't and can't comment on specifics website, since I don't know. If you ordered it from somewhere else and your Bathmate broke in two weeks- I'd venture to say it probably wasn't legit. Again, other sites sell legit Bathmate pumps, but I don't know which ones.

q: I see a bunch of Bathmate Hydropumps for sale on eBay and some other rand0m websites, I want to save money and they are slightly less expensive. Should I buy one of those?

a: Maybe. Maybe not. There's a lot of fake Bathmate pumps floating around the Internet, this includes major sites like ebay and A lot of guys have asked me which is real, which is fake, if their pump is real or if it's fake. I honestly don't know. What I can tell you, however, is that if you order from the ORIGINAL NORTH AMERICAN RETAILER, you WILL receive a real pump. Period.  When you purchase it from the original Bathmate retailer you are guaranteed a legitimate product that comes with a 4-week no-hassle return policy and a 12-month warranty in case it breaks. I've had mine for well over 2 years and it still in really good shape.

The original retailer ships from Toronto but also has shipping centers in Michigan and Oregon.
Don't worry you will be getting REAL Bathmate if you order from the original retailer.
But I wanted to let you know that- if you are in the United States your Bathmate might be shipping from the mentioned states.

q: Should I get the Bathmate Hercules or the Bathmate Goliath?

a: 90% of guys will do just fine with the Bathmate Hercules that supports up to 9" of length and over 6.5" of girth.

The Goliath model supports upward of 13" and even more thickness.

Here is a basic sizing chart -


q: I'm lazy, or I'm too busy, or I'm scared someone will know I'm doing exercises for a big dick, or I don't like jelqing/stretching, or [insert reason here]- Can I just use the Bathmate and gain size or do I need to do the manual PE exercises?

a: Good question. You can just use the Bathmate as a standalone and you WILL gain size.

q: You say that Bathmate is especially good for immediate and permanent girth gains, can I gain length from using the Bathmate?

a: Yes, you definitely can. I have and I've also used it to maintain my length gains when I didn't do much PE for about 16-18months. Just using the Bathmate normally and consistently will yield length gains. There also a specific way to use the Bathmate hydropump that specifically encourages length gains called "Bathmate Stretches for Length Gains".

q: I heard that you said to enter the Bathmate with an erection or at least a partial erection, but the instructions say to use it in a flaccid state, what should I do?

a: If you are just starting, use the Bathmate in a flaccid state for the first few sessions. Then ask your doctor, and upon his approval, use the Bathmate with a 70-80% erection. When I started, I used it for a few months starting in a flaccid state. Not Bad. Once I read that having a FULL erection was much better for gains I tried that. It was WAY more intense and I could only go about 6 minutes. My cock looked absolutely huge. Eventually my penis got bigger and really strong and I could take 20+ minutes in the Bathmate. I suggest you ask your doctor and work yourself up to that. You'll see that it's MUCH more intense with a hard-on.

q: When will I see the huge, long-lasting pump where my dick hangs proudly below my balls for most of the day?

a: This is one of the best things about the Bathmate. Once you start putting on the Bathmate with a FULL erection, you'll find that it's also more intense. The pump is A LOT bigger and lasts longer. I don't suggest using a full boner until you've used the Bathmate for at least a month. If you have prior male enhancement experience, you might be able to use a full erection sooner. With a semi-erection or no erection, the pump is less and doesn't last as long.

You can also use your insanely pumped dick on girl's pussies and it will be the most girth they have ever had. Maybe sure to lube them up. With a big dick comes responsibility, you can't just "jam it in" anymore. :D

q: If I'm uncircumcised can I still use the Bathmate with success?

a: I had to do research on this one because I am circumcised. The answer is- yes, absolutely. In fact, it is particularly good if you have tight foreskin. According to multiple Bathmate reviews from users, the foreskin becomes stretched and way more flexible with consistent use. This allows for significantly better blood flow and firmer, harder erections. The general thought is that it helps with foreskin health issues. Again, I'm not familiar with these issues since I am circumcised, but I trust the multiple reports and feedback that I've read.

This is an example of such a report (unedited)-

"Bathmate really works!!! and is great for foreskin stretching. I am a noob to all this. I purchased the Bathmate when I saw it on Tosh because I felt I needed something of quality to help my uncircumcised penis' health. I did not buy the Bathmate for size extending purposes (though I would not mind) and was skeptical about growth claims via suction devices, etc.

I wanted something that would help me exercise the penis so I can get better blood flow and harder erections and that was pretty much all I was going for. My penis size is average both erect and flaccid.

I always had a problem with a tight foreskin and being uncircumcised probably made the erections a little more problematic than they should be. I found that using the Bathmate with the foreskin rolled back exposing the head really stretched the foreskin out. The suction expands the girth and stretches the rolled up foreskin as a bonus. That was a result I saw right off and was very pleased by it. For the foreskin stretching alone the Bathmate was worth the price and it was something that I discovered by accident.

I don't hear much about the Bathmate in relation to foreskin health on here so I wanted to add that in and hope it helps those with foreskin issues.

I have been using the Bathmate for about a month now (shower before bed) and today I was wearing jeans and noticed they did not fit as before in the crotch. In a flaccid state my penis is longer and a little thicker. I am kind of a little taken aback by that development - I could actually feel the penis longer/bigger in my jeans - which are not that tight.

My penis looks normal and not temporarily swollen by the Bathmate suction from last night so I don't think this is a result of swelling."

q: Should I do stretching, jelqing or buy a Bathmate?

a: This is an interesting question. Ideally you will do moderate amounts of all 3. While similar, they all work in slightly different ways. Stretching, largely, is for length. Jelqing and Bathmate are for growth. Of the three, using the hands-free Bathmate is by far the easiest and most efficient. To really make gains, upwards of 1.5", you'll have to devote AT LEAST 30mins- everyday or every other day to penis enhancement.

If you can spend no more than 90 minutes in an entire week on getting a bigger dick, I suggest the following-

* I think you'll actually find yourself doing (or wanting to do more than just 3 sessions or 90minutes). This stuff is SO EFFECTIVE, especially for newbies.

q: Do I have to shave or trim all my pubic hair for the Bathmate to have and maintain good suction?

a: You don't HAVE to, it is definitely recommended that you shave or at least down your pubic hair.

q: Should I buy the whole set (cleaning kit, shower strap, etc.) or can I just buy the Bathmate Hydropump?

a: I just have the pump. When I bought mine, there wasn't a cleaning kit or shower strap to purchase. I can't imagine that they aren't good quality. But you don't 'need' them, the Bathmate is 100% hands-free once you put it on. I just wash mine in soap and water every so often. Works good.

Bathmate Hydropump with Shower Strap The shower strap is helpful but not completely necessary.

q: How do I use the Bathmate?

a: Go to this page- Bathmate (Original Retailer, Authentic) and go to 'instructions' which is listed at the footer of the page.
This page has the official instructions, in detail and some pictures/videos.

q: I want to do manual stretches and jelqing to maximize gains- should I do these before or after using the Bathmate?

a: I use the Bathmate AFTER doing any manual PE work, I suggest you do that too. The Bathmate expands the tissue in your penis and you don't want to injure it by jelqing. I have never used the Bathmate before any PE exercises, so I don't know how it would work. My penis is literally too thick to effective stretch or jelq following a Bathmate session.

q: Can I have sex or jerk off after using the Bathmate?

a: If you are using condoms you'll eventually get so thick that not even Magnum XL's will fit you for several hours after using the Bathmate. I use to fit into large condom after using the Bathmate, but now I have to wait 8+ hours if I use the thing for 10 minutes. After using the Bathmate, you'll notice that you penis is less sensitive. In about an hour the full sensitivity returns. If you are planning to have sex and just used the Bathmate, massage your dick and balls and flop your dick around. Admire it and this will get you hard and ready for sex. Works good.

You can jerk off after using the Bathmate, but I wouldn't necessarily recommend it since it always good to have good blood flow to your dick post-Bathmate or post-Jelqing. So don't jerk off unless you can't help yourself.

q: What underwear should I wear (if any) after using the using the Bathmate?

a: I actually suggest NONE. Again, this is a blood flow thing. Don't let your penis get scrunched up, let the blood bring DHT, nutrients and other hormones into your spongy tissue and chambers to make you grow. If you have to go out and you want to wear underwear, position your hanging penis on the inside of your leg- let it hang down and embrace the pleasant warm feeling of a hung dick on the side of your leg. Just don't let it scrunch up or retreat into your body. This is good in general for penis health, avoid the 'turtle penis' syndrome. LET IT HANG, that's what you are looking for anyway.

People have asked me- I wear Under Armour for support. Everyday. Look into Under Amour or some sort of compression short.  These shorts are great because they hold your package tight, but don't really limit the hang. It's ideal for bloodflow. If you are into significantly showing off your penis (I sometimes am) on the side of your leg in tight jeans, you might have to go without underwear or just develop a really thick penis.

q: What are these 'red dots' that I sometimes get after using the Bathmate?

a: This is especially (if not entirely) common to the new guys using the Bathmate. Even I get them sometimes however. I asked the manufacturer about this and read several reports on the Internet.

First off, it's not dangerous at all (so long as your penis wasn't deeply HURTING). They are harmless and they will go away in a few days if you don't use the Bathmate.

For the new guys, it's just a sign that you should take a day or two off (and maybe shorten your sessions). The dots will go away during the off-period. Resume as normal or go slightly less long.

These 'red dots' are also common to newbie who begin jelqing and stretching (without using the Bathmate). Just take it easy/easier and gradually build your penis up.

If you seem to be getting the 'red dots' and you have been using the Bathmate for several months or more- CLEAN your Bathmate with some anti-bacterial soap and water. If you leave it in your shower, like I do, it can get some germs on it. I suggest soap and water, but you could put it in your dishwasher or washing machine. If you put it in the dish washer, don't put it on 'heated dry'. That probably won't ruin the plastic but it might mess up the Bathmate gauge (you know, the numbers/ruler on it). If you put it in your washing machine, don't let it go to a spin cycle- you don't want the Bathmate smashing up against the sides up your washer. And Obviously, don't put it in your clothes dryer.

So long as these dots are the size of a "pin" or very small, they are NO PROBLEM.
If they are huge dots (NEVER SEEN THAT ON ME or ANYONE ELSE) you should get it checked out.

q: I didn't buy the cleaning kit, how do I clean this thing?

a: This is what the Bathmate UltraMax "Instructions For Use" book says-
Please note that Bathmate should be cleaned regularly to prolong its life and to prevent malfunctions.

"Remove excess water from the device and put in a sink of hot water (40c max) pre filled with a cleaning solution (like liquid soap, preferably anti-bacterial).

While submerged, depress the pressure valve several times to allow the cleaning solution to the internet parts. Cover the end of the pump sealing ring (while submerged) and compress to force cleaning water through the chamber and valve (repeat several times).

*Apply the Bathmate cleaning sponge brush to the inner chamber to remove any contamination and discoloration inside. Move the sponge up and down in the chamber whilst rotating.

*Remove the Bathmate sponge brush and rinse in the Bathmate solution. Re-apply the sponge to the lower inner pump area, rotating as the sponge is applied.

Fully rinse the Bathmate in clean, cold water. Remove excess water and dry with a clean towel, also allow to air dry."
*optional steps

I don't clean my Bathmate too often, I guess I should. Maybe once a month with anti-bacterial soap. I've never had any issues with rashes or any sort of hygiene problems. When I say I have never gotten ANY side effects from Bathmate, I mean just that.

Bathmate Cleaning Kit Image

q: What if my question wasn't covered here?

a: I recently did a post "what to expect from the Bathmate," it covers several issues and questions (including shipping, packaging, gains, etc.) Check that out.

If you have a question that isn't listed in the Bathmate Guide above, feel free to ask here-
We have a Bathmate Forum that has a lot of user stories and reports as well. Happy pumping :)