Can I Gain Length with the Bathmate? Or only Girth?

Hey a few guys have asked if they can use the Bathmate for length gains or to improve the length of their penis.

The answer is- Yes.

Using the Bathmate in it's 'normal' fashion (putting it on, pumping to let excess water out for ~12 minutes) will give you significant (immediate, temporary/later permanent) girth and some length gains.

You can also use the Bathmate for length however too.

Disclaimer: The information about the Bathmate Hydropump and lengthening male enhancement exericses is from personal experience. The contents of this page, such as text, graphics, images and other material are intended for informational and educational purposes only and not for the purpose of rendering medical advice. Please view our Medical Disclaimer that you agreed to upon clicking [x] I agree, when entering this site.

In order to specifically target length, you have to do "Bathmate Stretches," I suggest that you use Bathmate for at least a few weeks before incorporating Bathmate Stretches. After that, use can focus on using Bathmate for length gains.

Since this is a "unofficial" way to use the Bathmate, I will legally have to tell you to ask your doctor before trying these (or doing any type of penis enhancement). So... do that :)

The video is below.

bathmate pumps

Bathmate Exercises For Length (Stretches)

In short, these stretches work in a similar fashion to how manual stretches work.

You are stretching the organ/muscle/spongy tissue (the penis is made of these 3 tissues, although it's not completely made of these 3 tissues).
The tissue later rebuilds itself (similar, but not identical to skeletal muscle tissue) stronger and longer than before. Also, the Bathmate for Length Stretches are more intense and WILL stretch your internal penis♣ better than anything else.

The result is- gains in length.

Internal Penisinternal penis♣ - If you push your finger into your body in the area next to your penis, you'll notice that your penis goes far into your body. This is the tissue we especially want to stretch. It likely has NEVER been stretched, doing so will give you MORE length. Some guys (myself included) that are moreso 'growers' rather than 'showers' seem to have great deal of untapped, non-stretched internal penis. This tissue theoretically can be stretched and yield very significant external length gains, resulting a longer penis and that HUNG look that is so sexy (no homo, haha). If you've done manual penis stretches and jelqing for years, you still haven't reached your potential if you haven't specifically addressed the internal penis tissue.

Chris Discusses How to Use the Bathmate for Length

In order to do these Bathmate for Length Stretches-

1. Fill the Bathmate with warm/hot water
2. Put it on
3. Pump it, letting out all of the excess water
- Give it a minute, then start these stretches
4. Pull the Bathmate FORWARD, holding it for 30 seconds, hold the base of the Bathmate so it doesn't eat your balls
5. Pull the Bathmate to the LEFT, holding it for 30 seconds, hold the base of the Bathmate so it doesn't eat your balls
6. Pull the Bathmate to the RIGHT, holding it for 30 seconds, hold the base of the Bathmate so it doesn't eat your balls
7. Pull the Bathmate UP, holding it for 30 seconds, hold the base of the Bathmate so it doesn't eat your balls
8. Pull the Bathmate DOWN, holding it for 30 seconds, hold the base of the Bathmate so it doesn't eat your balls
9. Repeat these stretches 2 or 3 more times, pushing out the excess water every once in a while

Notes on using Bathmate for length by doing these stretches-

The Bathmate should be tight on your body with good suction.
It shouldn't fall off while pulling your penis (it won't fall off if it's tight).
For these stretches- you are pulling hard (like manual stretches) it's just a slight/average pull to angle the Bathmate in a different direction.
You'll feel a slightly uncomfortable burning sensation as you stretch your internal penis, it should not HURT.
You can kegel (squeeze your PC muscle, the muscle that you use to stop your pee or flex your asshole) to encourage blood flow to your penis.
Like normal use of the Bathmate, you should ideally put it on with a ~90% erection.
Just get used to doing the stretches, as with all penis enhancement, don't be overzealous.
Consistency, repetition and commitment makes you HUNG.
Reckless stretching or jelqing just gets you injured and delays your progress. Be safe guys.
A big dick means nothing if you can't USE IT on attractive females, right?

My personal experience with Bathmate Length Stretches (updated April 2012)-

I'm pretty thick, so I'm mainly after length these days. I've been doing these stretches for about a month (every other day) and I'm 7.2-7.4" non-bone pressed, ruler on the top- not pushing in the skin AFTER doing Bathmate Stretches. I'm at 7.0-7.1" before the stretches. Like the girth gains (from Bathmate or jelqing), the temporary increases in size will become permanent with consistency and repetition.

Before and after the Bathmate stretches, I'm hanging as low as I ever have, several inches below my balls these days- Good Looking Loser's Penis (Not Safe For Work).

I don't solely credit the Bathmate Stretches, it's EVERYTHNG (manual stretching, jelqing, regular Bathmate use, diet, exercise, etc.), I have never gained length so quickly since I began PE several years ago. It looks like 8" will be possible! I started at a average/modest 5.5".

Here's a video of how you can do the Bathmate stretches, I haven't done them this way yet... It will probably prevent you balls from getting eaten.

See my comprehensive Bathmate Review for more information on how to use the Bathmate Hydropump.