Bathmate Discount
(Updated January 3 2019)

Whether or not you are a part of the Good Looking Loser Community, you can use the link below to get free shipping on your Bathmate Hydropump.

If you have arrived from Google, I encourage you to check out my comprehensive Bathmate review.

The review and subsequent pages will discuss, in depth-

Good Looking Loser Bathmate Coupon

This coupon gives free shipping and priority status to your order.

We link directly to the Bathmate manufacturer and your pump is coming right from the source. 


It will only work with our vendor however -

How the Bathmate "Market" Works-

The Bathmate manufacturer sets a 'lowest price' amount that all legitimate vendors are required to honor.

This is so their products do not get devalued.

If you find a discount code (or a website) that seems to be selling an inexpensive pump (lets say- under $100), chances are you won't be getting a real Bathmate. All the official vendors basically have the same prices- they are required to.

If you have a question - please hit us up in the Bathmate Forum - you'll usually get an answer in about 20 minutes.

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