Are YOU Sexually Available? (Podcast with Scotty)

Are You Really IN?
(The REAL Law of "Attraction")

Despite the simplicity of the question, this is a deep subject.

Although I'm usually able to target and comprehensively simplify subjects such as 'Swag Factor' (coolness/status), 'Sense of Entitlement' (advanced confidence) and 'Killer Instinct' (game), this one is tricky.

It's also complex because despite the answer, (Yes/No) - everyone is in a different place and everyone will have a slightly different solution to the issue.

This subject is not a one-size-fits-all unfortunately. 

We often discuss the concept of 'Sexual Availability'.

To most of us (myself included), Sexual Availability, is mainly a barometer of where the girl stands when screened

In geek speak -

Is this girl physically, logistically and emotionally available to have sex at this moment?

If the answer is, "YES". 

The appropriate question is - 

"Is she down to fuck [me]?"

You guys know all that stuff.

But what about the other side of the question?

- Are YOU Sexually Available?

-- Are you really Sexually Available?

--- Are you down to fuck?

---- Are you really down to fuck the girl that you are talking to?

----- Or do you just want to "screen her"?

------ Or do you just want to "attract the girl"?

------- Or do you just want to safely impress her for an ego boost?

Are you actually prepared TO HAVE SEX with women you are talking to?


-- Or would sex just "be nice"? A bonus?

If you are solely looking for pussy and not validation, an interesting conversation or some other motivation - then great. Your screening will be authentic.

You are sub-communicating your interest in having sex with the girls you talk to - GREAT. That is what it should be. You will attract girls that want the same. You won't go on dates with the wrong girls.

If you find yourself simply "attracting girls" or in "go nowhere" interactions, chances are - you aren't sexually available. You are just "meeting women".

If you aren't -

That is a place that you should be trying to get.

You will be screening in sexually available/DTF girls and not just "girls". 

Let me show you an example.

My attitude in this video is to "get footage" of me getting a phone number (basic guy game) -
(despite the unexpected painful growing boner seen at 1:20 in Video #1, the intentions are pretty tame)

My attitude in this video is to have sex with this cutie and her perky breasts (screening) -

Do you see the difference?

Of course you do.

In the first video I'm "getting footage", in the second I'm trying to fuck that girl that night.

I'm behaving completely different in the second example.

It's obvious.

It's not just about "having a sexual vibe", but rather intention. 

You are trying to HAVE SEX with the girl and not just "show her I have a sexual vibe".

Getting Laid is the priority.

Lets talk about this more, for Scotty and myself, we weren't sexually available when we started and it is something that constantly needs reinforcement.

Ask yourself -

Am I Sexually Available when I screen women?

Table of Contents

0:00 Introduction, Chris and Scotty (Brian).

0:10 Podcast is brought to you by the Bathmate Hydropump, one of the only male enhancement have actually works. Bigger dick in 10 minutes (temporarily). Bigger dick in 3-4+ months (permanently).

0:45 Sexually Available discussed; Sexual Availability vs. Down to Fuck

2:00 But are YOU Sexually Available? (workshop insight)

4:30 Ask yourself, "Am I really Sexually Available?"

6:00 Are you Sexually Available or just "In and out"?
- Am I behaving like a Sexually Available male?

8:15 You have to Sexually Available to screen for a Sexually Available girl.

10:00 If guys aren't looking to have sex, what are they looking for?

10:30 Validation, for most. So they play it safe and try to be smooth.
(I did this for a good year or so)

11:45 ARE YOU IN?
- How Scotty got ALL IN, Priority #1 = Sex and nothing else

15:15 ARE YOU IN?
- How Chris got ALL IN after a year of chasing validation instead of pussy.

18:50 continued... the go-nowhere interactions, dates, nights got old.

20:25 Beat validation by getting it and move on.

23:35 Going on dates was really helpful for Chris.
- Dates = free training for you (goal: Finish > Have a good date)

27:00 The REAL Law of Attraction (you get what you are)

33:30 But I don't want validation, what's wrong with me?

35:00 Thinking "I want to fuck this girl" = that's good.

Pour Conclure

Despite the simplicity of the question, the subject is quite deep and hard to eloquently explain.

Asking yourself -

Am I Sexually Available?

Might reveal all the insight that you need though.

You want to be Sexually Available when you screen girls.

If you are - you'll naturally "attract" girls that are DTF.

Otherwise, at best, you will just be going through the motions and likely to end up with a girl who is largely only emotionally available (boyfriend seekers).

But it isn't so easy though.

Your moods, sex drive and motivation will vary on a day-to-day and your behavior will too.

That's natural.

But just because you may not be feeling/acting like you really want sex, it doesn't mean you won't meet girls that aren't going to fantasize about you after you take their number.

I've hooked up with plenty of girls that were more into me than I was into them/sex.

It happens. Especially if you are good looking.

But you don't want to leave this to chance though.

The main idea is to embrace the mindset of "GETTING LAID" instead of just "gaming", "being a player", "meeting women" or "picking up girls".

It might take well over a year to get there, but your results will skyrocket once you finally start attracting girls that want and expect sex too.

It's a different ballgame entirely.

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