Libertad (Get Liberated) - Week 5

Welcome to Week 5.

Getting real this week.

keep it realHopefully you enjoyed (and successfully/satisfactorily completed) Week 4.

It was more of a "goofy" week.

Believe it or not, there are some programs out there that have these type of drills for combating anxiety. The problem is- developing a tolerance so you can act crazy or be willing to embarrass yourself in front of strangers is only one small element of meeting women and taking them home. In fact, the majority of your interactions will require you to "keep it real" and have genuine, sincere, socially-normal, lower-energy communication with the girl.

I have some friends that absolutely act crazy in public. Their lives are like a 24/7 Jackass skit. It's hilarious, they seemingly have more social freedom than myself or Scotty. But when it comes to 'seriously' trying to get women, they rather just watch than do.

This type of stuff, for example- giving a compliment, leaves some guys feeling pretty vulnerable; whereas they had no trouble with the Jackass, absurd stuff that is largely a total joke. I actually had a lot of trouble with stuff like this because I felt I was really putting myself on the line and I feared rejection. With no/very little outcome dependence (from agreeing to just DO THE DRILL), these drills should seriously help you if you find this type of communication difficult.

If the mentality last week was, "I'm just going to fuck with her," this is week it is, "I'm going to put a smile on her face." or "I'm gonna keep it real." Almost the complete opposite.

Now, this is type of thing is considered "wrong" in the pick up artist community because it is misapplied by nice guys who want to "put a smile" on a girl's face in order to "get some" down the line.

As I remind you, over and over, when doing these drills you are not trying to "get some" and hopefully that shows during the drills.

You are going to have sincere interactions (do drills that encourage sincere behavior) for the sole purpose of brightening some girl's day. Not brightening her day, so you can fuck her. Just brightening her day.

You are being "nice" because you are a decent person, not because you want something in return. Your life is going pretty well, in fact- you have 50% less anxiety than you had 5 weeks ago.

This will actually be a new thing for a lot of guys. Once you REALLY drop the "getting laid" goal, giving compliments and being sincere becomes super easy- it's natural and unless you have issues with hatred, you probably like making people smile.

Chick-fil-A-logoThe other day at Chic-Fil-a (amazing food) I complimented a really pretty French girl on her teeth, with no intention of wanting anything more because I already had sex 4 of the previous 6 days. She kept asking me questions and wouldn't let me leave the interaction, finally she said, "well maybe you can show me how to search for teeth whitening on Groupon sometime..." (obviously she wanted to sleep with me). I said I would and took her number. That type of thing probably doesn't happen if I'm not genuinely being nice to her. Granted her interested in me is physical, but "keeping it real" with her give her the green light to pursue me. We'll probably be having sex on Saturday night. She has a sexy "Cindy Crawford" beauty mark above her lip and I have a ton of girth that she may not be expecting.

The dominant attitude I want you to have this week is-

"I'm going to put a smile on her face."
"I'm going to keep it real."

Remember I asked you the question, "In the past year, how many days do you actually remember?"

Apparently, remembering about 20 of them means you either have a really good memory or you are living an exciting life.

Chances are, as part of this program- you've had 15-20+ days ALREADY that you can remember vividly.

Who knows if you'll remember them a year from now. All that matter is that you feel alive.

Keep living.

Online Dating

I have to check in with you- how's stuff on Plenty of Fish or OkCupid going?

After a month, I'd would assume you've been out with at least 3 or 4 girls.

Don't be surprised if your "dates" start going better and better.

Dates make your quest to beat approach anxiety easier. Progress in beating approach anxiety makes your dates go better. That's how it works. At the end of the day, it's all exposure therapy to pussy.

In some cases, I would take girls that I met online to the exact locations that I approached women earlier that day. Sunset Boulevard, Westwood Plaza, the Grove- all those places became my day spots for exposure therapy to meet and greeting pussy in 2008-2009. It literally felt like home after a while.

Hit on 50+ girls online this week-

We usually do the pre-Week talk in the 1st audio of the week, but we are going to do them separately from now on.

Audio Week 5: Quick Talk (29:18)

Audios for Day 32-37. mp3/iPod compatible (.zip file)- Approach Anxiety Drills Week 5 Audio

Approach Anxiety Day 32
(Mr. Sunshine)

Fun sunI'm Mr. Sunshine! (Non-Sexual Compliment Drill)

If you been around here for a little while or seen any of my videos, you know that I pretty much say the same thing every time.

It is effective and repeatable- with looks, style and social freedom, as always, being far more important than what is said.

We refer to it as the "basic screening dialogue," for more specifics about this dialogue and screening on approach, have a look here-

Remember, despite the "... and I wanted to see what you were like...," screening is done largely via physical dialogue.

Girls that are flattered or entertained may stand their talking to you, but if you start touching them- they will only stay if they are sexually available.

A lot of guys like my "intro" line, it's easy to learn, easy to say and communicates the right things. By no means do you have to use it however.

Either way, we are going to work you up to something like that or at least increase you ability to give compliments. Compliments, especially if you look good, are meaningful and go along way.

I push everyone to communicate the "player" image. Hot girls value compliments from sexy players because they know that sexually-active players have a lot of options. Girl dress up all sexy to largely impress these types of guys.

Even if she thinks the "player" guy is lying or exaggerating, hot girls often still find themselves trying to impress and fishing for another genuine compliment- even if they don't like the guy.

Seem far-fetched? It's not.

People do things they don't want to do, to impress good looking/higher-status people that they don't like -- every single day. I lifted weights for hundreds and hundreds of hours beyond what I wanted- simply to get validation. I even had the goal of being a lawyer- for money and status.

Anyone that does anything for validation is usually seeking approval from those with more status.

Remember, this week you are simply trying to spread love.

The bearer of Good News.

We aren't getting into telling the girl that she's attractive just yet, we are going to give some 'non-sexual' compliments, they are easier to start with.

Here are some examples of non-sexual compliments-

Generally you just want to stick to things like clothing that you can say "I like," or call "cool," stay away from bringing any sort of "hot," "sexy," or "attractive," in there just yet.

Non-sexual compliments.

If you are talking to a hot girl, it's easy to give her a compliment. Do so and LEAVE.

If you are talking to a not-so-hot girl, think to yourself- this girl isn't too pretty, she's probably only told given non-genuine compliments by some drunk guy that wants to fuck her and forget what she looks like. Make her feel good about herself and LEAVE. She'll remember it all week. (trust me)

If you absolutely can't give a certain unattractive girl a compliment, then don't- find another one and mean it.

I'm the light of the world!

Day 32 Drill (Level 4)

Audio Day 32 (22:38)

If you were unable to do the drill or weren't happy with your performance (NOT the reactions you got) - feel free to repeat this day.

Approach Anxiety Day 33 (Clumsy)

Stock Illustration by Leo BlanchetteWhoops I fell down. (Non-Sexual Compliment Drill)

As you know- you are encouraged to repeat days if you don't quite nail it or you feel you have social freedom and tolerance to gain. It's pretty important that you get the most basic Non-Sexual Compliment (NSC) Drill down before you move on. Sexual compliments are harder so we want you to have a good foundation before we hit those up.

Before you drop a NSC today, you are going to poke fun at yourself for doing something stupid. This sometimes makes delivering the NSC somewhat harder. It's your job to collect yourself and EXECUTE.

Do this drill however it feels natural for you.

As always, you'll get a variety of predictable responses.

Day 33 Drill (Level 4)

Audio Day 33 (17:35)

Here's me doing the drill-

If you were unable to do the drill or weren't happy with your performance (NOT the reactions you got) - feel free to repeat this day.

Approach Anxiety Day 34
(Banana Phone)

Hollywood Starlet At Outdoor CafeRing... ring... ring... Banana Phone!

If you thought you came off strange yesterday, you are going to be even more bizarre today.

Bizarre dynamic, but sincere with your compliment.

This is a nice little exercise in "frame control," stick to you guns and swear that you hear a phone ringing.

Ring... ring... ring... Banana Phone!

Keep in mind- you're a sincere weirdo.

The concept of "Banana Phone" was from a ridiculously popular YouTube video from ~2007.

Day 34 Drill (Level 4)

The drill is meant for girls that are by themselves, if you have to talk to groups- it might be harder but try to do so.

Try to say, "Ring... ring... ring... Banana Phone!" to get the girl's attention then go right into "Hey there..."

If you are convincing enough/girl is stupid enough- the girl will check her phone, even though she knows it's obviously not ringing.

Audio Day 34 (18:27)

Here's me doing the drill-

If you were unable to do the drill or weren't happy with your performance (NOT the reactions you got) - feel free to repeat this day.

Approach Anxiety Day 35 (U Mad Bro?)

Cool Story BROEveryone just chill...

Sometime around 2010 I started calling girls - "Bro."

I don't know how it started, but it seems like every guy (everywhere?) calls one another "Bro."

The hottest, most feminine girls particularly thought it was funny that I was calling them "Bro."

You obviously don't need to be reminded that "what you say" isn't that important, saying funny shit is more about making it fun for yourself and sometimes screening the other person for a sense of humor and a brain.

It's a good word because the cool girls get it and respond well and the feminist psychos don't. It's a win-win.

We're delving back into "just fucking with her" territory, so try to still be sincere.

This drill was among the most favorites of the guys that have done a lot of these drills. So have fun!

Day 35 Drill (Level 4)

Feel free to say it however you like. You can pretend your an uneducated meathead like myself, or a sophisticated intellectual as I'm sure you are. It's your world, we're just living in it.

It's fun. Trust me.

Audio Day 35 (27:51)

Do the drill as it's described above, the audio presents a slightly different version. You can do either, but the drill above is the one I'd rather you do.

Here's me doing the drill-

If you smile-

If you smile and the person has issues to begin with-

If you were unable to do the drill or weren't happy with your performance (NOT the reactions you got) - feel free to repeat this day.

Approach Anxiety Day 36
(Nicest Guy Ever)

happy businessmanNice non-sexual guy on steroids.

Sometimes you gotta try REALLY HARD.

Today you are going to be the nicest guy ever.

Today will be the pinnacle of these sort of drills.

It's impossible to keep giving compliments and be 100% sincere but I don't want you to be sarcastic or a dickhead.

Just have fun with it and give compliment like your life depended on it.

You are free to change the non-sexual compliments into whatever you like, or just follow what I have below.

Day 36 Drill (Level 4)

Wait for the "thank you's" after your compliment.

Here's me doing the [challenge] drill (at a hair salon, legit creeper status if you saw it)

Audio Day 36 (12:20)

Here's me doing the drill-

If you were unable to do the drill or weren't happy with your performance (NOT the reactions you got) - feel free to repeat this day.

Approach Anxiety Day 37
(I Like Your Style)
To be done at a bar or club. Alone.

Fashion girlsHit & Run Non-Sexual Compliments at Night.

Alright- back to the bar/club for some more night time creeping.

Believe it or not, this drill is a step up from the other guys and the 'average' would really have to force himself to do it.

You, however, have been smashing your approach anxiety for well over a month and this should go fairly smoothly once you get started.

The main thing is - DON'T LOSE FOCUS.

By that, I mean- your goal is to still DO THE DRILL.

Some guys tend to lose focus of their goal to EXECUTE when they are at a bar/club because it so often is a place where they feel anxiety if they aren't talking to someone or aren't in a big group.

You still ARE NOT picking up women, you are still doing drills.

If you can remind yourself of that, this should go smoothly.

Level 5's begin today.

Day 37 Drill (Level 5)

You are still IN-and-OUT, like the previous night-time drills, but you are doing to pause and look at the girl for a brief after you "I dig your style."

To do these- you'll definitely have to walk up to girls who are talking to their friends.

Audio Day 37 (22:22)

If you were unable to do the drill or weren't happy with your performance (NOT the reactions you got) - feel free to repeat this day.