Libertad (Get Liberated) - Week 2

Welcome to Week 2.

... and Away We Go!

Week 2 is usually a good week for guys.

At the end of the week nearly all guys can honestly say, "I have less anxiety than I did on Day 1."

There are 2 obstacles that I need to warn you about however.


Sometime this week, you will face some adversity. Probably more adversity than you faced in Week 1.

Ultimately, you will make one of two decisions-

The guys that take the first approach are just planting the seeds for eventually quitting altogether. These drills are still easier than approaching a woman aggressively. They have to be done, even if it take several days. I'd rather have you spend an entire month on this week rather than "skipping" drills that you feel you "won't need".

The guys that take the second approach will not only feel good about themselves but they will begin to suppress the fight-or-flight syndrome that has created the anxiety in the first place.

You biggest gains are in moments of adversity. Use those moments to change your brain.

This is not a race.

You'll gain more exposure therapy by redoing some of the days. I highly encourage it.

For most things in life, being a perfectionist will ultimately slow you down and waste your time. When dealing with approach anxiety, it's not a bad thing. Do it as many times as you need to until it meets your standard. Do can never have "too little" anxiety. Furthermore, once you become more relaxed during a certain drill it can become more fun and a nice boost in social momentum.


Although you signed the petition and agreed-


Your mind might not totally cooperate since it's so used to interpreting results based the old goal of "getting" the girl.

At times, you might feel- "oh damn maybe I shouldn't have bothered her," "ugh, she didn't like that..." or similar outcome-dependent thoughts.

When that happens-
I want you to call timeout and realize that your mind has wandered to the wrong place.

You only goal is to DO THE DRILL.

Remind yourself of that goal. The goal is not to get a certain reaction.

You should not be trying to "get" the girl. You should be trying to do the drill and leaving on cue.

The reality of the situation is, whether you are doing AA Drills or full-on aggressive approaches- you will almost always get a predictable response. With some experience, you will not fear this predictable response.

Going forward we will have some more "hilarious" drills, but lets not lose focus on having REAL, NORMAL interactions with women. Sometimes it's easier to do something ridiculous than to keep it real.

Online Dating

I hope you've hit up 50-100 girls last week and attempted to schedule dates with the girls that gave you their number because they wanted to meet up with you.

Begin this week by hitting up 50+ girls on Plenty of Fish, OkCupid or Tinder.

Give yourself a break for day or two this week and go on some dates. Have fun with the girl.

While you are on the date tell yourself, "this girl likes me and there's probably other girls that do too."

It's true.

If you mess around with a girl, don't be surprised if this week's drill seem easier than usual.

New Studio Microphone!

Good news! I just got a new microphone to do the audio. You will hear NO background noise whatsoever.

It should make your listening experience that much better as I encourage you to do creepy things!

Audios for Day 8-14. mp3/iPod compatible (.zip file)- Approach Anxiety Week 2

Approach Anxiety Day 8 (Do You Like?)

funny cartoon farmerSlightly more engaged interactions.

Today we will take another baby step forward.

Using the same drill that you have been doing the past 2 days, we are going introduce a slightly more interpersonal dialogue.

Like on Day 7, I want you to get off to a good start by talking to the VERY FIRST girl you see. Don't let her slip by.

If on the rep of the set the girl states "No [I've haven't been there]," you need to find another girl who has been to whatever location you are asking for directions for. Just use an easy location where most people have been, such as a major grocery store.

Day 8 Drill (Level 1)

Audio Day 8 (27:45)

If you were unable to do the drill or weren't happy with your performance (NOT the reactions you got) - feel free to repeat this day.

Approach Anxiety Day 9 (Yum Yum)

funny cartoon bossStick to your guns.

Today, you will be faced with the possibly that your interaction doesn't make any sense. Don't worry, it will be funny to you if it doesn't.

You are going to ask a girl if she's eaten at a nearby restaurant, she'll say "yes/no," regardless of her answer you need to ask her "Did you like it?"

This is only micro-exposure to social tension via confusion but it will happen all the time, especially when you are start being forceful, fast and aggressive in your interactions.

One day you'll get to the point that you'll feel the girl is lame if she screws up the interaction- rather than blaming yourself.

This type of thing is actually a big step since it's likely that you have spent the majority of your life thinking, "I hope she likes me..." and trying to please the people you speak to. I know it was for me.

What I want you to do, whether it goes good or bad, whether the interaction makes sense or not, whether the drills seems smooth or not, is-


Do the drill just as it says. Don't pay any attention to "how it looks" to the girls or others in the surrounding area. Say what you are gonna say with the possibility that it comes off funny, not funny, weird, not weird or doesn't even get heard.

In the end, "what you say" doesn't even matter compared to how you look and how you say it.

Day 9 Drill (Level 1)

Audio Day 9 (22:10)

  • Drill explained.
  • If the person you are talking to is unavailable, shy, weird or a total loser- your interaction won't make sense.
    It's not your fault.
  • Girl I fucked last Thursday afternoon, the interaction didn't make much sense.

This is me doing the drill, the interaction doesn't make sense but I finish the drill since that is my goal-

If you were unable to do the drill or weren't happy with your performance (NOT the reactions you got) - feel free to repeat this day.


Approach Anxiety Day 10 (Movies)

funny cartoon bossIs he going to ask me out? (No, he's just doing AA Drills)

It's Day 10.

Day 8 and 9 is actually difficult for some guys because asking, "Do you like it?" is something that gets said when they are trying to "get" something. But it's completely normal conversation that the PUA community labels "seeking rapport".

Between you and I, if you look good (looks, style)- you can seek as much fucking rapport as you want. It won't "work" every time because not all girls are available, but odds are- at least 1 of 10 girls will be totally happy to answer your questions and try to get to know you. Probably more than 1 of 10.

If you struggled through Day 8 or 9, or didn't quite "nail it," go back and do the job right.

Listen to the audio again too. It important that you hear how Amir (SSK08) muscled through approach anxiety after 20+ years of social isolation.

By now, if you have been following directions, you should be pretty used to "getting in there" and starting the drills ASAP. Hopefully that first girl is not passing you by! Whether that is happening or not is completely under your control.

Day 10 Drill (Level 2)

Audio Day 10

If you were unable to do the drill or weren't happy with your performance (NOT the reactions you got) - feel free to repeat this day.


Approach Anxiety Day 11 (Mr. Nosy)

Mr NoseyBeing nosy > Being a pussy

Day 11.

There are going to be times where you run into a shy or boring girl that likes you but she isn't comfortable enough to contribute much to the interaction.

She lets you touch her, but just give one word answers when you ask them something.

In these cases, you just need to talk.

Ask questions, talk about random stuff, whatever- JUST KEEP TALKING.

Here are 2 good examples:

In fact, most girls, especially sober girls during the day are subject to the 88:11 rule.

As you ask questions to try and get them in the interaction, you might feel like you are being "nosy," and might be tempted to bail on the interaction.

Until you get experience that will tell you which quiet girls are DTF and which are not, I don't suggest you bail on introverted or quiet girls.

Instead, I suggest you be nosy and hold the mindset of "okay... this girl is quiet, she probably only is used to talking to people she knows, she has a pussy and needs to get it stretched though."

With more experience and continuous self-improvement you'll eventually feel cooler than 98% of the girls you talk to and come across that way. So long as you are cool, being nosy tends to come across as flattering.

Day 11 Drill (Level 2)

This is a particularly significant day so I encourage you to redo it (several times, if needed) until you feel good about it.

Audio Day 11 (20:40)

If you were unable to do the drill or weren't happy with your performance (NOT the reactions you got) - feel free to repeat this day.


Approach Anxiety Day 12 (Romantic)

funny cartoon superheroBoyfriend Material.

Day 12 it is.

Today's drill is pretty random, but not entirely weird.

While it starts out pretty random, the majority of girls think this stuff is pretty sweet and romantic.

This drill should be easy for the majority of guys, our guinea pigs that did this drill all got good responses.

I still want you LEAVE when you are supposed to. After all, you have a girlfriend.

Day 12 Drill (Level 2)

You can do this drill however you like, but I generally tell guys to not be "sarcastic," you should come across as sweet and harmless for now.

Audio Day 12; 2 parts (13:20) & (4:30)

If you were unable to do the drill or weren't happy with your performance (NOT the reactions you got) - feel free to repeat this day.


Approach Anxiety Day 13 (Wine)

funny cartoon geniusStick to your guns. Again.

Welcome to Day 13.

Not that you haven't heard this but- Just execute and do the drill.

It's all under your control.

Don't let the response you get dictate where the conversation goes.

Like Day 11, there's a chance that interaction doesn't make sense.

There's a chance that you'll run into some loser girl that has a problem with people that drink alcohol. I don't drink much but these are the types of girls that I suggest you screen out.

Uptight, boring super conservative, aren't anywhere close to cool and would suck in bed if they actually slept with anyone.

Day 13 Drill (Level 2)

Hang in there, the 4th girl may or may not know where to get wine. You should still tell her your good news and ask her what type of wine she recommends.

Audio Day 13 (27:45)

If you were unable to do the drill or weren't happy with your performance (NOT the reactions you got) - feel free to repeat this day.


Approach Anxiety Day 14 (High Fives)

funny cartoon farmerChange of pace.

Day 14.

We are changing things up today and this drill may come as a surprise.

If you aren't able to do this drill successfully, I don't want you moving on to Week 3.

Stay here and successfully complete this drill, even if it takes a week.

Today, the drill is to- give 10 girls a high five.

No verbal necessary. You can verbally stop them if you want. Just say, "Hey, high-five."

The cool part about this drill is- it's easy to gain social momentum. Scotty does it to this day.

I was once able to do it on 10 different girls in 62 seconds on a Saturday afternoon at Century City Mall.

Day 14 Drill (Level 2)

This drill is fairly easy for most guys, it can happen pretty naturally when 2 parties are walking.

For the guys that find it the hardest, just as always- I remind you that the FIRST rep is the hardest, so GET IN THERE and you'll be more relaxed.

Audio Day 14 (18:19)

If you were unable to do the drill or weren't happy with your performance (NOT the reactions you got) - feel free to repeat this day.