How to Get Rid of Anxiety
(15 Natural Ways That You Haven't Thought Of)

Welcome to Part 2 of our 2-part series "How to Get Rid of Anxiety Without Doing Drugs (15 Natural Non-Mainstream Ways)".

We are discussing several ways we can give ourselves an endorphin rush without reaching for a shot glass or bong.

Let's continue, shall we?

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#9 Play Around With Aromatherapy

When I say "Aromatherapy", I actually mean Aromatherapy.

It's not a codeword for "smoking weed" or "burning" (aka using) Kratom. 

I usually don't like recommending anything that I'm not 100% familiar and up to speed with, but Aromatherapy as a treatment for anxiety has gained considerable popularity in the past 3 or 4 years.

I definitely think there is potential to help stress levels and mild/moderate anxiety. Anything that stimulates the senses can help and it seems like every girl (and gay guy) in Los Angeles swears by it.

When I used to do the 'pick up thing', I actually did my own version of aromatherapy.

Basically I had a facial steamer and put some sort of fragrance in the water or used a candle to burn oil. I put it on when I got girls back to my place.

It was mainly to convince first-time girls to lay in my bed so I start my "massage game" and give both of us an excuse to lose our clothes faster than normal. Worked. Most of the time anyway.

It was fairly primitive, low-budget Aromatherapy setup and at the time (2008-2009) nobody was really pushing it (essential oils) as a viable treatment for anxiety.

This 2011 clinical study (interestingly enough, published in an Iranian peer-reviewed journal) says it's undeniably effective and highly underrated.

This article in the Huffington Post details -

Aromatherapies: The smell of vanilla and lavender has been linked with the production of endorphins. Studies have shown that dark chocolate and spicy foods can lead the brain to release endorphins. Keep some scented oils and some dark chocolate at your desk for a quick endorphin boost.

So it's worth a try if you like this kind of stuff.

Maybe it's a placebo effect?

But if it works, it's cheap and it smells good - it might be worth it.

It goes without saying, getting a massage is really good for anxiety too.

Personally I think massaging a girl's ass (if she has a bubble butt) is just as good. But that's just me.


#10 Jerk Yourself Off With the Fleshlight or Stick a G-Spot Machine Up Your Asshole (Doesn't Make You Gay)

Mainstream sites think they are being insightful and super edgy when they suggest "Have sex!" as a natural anxiety remedy.

Obviously that is a great endorphin release.

Obviously #2, not everyone has access to good pussy that they can fuck anytime they so choose.

It would be a slap in the face for me to suggest "Just have sex!" since so many of you guys are largely here to solve that problem.

What actually feels pretty close to intercourse is the Fleshlight with warm lubricant (heated olive oil is fantastic) - 

In fact, fucking a girl with a condom on and fucking the Fleshlight without a condom is almost identical in terms of overall sensation.
(sex without a condom is obviously better than both though)

That's why it's the best selling men's sex toy in the world.

As for sticking a machine up your asshole to combat anxiety, Fleshlight has some well-known, highly rated G-Spot (Prostate) stimulators.

To the 'never ever masturbate crew' - I don't believe in not jerking off. Call me crazy. But PORN ADDICTION is one thing (a very bad thing), but 'not masturbating ever' because it will increase Killer Instinct and give off pheromones that will attract girls is witchcraft and PUA seduction community nonsense. I jerk off (usually to porn) or have sex 1 time a day, 5 or 6 days a week. It's been this way for the past ~7 years and I've never had any problems with addiction, sexual indifference or erectile dysfunction.

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#11 Take Upwards of 30 Grams of Fish Oil a Day

Back in 2006, I was studying for the LSAT (Law School Admissions Test) during my final year in college.

I read a thread on the Internet in which an internationally known strength coach, Charles Poliquin, said that taking upwards of 30 grams of high-quality fish oil at day allowed trained athletes (assuming they had a past anabolic history too) to put on 15-20 lbs. lean mass.

I was highly skeptical of "steroid-like gains" even though I liked (and still like) Charles Poliquin.

I figured I'd just try it to see what would happen, I wasn't expecting anything other than my joints to feel better and maybe the fish oil (healthy fats) would help maintain my muscle and strength that I neglected because of my LSAT preparation.   

Long story short, I didn't gain any lean mass (obviously) but to my surprise, I had a perpetual state of well-being, almost 24/7.

This is because taking high doses of fish oil encourage optimal (almost unnaturally high) serotonin levels.

I can surely testify to that.

If you are going to do this, I highly suggest you use high-quality fish oil that doesn't expose you to any heavy metals or mercury. 

Since fish oil, in my opinion, is fucking disgusting - try one of the flavored types.

This entire line of flavored fish oil tastes absolutely incredible - you will seriously want to drink the entire thing all at once.

You'll see a noticeable 'sense of well-being' and calm. Your HDL or so-called "good cholesterol" will go up. Triglycerides will go down (good thing). Your joints and tendons will be able to support more resistance. Don't expect to gain a whole bunch of muscle however.

I've never taken 30+ grams of fish oil at once, so I'm not sure if that would have an immediate affect on serotonin (anxiety).


Video: The Great Fish Oil Experiment
(Taking 30-50 grams of Fish Oil Every Day)

barleans omegaswirl group 1#12 Check Out Personal Power Meditation

It's been a while since I've talked to my buddy Illuminatus at PPM, but I've tried some of his instant anti-anxiety drills and they definitely work.

His suggestions don't involve looking death in the face like some of mine.

For those that are curious - I don't know anything about meditation other than it probably works well if you can figure it out.

Although meditation would probably help me (or anyone), the suggestions in this discussion work for me.

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#13 Look On Groupon for a Cheap Acupuncture Session 

Before I get all generic on you and detail stuff you already know about, I'm just going to point you in the right direction so you can try stuff you always wanted to try but thought was too expensive.

Groupon, especially in larger cities, has good deal on acupuncture sessions and professional massages -

I encourage you to look up reviews on Google before you schedule your session too.

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#14 Go Tanning in a High Pressure Tanning Bed

It's no surprise that some people develop a 'tanning addiction'.
(sensationalized media obviously, but still true to a large extent)

It's not just for looks, sunlight encourages your body to dump endorphins into your system.

New high-end tanning beds almost entirely omit UVA rays (the good ones that [in moderation] won't burn you or age your skin) and minimal UVB rays (the bad ones that are awful for you).

Have a look at "Good Looking Loser's Guide to Tanning" if you want to know how it do it correctly and actually (in moderation) improve your skin.

It is very important that you use a high-quality bed and a high-end indoor tanning lotion.

It is not worth doing whatsoever if you can't have both. 

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#15 Just Go To Sleep (Last Resort)

This advice probably prevented me from becoming a drug addict.

As simple as it is, some of the best advice I ever got was to just [temporarily] give up if I am really pissed off or anxious.

If you have anxiety, whether irritability (fight) or fear (flight), you are probably in no condition to do anything productive, fun or even remotely positive.

Sure, it's great to be able to beat anxiety naturally - and you should try.

But rather than forcing things or shoving a whole bunch of drugs down your throat (I've never done this in times of isolated stress, I will choose to suffer than feed or prolong a hardcore addiction/dependence) - just call it a day and pass out.

When I wake up, I'm usually in at least a slightly better mood.

If you see no point in being awake - just go to sleep.

It's better for you anyway. 

sleeping bear

Pour Conclure 

So there you have it -

15 Largely Non-Mainstream Ways to Combat Anxiety that doesn't involve reaching for drugs.

Keep in mind, although "bouts" of anxiety can be random and unexpected, they are often a direct reflection of the rest of your life.

While there certainly are successful, wealthy, emotionally healthy and stable people that get panic attacks and frequent bouts of anxiety, they are not the norm.

The majority of people that have anxiety (certainly major general anxiety) spend a lot of time at home worsening (but not necessarily immediately aggravating) their state of mind.

A lot of anxious "red pill" people claim they don't watch the news yet spend literally hundreds of hours watching depressing 'anti-establishment' 'truth' videos and wonder why they are depressed and on edge all the time.

The next time the anxiety bully strikes, try to stand up to him and don't immediately retreat to the Internet or Xbox for a distraction.

Thank you for reading!

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