The Road(s) To Endless Pussy: Part II

Everyone’s starting point is different, the details of everyone’s journey will vary, the roads/highways you take will be different and the total time invested will differ. The phases, however, are very similar and don’t really vary too much. We recognize these phases and are building our main program to progress through them one-at-a-time, ideally- in the shortest time possible.

It's important to realize that these stages are independent from your results (how many women you get, the quality of the women you get). You can have AA and still fuck some girls. I did. Results are important for transitioning from the middle/later parts of AA to socially free player/scumbag stages, but they aren't necessarily evidence that you are at one stage or another. The stages are psychological and results aren't necessarily a rites of passage.

Lets talk about the the usual starting for most guys: Approach Anxiety.

Most guys start here, I'd say 90%.

This is actually a two-part stage.

anxiety cloud

*Approach Anxiety (AA)

General Information

Again, the majority of guys enter at this stage, regardless of sexual experience.

Even if guys can approach girls, it doesn't mean they have dropped their approach anxiety enough to get consistent (or any) results.

That is why I suggest EVERYONE do some work on their approach anxiety when they start out.

I define approach anxiety as an involuntary fight or flight response that is triggered when you see a girl that you are interested in speaking to. This response does not necessarily dissipate if and when you approach her.

Like I constantly say, if it takes you 4 months to beat approach anxiety and not focusing on fucking girls, it's worth it. Most guys go an entire year trying to bang girls, have little to no results and still have approach anxiety.

While approaching girls (with the sole goal of fucking them/taking their number) can certainly lower your approach anxiety, a lot of guys don't benefit from this approach and take longer to beat approach anxiety.

That's why I recommend a progressive and structured approach that involves consistent, moderate exposure and build upon success by limiting outcome dependency.

There are 2 phases we've seen with guys that have AA.

Phase I - Approach Anxiety, Guy Can't Approach the Girls He Wants 90% of the Time

Phase I of approach anxiety is when you can't approach the girls you want or most girls in general. It's important to verify that you are truly at this stage and don't have moderate-extreme social anxiety. You are at this stage if you can be reasonable comfortable in social situations and only get the fight or flight response from the thought/act of approaching women.

evident by:

Beating AA Phase I

Phase I is important, but it's not critical like Phase II is. You can take your time so long as you are taking daily action and doing the drills. To beat this, use our approach anxiety drills (the formal program is not up just yet). They consistently expose you to low/moderate social tension while reducing outcome dependency. This changes your brain. You don't need to do anything but do our drills. No approaching to Get Laid or take phone numbers. Not yet.

If you can bang some girls from the Internet or social circle, this will be helpful. If you are having sex on a weekly basis, you won't be too emotionally/sexually needy. You can focus all your positive energy on the drills and progress through this stage quickly.

You are past this stage (and likely ready to approach chicks to fuck them) when you are able to complete the first half of our drills without your brain producing a fight or flight response. You are past this stage when you can hit on hot girls at least some of the time.

Phase II - Approach Anxiety, Guy Can Approach But Still Has Some Approach Anxiety (Before and During Interaction)

Phase II is when you can approach some of the girls that you want to hit on. Some of those girls slip away without you talking to them, but your brain doesn't have a dramatic fight or flight response and invent reasons not to approach girls. Approaching a girl that you are less interested in is still a bit easier than approaching a girl that you think is really hot. The fight or flight response vary based on the overall mood and state you are in. You may spend some days feeling like you are in Phase I, but you can still approach some girls in without a dramatic fight or flight response on most days. Some guys bounce between Phase I and Phase II, if this is you, just know that with some more consistent action with the drills/approaching you'll get past Phase I forever.

evident by:

Beating Phase II AA

Phase II is a critical stage. Most guys will either beat it or quit altogether. The best way to beat it (aside from doing our drills) is to get results (usually mean- fuck a girl, have a fuckbuddy, but can also be just going on some dates with some cool girls or getting a lot of phone numbers). Getting some results will reduce your emotional and sexual neediness, allowing you to maintain a positive attitude and a willingness to play the numbers game to reduce your AA and also get more results.

note: Interestingly enough, guys are more apt to quit during Phase II when outcome dependency gets in the mix. These aren't guys on GoodLookingLoser, these are guys in the community that are actually in Social Anxiety or Phase I, but are doing approaches that they are outcome dependent upon.

About the Fuckbuddy- I don't care if you get some girls on the Internet, social circle or from approach. A guy with a fuckbuddy (or two) will burn through Phase II much faster than a guy that isn't having sex.

Guys that are at this stage should do the second half of our drills and also approach chicks. These shouldn't be combined however. Do the drills one day. Approach the next. Don't do drills and then try to get a girl's number at the same time. That's pussy indirect game.

I can't emphasize enough that you NEED to take daily action to beat this stage. You should have 2 goals if you are in Phase II. Beat AA and bring in a fuckbuddy. Once you get that fuckbuddy, you NEED to keep your foot on the gas... keep hitting on girls, keep asking for phone numbers. Some guys get a fuckbuddy and stop approaching. When you are having sex regularly, it is a golden opportunity to kill the rest of your AA. Unless you get into a relationship with your fuckbuddy, you'll eventually be totally single again, so there's a window of time that you should absolutely take advantage of. Ideally, you'll bring in some more girls.

Like Phase I, daily action gets you past Phase II. Sometimes a guy can beat Phase II with actually getting any chicks, but usually a guy needs to bang a girl or two to completely leave Phase II in the dust. Again, the 'results' aren't evidence of what phase you are in, its mainly your level of anxiety, fear of rejection, emotional neediness and sexual neediness. During Phase II we incorporate some 'average guy game', and jump into the numbers game simply to get results (and decrease AA) and lower your emotional/sexual neediness so you and hammer away at your AA faster.

Remember, just because you have Phase I or Phase II AA, doesn't mean you can't get results.

Once you are at Phase II. You will beat it OR you will quit and start over at Phase I if you ever decide to "talk to women" again. Don't stop.

Ideally this should be part of your daily lifestyle, not something separate. There should be no "quitting" talking to women. You should commit to talking to some women, every day, for the rest of your life. That's actually easier and less time consuming than having full days where you hit on 20 girls and wander around.

Unrealistic expectations is probably the main thing that makes guys dropout. Once you have a your looks, style and social freedom MAXED out, the sky is the limit. Until then, you have to take one day at a time, but not evaluate your progress on a daily basis. Remember, we are reprogramming your brain to overcome 20+ years of largely submissive social behavior. It ain't gonna happen overnight guys. But that's why we're here for you. You will enjoy the process more once you get some results. The harder you work, the quicker you will progress and the quicker the results will come.

This is explained in detail here- be continued Part III: Player Phases I & II