Kratom FAQ & Other Concerns
(Good Looking Loser's Guide to Kratom Part VI)

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This page lists a host of frequently asked questions about Kratom.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Kratom

What is this "burning" and "aroma" funny talk, do I smoke this stuff?




We answered this before but if you missed it, please become familiar with Kratom Lingo-

I’ve heard Kratom extracts are a lot more powerful, should I get some?

Not recommended.

As detailed here.

Extracts drive your tolerance way up and have a much higher chance of physical dependence.

We specifically recommend a vendor, Happy Hippo, that DOES NOT sell extracts nor "enhances" their regular Kratom leaf with extracts.

If you were to use an extract (not recommended more than one time every 90 days, if you follow Kratom lifestyle) Ultra Enhanced Indo (UEI) is the best one by far. The effects are REALLY strong. It's super expensive and not worth trading your tolerance for.

Are there any side effects to Kratom?

We discussed the long(er)-term issues with tolerance, dependence and the much-less-than-other-opioids but still notable potential for addiction in the earlier parts of our guide. These issues only apply to daily users and can be largely avoided with responsible use and deliberate rotation.

Let's talk about more short-term side effects that you might experience-


Chris doesn't experience this ever.

Rooster says that constipation may be an issue if you are a daily user. It can easily and naturally be alleviated by taking a fiber supplement.

The tasty one we recommend for our weight loss diet is particularly effective.

Anxiety from Fast Strains

Good-quality fast strains won't give you anxiety, unless you are prone to general anxiety.

That is general anxiety, not approach anxiety.

If you are prone to general anxiety, fast(er) Thai strains can aggravate it.

If a moderate or slow strain gives you anxiety, chances are - the strain just isn't for you OR its quality is worse than shit.


Like we said, drink more water than usual.

I personally think this issue is exaggerated, but I drink a gallon of water every day.

For some reason, I'm not taking your recommendation and using Happy Hippo and I want to buy these Kratom capsules from my local smokeshop, are they any good?


Kratom "capsules" have so little Kratom in them that you'll need to use about 10-20 capsules to feel anything. The bottle will probably have 50-60 in them.

A standard Kratom dose is about 3-6 grams. Each capsule will have ~200mg in them.

Plus - they are way more expensive for the actual amount of powder you are getting.

Plus - most vendors that sell Kratom capsules are usually THE WORST of THE WORST and only sell the capsules because they know that "pills" sell better than raw powder.

Are there any ways to potentiate Kratom?
(aka make Kratom stronger)

Like with most compounds, you may hear that grapefruit juice will 'potentiate' it.

I have written several articles on the subject of prescription drugs and grapefruit juice (specifically how a certain compound in grapefruit juice inhibits cytochrome P450 3A4- the enzyme that is responsible for breaking down certain medications), so I know a little more than the average person on this subject.

IF grapefruit juice has an effect, it might make Kratom last longer. It won't actually potentiate it or "make it stronger".

Grapefruit juice might slow down how quick your body metabolizes Kratom, extending it's half-life.

As our feathered pal Rooster points out -

The grapefruit juice effect might just be a placebo since Kratom’s effects and speed varies a lot.

We don't recommend drinking grapefruit juice and taking Kratom.

Fruit juice IS NOT a health food and it never was. It's full of sugar. Eat a grapefruit instead.

Caffeine, however, seems to go well with Kratom. We're just talking about a soda (30-40mg) of caffeine or a cup of coffee (70-100mg).

Not 2 energy drinks or ephedrine.

crushed kratom leaf "Crushed Leaf"

What is crushed leaf Kratom?

Crushed leaf is how Kratom looks before it is de-veined, sifted and ground into a powder.

It looks like tea leaves.

This is what you'd make Kratom tea from.

Crushed Kratom leaf is often cheaper, but the price doesn't necessarily justify buying it - since it's less potent and doesn't last as long because you are only getting the alkaloids that have left the leaf into your tea (you don't eat the leaves).

Rooster thinks it's stupid.

I actually like it sometimes though.

Sometimes in the winter when it's super cold in the morning it's nice to have with some Stevia.

With that said, it's probably been 2.5 years since I used any crushed leaf tea. It doesn't last too long and it's annoying to prepare. Plus you can't exactly take the crushed leaves with you during the day, unless you have a place to make tea at.

The taste is much different than powdered Kratom. It's not necessary better, it's just different.

Quick recipe-

  1. Fill up cup with 16 oz. of water.
  2. Throw in generous amount of crushed leaf.
  3. Stir it so the leaves get wet and aren't just sitting on the top.
  4. Put it in the microwave for 3-4 minutes (nearly boiling).
  5. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes.
    (this is important so the alkaloids dissolve into the water)
  6. Pour it into another cup through a strainer that removes the leaves, sticks, etc.
  7. Ready.

Another potential issue is the cleanliness of the leaves.

A lot of cheap Kratom suppliers/vendors don't even wash their crushed leaves before selling them.

All leaves are supposedly washed at least once before they leave Thailand/Indonesia but often it's just a makeshift job.

For your own health, you'll want to use a vendor that has VERY HIGH STANDARDS on cleanliness.

The leaves should be washed AT LEAST ONCE before they are picked, after, once again after drying, before export and once upon arrival.

At least 5 times.

For years, I'm pretty sure I was using DIRTY LEAVES that had been washed once (maybe) and sitting in a warehouse for 2 years.

I'm still alive but it's concerning none the less.

What happens when you taking too much Kratom at once?

In general - you get tired and "zoned out".

When you use too much Kratom, it can be counterproductive.

Also, Kratom never has a crash, but it can for some people if they use too much.

The exact amount of grams of your limit varies a lot, but generally 11+ grams can cause this. Then again, if you’re new to Kratom or don’t use it often, 7 grams might be too much.

Find your sweet spot, rotate strains to keep your tolerance down and this will NEVER be an issue.

If you are a newbie, start slow. Newbies who use too much can end up puking.
(if you are a girl or under 150lbs, use NO MORE than 2.5 grams for starters)

If you are responsible about it - this will never be an issue.

I've taken Kratom 673,093,531.69 times. I've sometimes had too much but I've never actually puked.

Can you overdose from Kratom?

Despite the sensationalized hysteria from the mainstream media - there is no a single recorded death that has been caused my Kratom.

Still, too much of compound isn’t good.

I’ve seen people take way too much and ended up nausea and vomiting. That’s why it’s important to start slow, respect your tolerance and learn your limits.

Worst case scenario - you won't be "O.D.'ing" in a traditional sense where you'll be on a stretcher with doctors trying to restart your heart.

You'll just puke it up or want to lay down.

How do you take Kratom?

There's lots of ways.

If you are in a country where it is legal to consume Kratom, you can-

I suggest getting (and keeping) a Vitamin Water Zero or Sobe Lifewater bottle and SHAKING it up.

If you are going to be used Kratom on a daily basis with a sugar-free sweetener, like I do, you'll want to limit the amount of aspartame you consume.

Liquid-based sweeteners (such as Mio) are made with Splenda and are a better choice in the long-run.

Stevia-based sweeteners are obviously the best. 

Update (July 2015), this is the one I recommend mixing your Kratom in -

The LAST THING I want is to produce a bunch of lazy couch potatoes with chronically high blood sugar.

If you use Kratom several times a day, DO NOT USE fruit juice, Gatorade, regular Powerade or soda to mix your Kratom in. It's not good for you.


What happens if you don’t follow a proper rotation or take a different strain everyday?

This only applies to daily burners.

For one, your tolerance will increase quickly.

The strains will become less effective. You'll need more to produce an effect.

Eventually, after several weeks/months you'll need it to simply feel normal.

If you follow the advice given in Part VI this won’t be the issue.

How long does the effects from Kratom last?

You start feeling it around 15-25 minutes after you take it.

The exact length of the effects depends on your tolerance, if you’ve used it earlier that day, and how many grams you use.

On average I would say around 2-3 hours, though it can easily be less or more.

What if I don’t want to use Kratom on a daily basis?

That’s completely up to you!

Just use when you find it to be useful or helpful towards you in any way.

How much Kratom should I take?

This is covered in-depth in Part II.

Newbies should start at 2 or 3 grams and reevaluate how they feel 30-40 minutes later.

Remember, a lot of this is trial and error.

If you use high-quality Kratom, the process will be a lot of fun. You'll win every time.

If I use Kratom for many months/years and want to stop anytime, how do I do it?

This is covered extensively in Part IV.

Rooster would be happy to answer your questions about this, so hit him up in the forum.

What are the real dangers of Kratom?

Like anything that is good and pleasurable, Kratom can be addicting.

If you use Kratom the proper way (daily rotation) and speak to your doctor, any/all dangers will be significantly minimized.

If you abuse it by using insanely high amounts, dosing several different strains/types in a day, then suddenly stop cold turkey, there will be a withdrawal.

Some compare it to a cold or getting the flu, but some say it’s more comparable to caffeine withdrawal.

At worst, it will be like a small opiate habit withdrawal.

Either way, it will last about 2 to 5 days and you'll be fine.

Why is it so important to always use high-quality strains?

There is such a big difference between high-quality Kratom and everything else.

Quality Kratom can have a huge positive impact on your life.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of low-quality Kratom for sale. The alkaloids can set off anxiety, make you woozy, or best case scenario - do nothing.

If you’re using Kratom for the first time, it’s important that you receive the full benefits of the strains' potential and see where it fits into your life.

Lower-quality Kratom can have inexpensive “fillers” such as cheap generic Bali or excess stem and vein residue. You'll have to use larger amount to get an effect, if any.

A more troubling concern is - cheap Kratom might not even be clean. The leaves are not necessarily washed more than once, if ever. It’s like eating the dirty leaves from the ground in a foreign country. Yum. Organic.

Also, the freshness can be an issue; since a lot of major vendors buy in bulk, the product spends years in a warehouse before it is ground up into powder and stuck in a bag.

What are the legal issues surrounding Kratom?

While we can't cover every jurisdiction from head-to-toe, this post provides a short summary of Kratom's legal standing within the United States and Internationally-

Laws and restrictions can change.

That post and any other post on the forum is just for convenience purposes and does not claim to be 100% accurate.

There are political reasons, as always, in the countries where Kratom is restricted.

Among many - it's a legitimate natural alternative and prescription to pain killers and "anti-opiates" such as methadone and suboxone that help addicts quit their hardcore opiate habit.

What do you think of the other Kratom forums out there?

I, Chris, originally found Kratom through one of the mainstream Kratom forums.

A lot of those forums/vendors don't like news reports, YouTube videos, websites, etc. etc. that discuss any sort of "effect" or in-depth discussion about the compound.

I respect that, I don't think Kratom should be recklessly discussed as a recreational drug and we won't do that here.

I won't be linking out to specific places, nor will I try and earn traffic from those places.

In general - there's a lot of vendors on the forums.

Some are quite good.

Some are completely awful.

Good luck finding any negative reviews on those forums however. Every vendor is presented like they have the greatest stuff on the planet.

Between Scotty and I, we've tried just about every single one.

The other issue is - the majority of the members at other Kratom forums aren't too physically active.

They don't go to the gym, they don't hit on girls, they aren't necessarily using Kratom for the same purposes that we do (self-improvement, productivity, performance enhancement).

Some are in chronic pain and God bless them - Kratom has given them their lives back.

Still, the majority of lifestyle advice on most Kratom forums isn't going to be quite congruent with what you are probably shooting for.

It takes a good amount of smarts and finesse to have an active Kratom lifestyle. It takes less to burn Bali 24/7 and sit around the house.

I'm not trying to make you into an inactive couch potato, even if it takes your depression or anxiety away.

That IS NOT what we're about.

Which Kratom vendor would you recommend?

We both recommend Happy Hippo.

It is my label.

I use every single type that we sell.

Happy HippoClick Hippo to Check Them Out

I tried for MONTHS to find a Kratom affiliate that had great stuff and could also offer us discounts (and give me at least some reasonable commission in return).

The process got so frustrating that I decided to build a website for my private vendor, call it 'Happy Hippo', find a cute pink hippo, just so you guys can have access to the good stuff I'm talking about.

As much as I'd like to send it to you all by myself and make money- there's no way I can be a vendor, keep fresh stock coming in/going out, fulfill the customer service and make sure everyone is happy.

I'm swamped as it is.

I've hired a full-time staff and they handle all the shipping and customer service, I do my best to keep an eye on everything.

Their strains come from my private source (parent company) and they have been my favorite since late 2009. Rooster loves them too. Scotty does too.

I've put a lot into our little company and I want to open up a new experience/era in your life!

You'll like it. ;)

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