Life is good these days.


... and I have a pretty big penis.

As cliche as it sounds...

It wasn't always this way.

In fact, a lot of things "came together" during the up and down struggle that was my 20's.

All the right and wrong turns pointed me in the right direction.

Let me tell you about it and hopefully help you accelerate your life.

Red Good Looking Loser Logo

This is a very important page.

It is to me anyway.

Some guys on the Good Looking Loser YouTube Channel asked me to talk about my [before] life.

Believe it or not, these days, you guys actually know more about me than most of my friends.

I actually don't talk a lot about my life to my friends these days, a lot of them would get sick to their stomach hearing that I still have no job and what I do in my "free time".

You know, normal people.

Good people, but they don't exactly to want hear that their friends may be more successful than they... at anything.

I'm sure a lot of you guys are experiencing the same thing.

All my heart and soul (and other body parts) go into this site and I'm honored that guys have this type of interest in me and our community.

I hope that telling you about my life gives more context to this website and more importantly- HELPS YOU.

We might have more in common that you might have thought.

Some guys take one look at me and say "I can't relate to him."

5 years ago- I couldn't relate my current self.

current picture These days, instead of sitting alone in my room depressed- I sit alone in my room happy. (joke)

Some of this stuff even makes me emotional.

Even though I'm not a "Zero to Hero" story, I'm a totally different person today.

Being alive isn't overrated anymore.

Even after you read this, you'll still have no idea how insecure and lonely I felt at times. Maybe you will though.

I was so scared that my life wasn't going to work out.

Why This Is Actually Important

If you are going take someone's advice (or dare I say- see them as a role model) I think it's important that you know who that someone is and where that someone is coming from.

If nothing else, the context provides a frame of reference and that can be a catalyst for your own progress, especially if you find you relate to that person.

I also think it's important to- TELL PEOPLE WHAT YOU HAVE ACTUALLY ACCOMPLISHED before presenting yourself as an authority.

Among a handful of subjects, I'm qualified to give advice on dating/sex, getting in shape, increase your dick size, performance enhancing drugs, how to never get a job, etc.

I know NOTHING about cars, outdoors-y stuff, the stock market or how to train for a marathon.
(I did recently buy a powerful handgun though)

Any "advice" or "what I know" on subjects is no better than asking a 3 year old.

The subjects that I'm an expert on- it is a product of years of EXPERIENCE and OBSESSION, oftentimes fueled by insecurity.

That's how I got good at stuff.

While I wouldn't expect everyone who discusses the subjects that we tackle on to show their real face and give their real name, I don't actually mind.
True - there's a lot of psychos out there, but that's what guns and lawyers are for.

I am what I am and other than some social/fun stuff- is all I do.

My name is: Christopher Deoudes
(Pronounced Dee-oh-des)

Chris as Mario Lopez In my younger days (19-24), before I juiced up to 220+lbs. I got called "Mario Lopez" a lot.

It's Greek. I'm half-Greek and half-Japanese.

In person, nobody mistakes me as fully Greek or Japanese.

I usually get Italian, Puerto Rican or Hawaiian.

I'm pretty much decided to be an open book with this project- check out my mugshot, college stuff, sports and former personal training stuff I used to do.

We've probably already discussed it in the forum.

What I won't be doing is giving names of friends, girls, others that are/were a part of my life.

I keep my Facebook private. I don't even use it that much anymore since I've grown apart from many of my friends. So don't be offended if you can't add me.

I appreciate your understanding.

Without writing an autobiography, let me share some details about who "Good Looking Loser" is.
I'll extend on each "era" on other pages.

"Good Looking Loser" is largely a reference to my teens mid 20's. Good looking guy, super nice, significantly underachieving in his dating life. All my "potential" and underachievement led to minor periods of depression, relationship problems and motivation problems.

Specific Achievements & Experience

I'm actually not as well-rounded as I used to be.

This is because I've spent the past decade OBSESSING over the following things to the point where I have neglected friends, social life, fun, sleep and sometimes my own physical mental health. Moderation never worked for me or anyone I know that is successful at anything significant.

I often "learned" these things ONE AT A TIME.
(but some I picked up gradually)

As you know, I'm not a fan of having more than 1 or 2 goals. There's only so many waking hours in the day. Every one of those hours should be dedicated to a relentless pursuit of something that makes you happy.

These were my significant achievements/qualifications and what this entire site is based on-


Below is my full academic history. I also got a half-ride "diversity" scholarship to the University of San Diego School of Law. For the record, I don't consider anything but post-graduate/masters credentials as anything significant. I'm still proud of my academic success, even though I'll never use any of it.


I was in the process of trying to walk-on to the Florida Gators when I destroyed my knee before Summer A 2006.


Fitness / Strength

It might come as a surprise but I wasn't born weighing 225lbs. I'm naturally 6-2 175lbs. I couldn't bench my body weight until senior year of high school. I don't consider my "certifications" as anything significant- I learned way more by doing my own diet/training for 12+ years.

Lifestyle (Other Pursuits)

notes: I've used every drug on the planet... almost...


I only mention the 'number' thing because I'm always asked. This "lay count" thing is silly, I have a friend that "has slept with 500 girls," and he's completely lying about it.

Either you CAN GET HOT GIRLS or you CANT.

Once you CAN, it's hardly about "improving your game," it's just a matter of doing it over and over while having good logistics (not relying on phone numbers), having status/access to the girls you dig and looking your best.

The truth is- the count is around beyond 200 right now, I don't even know. I had a little list in my old journal but I stopped writing in it after #51 (December 31 - Heather S**nz, New Years Eve; 2009).

Many of the nights involved drugs, alcohol and girls from after parties that I didn't know 30 minutes before. These weren't girls that I "number closed" and texted 'witty' things to for the next 3 weeks and went on a completely sober date with. These are party/college girls, in that stage of their life.

All my friends that have bagged 100 chicks have done so largely in a club or similar niche scene. The guys that get laid the most have status in 2+ circles of sexually active girls and usually live at the party house. That's how it is in the United States anyway.

Now for a summary of my life story-

Good Looking Loser Grows Up

american-gothicI was born in 1982 in Washington DC.

I have 1 [living] brother and 1 sister, both older.

I grew up in a very cliquey town called Potomac, MD., where largely- I was really never part of the 'In-Crowd'. My high school, Winston Churchill, was largely Jewish. Aaron Spelling, the producer of Beverly Hills 90210, used 'Potomac' as the basis for the show - snotty rich kids that drive nicer than cars than the teachers. I was pretty snotty myself.

I can't stand that type of attitude anymore and it's one of the things I dislike about Los Angeles sometimes.

I grew up pretty privileged.

My Dad was a successful retired business man and my Mom was an attorney and a director for the United States Marshal Service. They were together for the majority of my childhood, although they did separate 2 times because they fought a lot and the house was not a happy place too often. My Dad raised me, although I'd see my Mom every night when she was home.

I lost my brother to cancer when I was in 5th grade, that was probably the single hardest thing I experienced in my childhood. I remember kids teasing me about it to this very day. My parents "trying" to make things work and separating two times was very taxing too. They are still together today though.

The High School Years

Chris on Hot or Not Lifting weights in high school paid off and I looked good by senior year. Still, my results with women were much less than in the past 4-5 years.

High school had a significant positive/negative effect on my life.

I think it does for our socialization and self-image. For better or worse.

Like I mentioned, my high school was really cliquey and socially competitive. I had above-average popularity with guys (I made varsity hockey in my freshman year) and below-average popularity with girls. I got bullied a little bit and also bullied other kids. Everyone would talk behind everyone else's back. Fake people, that's the way it is.

In 9th grade, I was 6'1" and 155lbs. A super skinny lanky kid, I also looked older than everyone.

This would significantly change by 12th grade when I relentlessly hit the weight room. The gym always appealed to my insecurities, by the end of high school I was one of the best looking guys in the entire school.

I even won "best body," as voted by a female majority. I had a lot of guys that hated me and they all voted for this fat kid to spite me.

Although girls that wouldn't previously speak to me "liked" and wanted to hook up with me by senior year, I was really socially inexperienced, bitter at the years of being ignored and I happily rejected just about every girl.

This would become a trend- I would only consider relationships with perfect 10's; the same girls I was scared to death of.

That proved to be a mistake.

Senior year was quite different than the previous years, I was attractive and I knew it. I hooked up (messed around with, not necessarily having sex) with a fair amount of girls during spring break and summer. Toward the end of that summer, I had a really quick fling with a girl who was Ms. Teen Maryland.

What a way to end an otherwise forgettable high school experience, clinging to my looks- I was on my way!
(far from the skinny weak kid that stood on the side at school dances)

Senior Year of High School Senior Year of High School

If it matters- I finished high school with a 3.71 GPA, Top 20% SAT Score, National Honors Society. Despite my "meathead" persona, I'm not an idiot.

High school, from how I got popular was the beginning of my quest for "Validation," it was by far the hardest thing for me to get past.

Other Stuff

What isn't covered here in the high school summary is a part of my personality/former personality that I have somewhat buried over the past decade.

I'm actually a super funny kid, probably one of the funniest kids in the school. Sarcastic. Entertaining. Hilarious. Absurd. CREATIVE. Can you tell? I was super happy with my "sexy body" identity and I moved past the "class clown" thing. My good friend won class clown actually.

Also notable- by senior year my "stock" was super high. I was smart, good looking, funny, creative, athletic, mature and well-rounded. The ultimate boyfriend. I got praise that I was the "total package" by teachers and peers. I believed it and thought that perfection would bring me everything I ever wanted.

Good Looking Loser Goes to College (6 Times)

One of the more unique/ridiculous things I did was go to 6 different colleges.
(not including schools that I went to on a part-time basis)

I'm excited to talk about my college "career" and accelerate yours.

Though I will FOREVER call myself an 'underachiever' in college, at some of the schools I was instantly successful with the attractive girls. At other places, I began year long slumps where I didn't even kiss a single girl. Making matters worse, I purposely got myself in long distance relationships to avoid socializing and give me an excuse to live in the gym.

Here is my list of schools (in order)

  1. Emory University (Atlanta, GA)
  2. University of Maryland (College Park, MD)
  3. Furman University (Greenville, SC)
  4. Montgomery College* (Rockville, MD)
  5. Santa Fe Community College (Gainesville, FL)
  6. Cal State-Long Beach (mainly online classes)* (Huntington Beach, CA)
  7. University of Florida (Gainesville, FL.)  ($)
  8. University of San Diego School of Law (San Diego, CA.) ($)
    ($) received scholarship
    * summer classes, not full time.

Gators Logo

That's a lot of schools huh? I have also taken road trips and visited friends at 45+ other schools, toured another 20-25.

I've literally been on campus at 70+ schools. Probably more.

The most obvious question is-

Why did I do that?

I'd have various reasons that all seemed very real to me at the time. None of which I totally regret, if anything, it kept me out of the work force and around others my age. I was in no hurry to "get a job".

The fact of the matter was-

Chris Good Looking Loser age 20Me at age 20. 

I was a VERY NEGATIVE person.

I would view every situation in a bad one. I became depressed at some of the schools and got people to really dislike me because of my sense of entitlement (both the good kind and bad kind). I also told myself that I "don't fit in," and kept seeking the "perfect" situation.

Like senior year of high school, senior (6th year) of college was great. Instead of being an anti-social loser and going to the gym on Friday and Saturday night, I started going to bars and clubs. I wasn't necessarily depressed on Friday and Saturday night in the gym at 2am (usually with a friend) but I wondered if life was passing me by.

I'll have to go over every college one by one and tell you what I did right, what I did wrong and what works in the college scene.

College certainly was a mixed experience. Some great times, great friends.

Other times - not leaving my apartment for months at a time, other than to go to the gym alone by myself. Sometimes I'd talk to my friend Ethan or Audrey for 5-6 hours at night. It was therapeutic, I think I was depressed.

I started using steroids after I came home from Emory University in 2002, I was 20 years old. Here is my log on; the first post (September 24th) was my birthday, I was sitting alone in my room by myself on my birthday, as usual.

In the past few years (largely from 2008-2010), I've slept with a ton of college girls, I'm living out the experience how it should have been.

Other Stuff

Really pushed the Really started pushing the "steroid thing" in 2005. 

Good Looking Loser Goes to College - 6 Times will be a long writeup. There's a lot to it.

There were some other notable things that happened during these years that had a drastic impact.

Looking back on it, all these things are completely fucking ridiculous.

During the Summer of 2005, my inline hockey team won a National Championship in Huntington Beach, CA. It was one of the proudest moments of my life and when I fell in love with California. I got with a decent amount of girls that summer too. I fell in love with one of them, Montana. Her dad won the lottery about 6 months later and they moved from the Central Valley to Los Angeles. Completely random.

When I came back, my ex-girlfriend (also best friend) committed suicide. I was absolutely destroyed for a long time. Over a year later, she turned out to be alive and in a protection program. To this day, I don't know the details, other than- to me, she died. I wrote my own suicide note but I decided to abuse steroids instead. A lot of my new friends at Florida were sympathetic and welcomed me into their crew. That was nice.

chris in hockey underamourOne night I came across "The Game" on and I ordered it. It blew my mind away. My life had officially changed again, the book gave me such hope. Although I did get girls through my college experience, I literally left so much pussy on the table. This book was going to make it right.

During the Summer of 2006, I went back to California to watch my old team play in the tournament again. I had just started a lot of the "pick up artist" stuff. I ended up talking to a celebrity at the hotel I was staying at. She thought I was quite funny and ended up giving me her number and concert tickets for me and my friends. It was unbelievable.

Ironically- this was the highest profile person I've ever talked to (unless you consider George W. Bush moreso). 2 Years later (2008), she was part of the reason I left Law School and moved to Los Angeles. Although I thought I'd get to be her full-time personal trainer and nutritionist, we only worked together intermittently. She did introduce me to quite a few wealthy/powerful people and some people from her inner-circle that became my clients.

This random chain of events was really significant, if it didn't happen there would be no GoodLookingLoser. I'd still be a mess.

Good Looking Loser Moves Out West

Cowboy kid twirling a lassoGood Looking Loser Goes to Law School for 2 Weeks (2007)

In Fall of 2007, I packed up and moved out to Mission Valley to begin Law School at the University of San Diego.

The previous spring and summer I was living at home and taking a lot of drugs. I also picked up and dated a pretty hot girl named Shannon who turned out to be bad news.

I went to David Deangelo's Man Transformation Conference (video) and I went to my first pick up workshop with BradP in Austin Texas.

I know I diss the PUA Community a lot, but it was the first thing that I had been enthusiastic about in years.

I was ready for a fresh start and actually building a social circle, without having to be accepted into one. I had waited to do this for 7 years.

At my Law School orientation, I walked up to all of the hottest girls. Told them, "we're gonna be the coolest kids here" (very PUA like) and introduced them to the other hot girls I met. I built a circle in about 40 minutes. I was a machine.

Best Moment of My Life? (w/ David DeAngelo)Best Moment of My Life? (w/ David DeAngelo) 

To this day, all of these girls (and a few guys) are all close friends.

Within about 10 days, I knew I couldn't survive Law School. My heart wasn't in it.

I needed to move to Los Angeles. I needed time to see if I could really do this "pick up thing".

I needed to become a celebrity personal trainer. Law School was the last place I should be.

So I left.
(I stayed in San Diego until the end of 2007, I studied for my personal training certification, tried my best to pick up girls and watched reality TV.)

Good Looking Loser Moves to West Hollywood (2008)

I moved to LA in 2008 and was part of a year-long "pick up program" that BradP put together.

2007 - Right before I moved to San Diego 2007 - Right before I moved to San Diego 

To make a long story short- I had decent results. 12 girls in 12months (5 of which came in the final 2.5 months).

For a few of the months I dealt with a thyroid issue. I also had knee surgery.

Even though I considered them friends, living with other "PUAs" was REALLY wearing on me.

From the start, I started to develop some negative self-worth issues since I was 27 with no career, no significant income and didn't have a lot of people in LA that I could relate to. My sense of entitlement suffered. I was moody and wasn't exactly the ideal kid to live with at the time.

When the year ended, I felt that I had underachieved, yet again.

Good Looking Loser Moves to North Bel Air (January - June 2009)

The reality of it was- I was still just a baby and a lot of the PUA stuff that I had bought into (game = every girl) wasn't realistic. While I had a lot going for myself (looks, cool, some social freedom) I had a lot of issues too.

At the end of the year, one of my very best friends, Keith, was murdered. I moved to an obscure location in the hills of Bel Air. I was depressed for about 2 months but I eventually got myself together.

Along the way, I had developed a friendship with Scotty, we would talk for hours and I'd just literally listen the entire time.

Chris and Scotty from Good Looking Loser

I actually had no ambition of doing the "pick up thing" much ever again, but that started to change once I realized I was all ALONE again.

One bedroom apartment, no job, no chicks, no career in mind, all by myself. AGAIN.

Rather than locking myself in the gym in a state of denial, I decided that I needed to be really successful at meeting women (as well as hit up the club scene, which I got a lot of attention in). I started going out just about every day, I got into the club scene a little bit, I went to the beach, UCLA, Westwood, Beverly Hills and some of the locations that I was familiar with from BradP's program.

This time- NO GAME. NONE.
Just talk to and ask every girl I was semi-interested in for her number.
(this later became the basis for what I call 'Basic Guy' game)

It started to work better than anything I tried. I did it everywhere I went.
(I also did the online dating thing when I started, that was BIG because it gave me other potential options)

After things started to turn around, I'd go weeks without using the Internet or talking to anyone other than the new girls. It was great.

For once, I fell off the face of the earth and my life was good... or improving.

Since my apartment was literally at the top of a mountain and I had fallen in love with the beach- I decided to break the lease and move to Santa Monica.

Good Looking Loser Moves to Santa Monica Beach (June 2009 - March 2010)

bandanaInstead of the worst logistical situation ever (apartment on a mountain), I put myself in a near ideal situation- a 5 minute walk from the HIGHEST TRAFFIC area on Santa Monica Beach.

From there, I started moving faster- inviting the girls to come in for a few minutes and get some AC/diet lemonade and vodka. I started to get girls back to my place- DURING THE DAY. I did this for a good 10 months. Sometimes after I'd hook up with a girl I'd walk to the beach, by myself (usually) and sit there for 2 hours and feel like my life was going to work out after all. It was amazing.

One girl asked me, "What you are thinking about? Why are you so happy?"

I said, "sometimes you just know... that's all."

I remember that day, we sat on the beach until it got too cold.

After a good ~10 months of enjoying the beach and having a lot of success, I realized I needed to live around area I originally lived at in order to take advantage of the handful of clientele in Beverly Hills that I had been working with sporadically. The traffic is just too awful between the two districts.

I moved back to West Hollywood and got an apartment that was literally a 2-3 minute walk from Skybar, Saddleranch, House of Blues and a few other spots.

Santa Monica Beach

Good Looking Loser Moves Back to West Hollywood (March 2010)

The move back to West Hollywood is when I started going out just about every/every other night.

All night time stuff, mainly at the bars that were walking distance from my place on Kings Rd. and Sunset Blvd.

I had success right away and was getting new girls back to my apartment 2 to 3 times a week. I wouldn't even take my phone with me to remind myself why I was there.

My friend and I have a joke that we are going to eat that 'Le Petit Four' every night to show people My friend and I have a joke that we are going to eat that 'Le Petit Four' every night to show people "we've made it".

Since I parked myself at 1 location for the year, I met a lot of people in the scene and actually chilled with them on the regular.
(Notably- two groups of cool guys that invited me to their parties in the Hills/clubs)

That slowly started my transition into the club/party scene that I got the most action from. I even lived at one of the houses in the Hills for 7 weeks and did nothing but party and try to get this one super rich kid in shape.

Toward the end of the year, I made up my mind to move up to the Hills.

The lifestyle was wearing me down and I really needed to find a balance and make meeting women a lifestyle rather than an event. It had been BALLS TO THE WALL for over a year, plus I had more clients than I could handle in my personal training/nutrition business.

High-quality problems, but stressful enough to say- "okay Chris, you can get laid now, you're happy, you're 28... it's time to get serious about other things." Making over $100,000 as a part-time personal trainer (celebrity therapist) did really good things for my confidence. I was making more money in a somewhat fun part-time job than I would have in a full-time as 1 or 2 year lawyer.

Looking back, if somehow I could have "just done" the club/party/status in social scene thing- that would have been more than enough.

Still, the period of chasing girls as a PUA (2007-2008), Daytime in Santa Monica (2009), By Myself at Night (2010) was absolutely critical. Obviously I wouldn't have had the mega, almost instant success had it not been for those 3-4 years.

And I was so close to "quitting" at times... it's not even funny.

Good Looking Loser Moves to the Hollywood Hills / Pacific Northwest (On Going)

2010 - Age 282010 - Age 28

This time it was the Hollywood Hills, not the Hills in Bel Air.

The Hollywood Hills is where the party scene is.

After the move, I only went out a couple of nights a week. Usually on Tuesday and Saturday night.

Almost always beginning at one of three party houses, meeting some girls, hitting the club with them (we just about always had a free table and bottle service) and leaving with one or more of them for the after party or sometimes to my own place. There was a good 11 weeks in July 2011 where I got laid every single time I went out. But again, this was club scene stuff.

The dynamic of the Hollywood Hills house has been interesting, even though I only live there part- time now.

Basically a girl (actually, her parents) own the house. She's in the entertainment world, the majority of the other rooms are rented out on a monthly basis by other girls that do the same thing. Sometimes there's a guy that moves in but it's usually been myself and 5-7 other girls at any given time.

This isn't to suggest I lived here, but some houses in the Hills have incredible views. This isn't to suggest I live here, but some houses in the Hills have incredible views.

Good Looking Loser Today

I'm actually only in Los Angeles on a part-time basis now. I split time between there, South Florida (since my mom is sick) and the Pacific Northwest. Los Angeles has treated me so well and eventually I'll live there full time again. I've needed a break from Los Angeles for a while.

These days I live off my blog and only do a very small amount of work with sports nutrition for less than a handful of people in Beverly Hills.

The funny part is, when Scotty suggested I start this "Good Looking Loser project" at the end of 2011- I wasn't interested.

I decided to do it, tell my story and just "be done" with it.

The period when I was getting the most action- I was nowhere near ANY Internet forums and certainly didn't talk about "picking up girls" with anyone, not even Scotty.

My view on the entire project has drastically changed due the overwhelmingly positive response we've been getting. I realize this place is helping a lot of people and really making sense of the entire universe. It's actually made sense of a lot of stuff for me, everything that I write about is stuff I'm reflecting on- sometimes, for the very first time.

Thinking back, this website probably would have cut down the 2-3 years it took to "learn" to meeting women into about 12 months.

Ultimately, I will "be done" with the 'get laid' thing on here. There's only so much you need to know. I need to finish up and later refine the AA program, do live videos over the next 2 months, club/party scene, talk about college stuff. From there, it's going to take more of a lifestyle direction and how to make money.

I hope to impact an entire generation, or at least give you the joy of watching a girl orgasm because of your oversized penis.